BCJ, Chapter 121: OP Fishing

“Oh my god.” I couldn’t help but say that out loud the moment I connected to that ‘thing’. Maybe it was because of all the Qi in the air outside or the closer proximity to the water, but this time I was pretty far away. I could see the two of us, sitting on the end of the pier, but we looked like ants from either the distance or the comparison in size. Maybe both.

“I think I’m a shark?” I said that as I started swimming closer at a rapid pace. In fact, it was so fast that I was a little shocked at how easily it was to get closer.

“Sharks are good. Make it beach itself on the shore or jump up onto the pier, whatever is easier.” That was what Chameleon said at first, but when I got closer the noise was so loud that she couldn’t help but stop meditating in order to look at me. She was so shocked that her pitch-black skin quickly turned transparent, making her look like she was a fresh flayed piece of meat in my gigantic eyes.

In order to keep from losing control, I quickly decided to beach the ‘shark’ onto the shore but then Chameleon shouted at me: “Stop! Stop! Ana, stop right now! Make it turn around and go back out to sea!”

“Um, okay, whatever you want?” Surprisingly, it wasn’t too difficult to make a sharp turn and start swimming away from the shore. Fortunately I was at least a few hundred meters from the pier, so it wasn’t a big deal. Once I was far enough away, I ended the connection and looked off into the distance. It was too far away for me to see anything at that point though, so I had to ask: “I thought you wanted to eat a shark?”

“It wasn’t a shark!” Chameleon shouted at me, “What made you think it was a shark?!”

“I don’t know, I was thinking about sharks?! What the fuck was it then?”

She eventually calmed down and told me, “As far as I could tell, it was a humpback whale. I couldn’t tell exactly, but it seemed to be at least fifty feet long. I don’t understand why it would even be this close to the shore, unless…”

“What? You think my pheromones are doing it?” I snickered and shook my head.

“No.” She sighed and whispered, “There’s probably something much bigger and more terrifying that forced the whale to come into the shallow water, where it’s relatively safer. There are monsters out there, past the reefs, that are so huge that they make even Blue Whales look tiny in comparison.”

“Why am I not surprised?” I smirked and then asked, “So maybe this time you could be a little more specific? What kinda fish do you want me to catch? I’m afraid I might accidentally attract something really dangerous here if you don’t give me some guidelines.”

“Very well…” Chameleon let out a long sigh and then told me, “Carp, flounder, skates, sea bass, grouper, catfish, eels, even crabs or lobsters would be fine. Just take control of them and bring them close to the water’s surface. I’ll use a net to catch them… Or you can have them directly bite onto a hook, but I’m afraid that might cause the fish to wake up and break free of your control. If you do catch something large enough, you can try beaching it or making it land on the pier. However, please be reasonable. No whales, or anything so big that it would be impossible to eat.”

“I’ll try my best, Master~!” I giggled and closed my eyes, then within less than ten seconds I ‘caught’ something. There were a bunch of other shiny silver fish around me, since it was a school of some sort. I couldn’t tell how big I was, nor could I ‘see’ the pier or much of anything. Yet, I could ‘feel’ an intrinsic connection to something in the distance, so I started swimming in that direction.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before I almost bumped my face into a solid wall of concrete that seemed huge in comparison to my body. Without thinking too much, I swam up towards the surface and splashed out of the water. Then I lost control and at the same time, I felt Chameleon let go of my hand before watching her reach out with the net. It was silver, probably hollow aluminum, while the netting was a neon green material. She somehow managed to find the fish jumping out of the water, grab the net, then catch the fish before it managed to land back into the water!

“Wow, that was amazing!” I couldn’t help but praise her as she chuckled and dropped the confused white fish into the blue kiddie pool. It kinda looked like a perch, by the color, shape and whatever, I’m not a fish expert after all, but the little whiskers on the side of its mouth gave a huge clue to its identity.

“Not bad.” Chameleon had a smile on her lips as she took out a tape measure and held it over the pool at a close distance, “Twenty-five inch hardhead sea catfish. Good job.”

“This really doesn’t take much Qi at all to be honest.” I sighed and explained, “The whale felt like I was being drained of energy, while the ‘little’ catfish was the opposite. I guess it’s kinda like mana in a video game. The meditation technique generates mana rapidly, while my power uses it at different rates depending on… Well, from what I’ve seen so far, intelligence and resistance. I’ve managed to use my power to control Gemini’s body before, and that was a few minutes in the future. I’ve also… Anyway, the point is that if there’s no resistance or some Psychic resonance between us, I can even switch bodies with Gemini. But I always felt super drained after using my ability, even if it was just to glimpse through the eyes of a random animal for a few seconds. Now that we have this method of Qi generation or whatever it is, I can pretty much use and abuse this power to my heart’s content~… Hahaha~, just kidding. But at the very least, catching small to medium sized fish and birds would be super easy and not challenging at all. Even a fucking whale can be done, apparently. It almost makes me a little afraid of what might happen if I lost control by accident.”

Chameleon frowned at me and said, “Your ability reminds me of the Devils on this island. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Infinity intentionally designed you after analyzing some of those Devils… Regardless, it’s a good thing that you have this power Ana. Because it might be the only thing that can protect the rest of us from those monsters when the time comes.”

“Yeah, I’m glad I have this power too.” I smiled and then stood up, before hugging her tightly, burying my face in her cleavage. Then I smiled up at her confused face and said, “I don’t give a fuck whether they’re Devils, Gods or whatever, I’ll never let them take control of you again Eve!”

“Don’t, don’t worry Ana.” She smiled wryly as she looked down at me and patted my head with her wet hand, “As long as you’re with me, I won’t let that bastard take control of me again either. And umm, if I really do get pregnant… I shouldn’t have ‘that’ time of the month anymore, at least not for a while, hopefully. I don’t know if the psychological problem will go away with the physiological part but uh, I think it might. Either way, I know that you’ll protect me.”

“Okay, if I keep hugging you, I’m going to start getting horny and then our little fishing experiment is probably gonna start getting even weirder.” I slapped her ass with both hands before taking a few steps back out of her embrace, then I sat down cross legged on the concrete and faced out towards the eastern side of the shore.

“This time, try to catch a shellfish of some sort.” Chameleon sat down behind me and grabbed my hands. We were already getting really used to this special ‘technique’. Although I still felt like there was probably a few much easier methods to achieve the same goal.

“Hmmm, what about a turtle? No, no, I’d feel bad. Turtles are so cute.” I snickered and shook my head. Then I muttered, “Maybe I could give it to EMP as a pet though?”

Anyway, I didn’t ‘find’ any turtles nearby I guess. If I really think back to all the times I used my power, it was usually when I was horny and literally having sex, so it’s not surprising that I almost always ended up watching dogs or cats fucking in the jungle somewhere. A lot of other times it was when I was daydreaming or trying to meditate and ended up with birds.

“Got one. Ummm, feels like, just another fish though.” Even though it wasn’t a crab or lobster, I figured it was still probably better to catch it first. I also noticed that I could talk without breaking the connection, but if I stopped doing the breathing technique, my Qi generation would slow down a lot. It wouldn’t completely cut off though.

This time I just had the fish swim over and bite onto a hook, which didn’t feel great, but surprisingly didn’t hurt that much. The connection did break after a few seconds though. After that, Chameleon noticed the fishing line for one of our rods was moving really quickly, so she started reeling it in… The result? A silver perch that was a foot long. Not that big, but still pretty decent considering how little time and effort was required.

“So my power is basically Cheat-Mode for a fishing game?”

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