BCJ, Chapter 119: Sushi

“I think we used up all of our Qi.” 

Once she calmed down a bit, Chameleon returned to her serious and ‘natural’ brown-skinned form. Of course, her actual most comfortable skin-tone was transparent, but she seemed to be extremely adverse to showing me that appearance. She sighed and said, “Fighting didn’t use up much energy. But generating my saliva seems to require a lot of Qi. Either that, or our bodies simply can’t retain Qi for very long, because we don’t know how to store it in our Dantians properly.”

The two of us were in the kitchen after taking a hot steamy shower together. Both of us were completely naked. Apparently both my girlfriends were nudists. I guess that’s not particularly surprising though, since Chameleon’s ability requires her to be naked for the most part and Gemini probably needs to have all her clothes custom designed. No, I guess Gemini is just probably too lazy to wear clothes, like me.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” She kept looking at me with concern in her eyes, because she probably still felt bad for beating the shit outta me in a casual sparring match.

I snickered and shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t even have a bruise from where you punched me. I’m pretty sure my Qi helped me heal faster, or maybe you doused me in so much of your magical saliva that it spread throughout my body and healed my internal injuries? Hahaha~!”

As I took a sip of iced tea, Chameleon smiled and asked: “So… What would you like to eat for breakfast, Ana?” I feel like she just enjoys saying my name, because she often adds it into sentences when it’s totally unnecessary.

“Well, so far I’ve eaten soup and pizza that you’ve made…” I thought for a while, before asking: “What about a salad? Like a big-ass salad with an unnecessarily large amount of ingredients? It’d probably be annoying, so I can help you make it.”

“Hmmm, a regular salad with lettuce and salad dressing or… Something like shrimp, potato, egg or macaroni salad? Either way, I have some of each already prepared in the refrigerator, so it’s only a matter of taking them out and eating.” Chameleon opened the extra-large refrigerator door, and indeed, I noticed a bunch of different pre-prepared meals already carefully organized. There were also things like puddings, gelatins and pies. Aside from raw ingredients like fruits and veggies, there were also many condiments, juices, sodas, milk and pitchers of iced tea. There was also a packed lunch meat drawer which was filled with thinly sliced chicken, ham, beef and cheese, which she prepared herself. I mean, I could see the fucking deli sclicer right there on the kitchen counter. And I probably met some of the relatives of that meat the other day when I went over to EMP’s house. RIP chickens, cows, turkeys, goats and piggies…

“Holy shit, you even made sushi?!” Obviously the thing that caught my attention the most were the fancy-looking sushi rolls and sashimi platters that were placed on the middle shelf. There were six plates of food placed inside a little plastic mini-shelf on the left side that was just tall enough to fit each thin, square, white ceramic plate. I reached in and took out the top one, noticing that it had calamari on the top of the white rice that coated the seaweed wrapping, and inside was cucumber, mashed up spicy ‘salmon’ maybe or tuna, though I wasn’t sure how she could catch tuna on the island. And there was also salmon roe or something similar scattered across the white rice. On the side was a pile of fresh seaweed salad, another pile of pink pickled ginger slices, and finally the most important side: Wasabi… Though technically it was just horseradish, it’s what I was used to since I’ve never even had ‘real’ wasabi before.

I looked up at the giant hairless woman and smiled, “Eve, have I mentioned how much I love you before?”

A pink blush swept across her entire body as she grinned, “I love you too Ana.”

What’s better than read-made sushi for breakfast? Well, I don’t know about other people, but for me, it’s definitely one of my favorite ‘light’ meals. After all, it’s just a bit of rice, fish and veggies most of the time. Unless you eat a ton of it. Like a certain someone, what the fuck? Each plate contained two six-piece rolls, which had fairly large individual chunks, so one plate was plenty for me. On the other hand, Chameleon took out all the other five plates and placed them on her side of the table.

