BCJ, Chapter 122: Chameleon’s Second Floor

“Nope, I think I’m done for the night.” After catching seven fish, an eel and a decent sized lobster, I started to get a migraine even though I still felt ‘energized’. I let out a sigh and let go of Chameleon’s slimy hands before grumbling, “So my evil powers aren’t limitless afterall… Oh well.”

“You did well Ana. I’m actually amazed that you were able to last this long without any side effects.” My girlfriend hugged me from behind and then placed her chin on my left shoulder, whispering into my ear: “Why don’t you let me use my Qi to make your headache go away?”

“Eve, I ain’t so sure that your tongue can fix this particular problem, hehe~!” I snickered and then turned around, before I started kissing her… But surprisingly enough, my head really did start to feel better. Though I’m not sure if it was her saliva, my own Qi healing me, or just a normal chemical reaction in my brain. After all, sex has been known to normally help with headaches and stuff. It can also cause them too though, so who the fuck knows?

“Shit, the lobster is trying to escape again!” Our passionate kissing session was interrupted by a splashing noise as a foot and a half long black lobster was climbing out of the plastic kiddie pool again. Well, I mean, the pool was so shallow and it was already way too full of fish. If we caught any more, they’d probably start dying off before we even brought them inside.

Chameleon accurately reached her long arm out and then grabbed the desperate crustacean, before tossing it back into the pool. Then she sighed and told me, “We need to deal with our catch now or they’ll start killing each other and suffocating soon.”

Obviously we couldn’t bring the whole pool inside with us, so we had to use buckets and carry one or two at a time. They were big buckets, so they got pretty damn heavy with just the water, not to mention the big-ass fish we caught.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Is it really alright to keep this many? Do you have another freezer somewhere, otherwise how are we gonna store them? Your freezer is like, totally packed as it is…”

She chuckled and shook her head as she grabbed the lobster and put it in a plastic bucket full of water, “You’ve stayed at my house for a while now, but you’ve never even seen most of the rooms or been upstairs before.”

“Holy shit! Do you have a big-ass aquarium like EMP?!” The amount of time and effort required to maintain an aquarium of that size must be absurd. I mean, for fuck’s sake, I remember trying to raise some tiny fish in a twenty gallon tank as a kid and they always just kept dying. Not to mention that saltwater fish are generally much more difficult to deal with than fresh water.

“Ummm, yes and no.” Chameleon giggled and then waved for me to follow her as she picked up a second bucket, this one with that big catfish in it. Because I mainly used my power on the fish, they were all exhausted since they had been asleep, but at the same time, they didn’t get hurt from struggling with a fishing hook or whatever. In other words, they were sleepy, but in really good shape, so none of them had died so far.

“I’m getting kinda excited!” I smirked and followed after her with two heavy buckets full of fish. When we reached the front door, I put down a bucket and opened it myself, then continued after my girlfriend’s naked ass.

“We can clean up the mess later. It’s not a big deal.” Unlike my OCD tendencies that mainly focused on germs, Chameleon was a classical OCD cleaner that worried more about appearances. Honestly, since it wasn’t my house, I didn’t really feel much even as we were tracking dirt and mud all over the place. I took off my flip flops the moment I came inside, but it was kinda meaningless, since my feet were still pretty dirty.

Unlike my huge sunroom, which was wide open, she had a quaint little living room, while the kitchen and bathroom were both about the same size as mine. The difference was the dining room that was basically a part of the kitchen. Then there was a large bedroom-dojo and that armory, which pretty much made up the entire first floor.

I figured if there was gonna be a freezer or aquarium, it’d probably be in the basement, but Chameleon brought me up to the second floor. Now this place was way different than my second floor! In fact, it was much closer to my first floor. There were lots of windows and all of them were ‘open’, with only the screen there to prevent mosquitoes, birds and other critters from entering or exiting. Speaking of birds, there was a door at the entrance to the second floor and inside it was practically a huge aviary! Like the kind they’d have at the big aquariums.

There were five or six parrots, from Macaws to African Greys, all of which were surprisingly not that noisy. Maybe because they were sleeping on the branches up near the ceiling. Lots of trees, including orange, avocado, lemon, apple, pear, pomegranate, fig and other fruit trees were growing near the many windows right out of the floor. Yeah, the floor was, as far as I could tell, at least a few feet of soil. And the ceiling was basically a series of huge skylight windows. It wasn’t completely covered in them, since I saw from my house before that there were lots of regular roof tiles too, or maybe not ‘regular’, since I think they’re solar panels of some sort like what my house has.

“The window screens are actually automated. They open and close for a short period of time in the morning and at night. This lets the birds return ‘home’ or go out to play without me having to fool with it. These pools also have a lot of automated functions, or I wouldn’t be able to deal with all this by myself.” Chameleon chuckled as she pointed towards the many fish ponds that were seemingly built into the floor. It was at that moment when I realized that her first floor ceiling was actually much lower than mine. There were also some smaller aquariums that were placed in various locations and mainly held decorative fish, like goldfish, betas, guppies, tetras and angelfish. The kind that are really pretty to look at, but pointless to eat. There were also some aquariums that had turtles, tortoises, snakes and other amphibious or even non-aquatic animals. I wasn’t sure if they were being kept as pets or food though.

Chameleon casually dumped the catfish into a pond that was filled with catfish, seaweed and some smaller fish or shrimp. Then she brought me over to a large aquarium in the corner and said: “This is my lobster tank.” After that, she skillfully brought out the poor bastard, grabbed some rubber bands and wrapped them around its claws, before dropping it into the tank that had a few other lobsters in it. She explained, “You can’t keep them for very long like this. If I put them in the other pools, then they’ll either kill each other or kill everything else in the tank, or try to escape. Octopuses are even worse when it comes to escaping… So I usually don’t try to keep them for long. I’ll either ‘prepare’ them immediately or let them go.”

“Hmmm, so where do I put these guys?” I raised my buckets and complained, “My fingers are starting to hurt pretty bad.”

“Put the perch and eel over there, and the carp goes in that one. Carp tend to be pretty difficult too. Honestly, most fish will eat or kill each other sooner or later. It’s only a matter of how long it takes. Now let’s go get the rest before some wild animals steal them.”

I sighed, “Totally forgot about that. Maybe we’ll find a bear or leopard down there snacking on em?”

“Maybe.” Chameleon had a serious expression as she said, “Never let your guard down. Even a badger can be extremely dangerous if you aren’t careful.”

Fortunately in the few minutes we were gone, no beasties showed up to steal our catch. Either way, it was interesting to find out that my girlfriend had a giant aviary/aquarium room upstairs. After we dumped out the kiddie pool and took all the other gear back into the house, we went down to the basement to put everything away. Aside from the laundry room, which was right at the bottom of the stairs like in my house, there was a hallway which led to various different relatively small rooms, including what was essentially just a storage closet. 

The bondage room, Demoness’ old bedroom, was relatively small, yet had an attached bathroom. I couldn’t help but ask, “So where’s Angel’s old bedroom then?” There was a small gym and an armory filled with guns, ammo, along with some other swords and stuff, but no second bedroom in the basement.

Chameleon smirked at me and then pointed up, “We were just there. The pools and fish tanks were added after she moved out. I started keeping birds after she left because they reminded me of my little Angel…” Then she sighed and shook her head, “I’m too sentimental.”

“You were lonely. It’s normal.” I snickered and patted her on the ass, before suggesting: “Although the meditation-slash-dojo-slash-art gallery is cool and all, I’d rather have a real bed to sleep on. Why don’t we start sleeping in Demoness’ old room? Either that, or we can sleep in my guestroom?”

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