BCJ, Chapter 120: Mysteries

I really was worried about what would happen to Michael when Gemini’s child was born. I can’t say that I’m ‘fine’ with the prospect of effectively dying and reincarnating, but I accepted the possibility the moment I had that vision of the future.

Of course, that was the future. At the moment, I’m still Michael and Ana. Even more in the present, I’m writing this diary a few days after shit happens. After all, if I wait too long, then I won’t remember, and memory is very important.

That’s why I’ve been writing everything down lately. Even if Infinity doesn’t force me, I still want to keep a record for the future me. I never want to forget all the important experiences I had together with Michael, Ana, Gemini, Chameleon, even EMP, Lioness, Angel and Demoness. Oh, there’s also Viper and Scylla I guess?

The point is that while I believe that life is a lot more than just memories and experiences, it’s certainly an important factor. Maybe in the far off future, a hundred or thousand years from now, I’ll look back and treat this diary as a fond memory of a much younger, less jaded ‘me’. Or maybe, when I transform into some giant hivemind with millions of bodies that are all functioning at the same time, this diary will be more like an anchor that keeps me from going totally fucking insane?

Anyway, the night was still young. And after agreeing to have a baby together, Chameleon and I went outside… She was still naked, but I at least had to put on some flip flops and an old bathing suit that the ‘Ex’ Ana used to wear. She was also a nudist, so her old clothing was seriously only a single little drawer in the corner of the huge walk-in closet. Speaking of which, yeah, Chameleon had a whole other room connected to the tatami-mat ‘bedroom’. It was called a closet, and did have lots of clothes stored there, but there were also bullet-proof vests, helmets and other body armor, not to mention training equipment like wooden swords, staves, et cetera. Hell, there were also actual suits of samurai and knight armor that were supposedly fully functional. 

Apparently they were created by Gemini and Ana, but were mostly just for decoration. After all, it was so damn hot on the island that there really wouldn’t be a situation where medieval armor would be more effective than just avoiding damage with agility. The potential enemies in the jungle and ocean also lacked firearms, so modern body armor was also somewhat meaningless. Still, there were occasions where other Primary Eves either went insane or had grudges with each other, so the possibility of being shot at in the past was actually not zero. There was also the possibility of real, modern-day pirates landing on the island or other types of criminals, various organizations and even some official military forces could get stranded due to the nature of the island.

Now that we were in the other world, those dangers were drastically lower, but not completely gone. After all, no one knew what the rest of the world was like. Maybe they really did have advanced technology comparable to modern day humans? Even if it was only to the extent of the old Caribbean Pirate Era between the 1500’s and early 1800’s, bullet proof gear would put us at an extreme advantage.

Although it might sound pretty badass, fighting off alien pirates, I think they’d either get killed by the monsters on this island first or eaten by the sea monsters in the ocean without ever reaching us. Then again, if they can get past the sea monsters and somehow navigate to Puerta De La Muerte safely, they might be way too dangerous and numerous for the few of us to deal with anyway.

So back to reality. I was sitting on the end of Eve’s concrete pier. It was almost identical to mine, which gave me a sense of familiarity. The rain had washed away most of the bird shit, but the first thing that my girlfriend did was run a hose down from her house and start squirting it off with a really high pressure.

“Don’t worry about running out of water. The underground base below the island is mostly automated and runs off of wind turbines, but also hydroelectric plants and geothermal energy. I heard that there are also nuclear power plants inside of each mountain somewhere… I don’t know if they’re running now though. They could also be harnessing power from the rifts somehow, it’s a mystery how advanced Infinity’s technology has become. The main thing I do know is that even when we were stranded in this other world for over five years, we never lost power or water.”

“That’s at least one less thing to worry about, I guess. Though I wouldn’t put too much faith in something that we can’t control.” I snickered and told her, “Sooner or later… We need to ‘gain control’ of the underground. I don’t expect us to be able to hack through any kinda security or whatever, but at the very least, there’s a lot of hidden dangers lurking around right underneath our homes. Until we can travel through the tunnels safely, we’ll always be in a really dangerous position.”

“I agree.” Chameleon grinned, basically making her teeth and glowing yellow irises the only part of her body that I could see. Then she said, “With my power… I can sneak past any sensors, including robots and sentry drones that might be lurking down there. The only problem is whether there’s radiation or they have ultraviolet lights specifically to keep me from breaking into their labs and other facilities.”

“With EMP’s power, she can directly fry most things, unless they have specialized anti-EMP tech, which they probably do…” I sighed and then shook my head, “There are too many dangers and complications. I think the best solution would be to go in through the front door. Or, make use of our spy on the inside.”

“We have a spy inside where? The tunnels? Who?” Chameleon was visibly confused.

However, I snickered and complained: “I can’t tell if you’re serious or trying to make a joke right now. It’s Enigma, the girl who only speaks in questions for some reason. From what I could tell from the picture she sent me a while back, she’s in some sort of control room already. The only problem is that she doesn’t really know how to do anything and might be totally useless. But then again, she could also be a lot more powerful than she thinks. After all, she’s a Primary Eve from Generation Nine, so she should have Psychic powers of some sort.”

“Enigma…” Chameleon sighed and shook her head, “No matter what, we should focus on the task at hand.” Then she finished squirting off the pier and sat down next to me, “It’s time to go fishing.”

Yeah, the two of us were going to try fishing… Using my power. Obviously we also brought out rods, nets, tackle boxes, some crab traps and a kiddie-pool that we filled with water from the ocean. There were also two coolers, one with bait, the other with beverages and snacks.

Chameleon had already explained to me earlier that Ana used to be able to ‘attract’ and ‘repel’ creatures using her pheromones. While her own power allowed her skin to become luminescent and create a similar effect; she could also become practically invisible and simply grab any fish that literally swam into her palms as long as she used some bait. However, since my pheromones didn’t seem to have a similar effect yet, or maybe I just didn’t understand how to use that ability, I suggested that we ‘meditate’ together.

After we sat ass to ass, with our hands intertwined, I asked: “I need some visualization to help me take control of a decent target… What kinda fish do you want me to catch?”

“It really doesn’t matter. Just try to pick something… Big. The bigger the better. I don’t know if that helps or not.” She whispered before starting to squeeze my hand and breathe in a constant rhythm.

I couldn’t help but praise, “You know… You’d probably make a pretty good drummer. You practically have perfect tempo… Or maybe my tempo is just so fucked up that yours feels perfect.”

“Ana and I used to have a band.” Chameleon took a deep breath and then continued speaking, “She played guitar and sang, I played the drums, Gemini played bass and Angel was the other singer, but mainly a keyboard player. EMP plays acoustic guitar and piano, so she joined us sometimes… There were others, but they’re dead or gone now, so I guess it’s pointless to talk about anymore. Stop getting distracted, just focus on your power and catch a big fish Ana.”

“Okay~, whatever ya say boss~!” I snickered and then quickly entered a meditative state along with my girlfriend. This time I didn’t really have a clear image in my mind at first, but then I thought about a ‘big fish’ and before I knew it, I had become… Well…


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