“Umm… Maybe, is it possible for us to mix and match a bit?” I couldn’t help but ask as I saw all the different varieties laid out before me. Some had giant fish eggs on top, some were just big slices of orange and white raw fish meat, while there were also some raw oysters, cooked sea urchins, crab meat, barbequed eel and shrimp. It was so much that I could pretty much only eat a little bit of everything before I was completely stuffed, while Chameleon ended up finishing off the majority of the food on her own.

“Hmmm, I don’t recognize this kinda fish. It tastes pretty good though.” There were a few big dark-red slices of meat that seemed a little weird, so I couldn’t help but wonder.

“Ah, that’s a sea snake. Don’t worry though, our immune systems are much stronger than that of ordinary humans. We were designed to be able to eat most ‘normal’ animals on Earth raw, without too much danger. Some things that are extremely poisonous would still need to be cooked, but you don’t need to be concerned about most bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.”

I snickered at her explanation, then told her: “Just… Don’t take any snake meat from Lioness. I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet?”

The pink began to turn purple, and then a deep, dark blue as Chameleon frowned: “I know. Angel sent me a message while you were sleeping. Boa… At least her legacy still lives on. Most of my sisters from the Fifth Generation weren’t so lucky. I saw a few pictures of Viper too. She’s really cute. I hope that Lioness can raise her well.”

“You know~…” Smirked at her from across the table and said, “Your legacy could live on too, if you wanted. I’m sure she already told you already, but Gemini is pregnant.”

“I know.” She nodded slowly and then drank a glass of grape juice before asking, “You just want me to have sex with Michael, right?”

“Nope.” I snickered and shook my head, complaining: “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve had sex with Gemini before I went to sleep?! For fuck’s sake, I might need to borrow some of your saliva just to keep Mike’s dick from falling off if this keeps up! Or maybe I’ll need Cicada’s titty-milk… But I haven’t seen her since that first time she casually came over, fucked me once and then fucked off! I could also have Lioness try to use her ‘power’ on me, but I’m not sure what the side effects might be. It wouldn’t be worth it if she shortens my lifespan or gives me erectile dysfunction in the process of ‘healing’ me.”

“Pft, hahahaha~!” For the first time in a while, Chameleon was laughing and as a consequence, she lost control of her skin. Thus, making her once again look like some kinda generic skinless demon from a horror game, though with the added effect of having lots of visible veins and capillaries over the red muscles and yellow fat. I’m not gonna lie, but it kinda turned me on more than her usual appearance. I guess that’s just how fucked up I am though?

She stopped laughing when I said, “So what do you think? I’m not trying to pressure you or anything. I’m just saying that right now, there’s a male version of me available and well, if we had a kid together it’d probably be the closest we can get to having a child that looks… Well, like the combination of you and I. Of course, I understand if you’re not interested. After all, Michael is only human. Maybe Gemini and I will have a boy. Although he probably won’t look that similar to Ana, at the very least, he’ll definitely be more ‘genetically’ superior than Michael. Hopefully… Then again, there’s also the possibility of other problems. Also-”

“No. I mean, yes.” She was looking at me with a serious expression as her skin returned to ‘normal’, “I want to have your baby Ana. I don’t want to wait or take any chances. This island is too dangerous. If we wait, something could happen to Michael. He might not die, but becoming sterile is entirely possible. If he’s gone, then… You’re right, I might never have the chance to have your child if I don’t do it now. Besides, I’m not that young anymore. Eves like you, Neo Humans, will never run out of eggs. But I’m a Chimera. When they created us, they gave us all sorts of problems that even normal humans wouldn’t have… So I refuse to take any chances. Ana, I love you enough to have sex with Michael. If that’s what it takes.”

“And I love you enough to not have sex with you Eve, hahah~! That sounded really weird.” I snickered and then casually explained, “I’ll just ejaculate into a cup. Then I can either put the cum into a turkey baster or something and squirt it into your pussy.”

“I umm…” Chameleon’s skin turned pink again as she said, “I might uh, have some toys that can help with that part… In the basement.”

“Of course you do, hahaha~!”

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