BCJ, Chapter 123: Cooking and Cleaning

Aside from bondage gear and sex toys, Demoness’ room also had an office desk, chair and desktop computer, laptop computer, some tablets, a huge screen embedded into the wall, along with lots of smaller screens. Essentially, it was where Chameleon kept her ‘tech’ and supposedly, the entire room had extremely strong EMP resistance. After all, aside from EMP, there could be other Eves out there with similar abilities or maybe she was just preparing for some eventual hardcore solar flares on this alien world? Or a nuke going off in orbit… Either way, returning to the basement was just like going back home for me. Kinda nostalgic, kinda depressing, and super weird.

Unfortunately, rather than enjoying some kinky sex, the first priority was to clean the house, take a shower with my girlfriend, then eat some fruit salad, after that… Finally, we had to clean some more. Demoness’ room was a mess, with sex toys literally everywhere, many of which were still dirty after being used for god knows what, but I decisively boiled many of the dildos in big pots of water on the stove. I mean, under normal circumstances I would just throw them away and buy new ones, but we didn’t really have that option. And these fuckers might need to last us for ten to twenty years! Either that or we can make our own, which is a legitimate option, but I’d rather not work on dildo-manufacturing this early in my island life, okay?

While I was boiling some dildos, Chameleon was next to me with a similarly large pot of boiling water. She took out a foot and a half long brown lobster that she had frozen for forty minutes beforehand and dropped it headfirst into the water. Although it still ‘screamed’, I could tell that it was dead way before that started. According to the ‘professional chef’, this way the poor bastard wouldn’t have to spend two or three minutes boiling to death. As for whether or not lobsters feel pain? Hmmm, maybe. The little time I spent as a lobster was pretty weird due to all the extra limbs and shit, not to mention the differences in sensations because of having a shell. I can tell this much though, they definitely have some concept of ‘fear’. After all, they wouldn’t struggle so hard to escape and survive without some basic emotions or mental processes like that…

“Well, I’m glad you aren’t a psychopath that gets off on abusing helpless animals.” Now that I said it out loud, I couldn’t help but smile wryly as I remembered that EMP loved and cared for her animals to the point where it would be considered ‘abuse’ in normal society. 

I mean, bestiality is generally considered wrong due to the animals themselves not being able to give ‘consent’ or some such bullshit. Keep in mind that these are the same people that seem to feel that it’s fine to have dogs and cats put down in massive quantities on the level of genocide, but think that eating dogs and cats is evil.

Chameleon chuckled and then asked, “Aside from lobster, was there anything else you wanted to eat?” 

Although that big-ass crustacean was way more than I could eat in one sitting, if the two of us shared it… No well, even if it was just Eve alone, she’d probably be able to finish off two or three of them without a problem! It’s no wonder she always keeps a huge quantity of pre-prepared meals in the fridge and freezer. Otherwise she’d probably starve to death if she wasn’t careful.

I sighed and then reached up to pat her on the shoulder, “I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you to live alone for so long with your condition.”

She smiled wryly, “Ana… I’m not a cripple, pft, hahah~! Besides, since earlier, I haven’t really been ‘that’ hungry. And when I was alone, I didn’t need to try so hard to maintain my appearance. I would just walk around the house looking like a demon from Hell and I could still casually eat a few pounds of ice cream without worrying about getting fat or diabetes… If I didn’t push myself so hard to maintain some semblance of discipline, then I probably wouldn’t have such good control over my ability now.”

“Didn’t you know that I have a fetish for skinless demons from Hell? And the regular kind, and well, I have a lot of weird fetishes that people would probably judge pretty harshly.” I snickered and then slid my hand down her back, before grabbing onto her right ass cheek really hard. Both of us were completely naked and already dried off since taking our showers. Why bother wearing clothes if you don’t have to anyway?

“I’m glad you like the way I look, but I still prefer to keep my skin from becoming transparent as much as possible.” She chuckled and started washing off some brown rice, “Since you’re not picky, I’ll just make some shrimp fried rice as a side.”

It was honestly kinda scary how serious she was about cooking. For me, ‘cooking’ is when I mix a can of beans, can of stewed tomatoes and a can of corn with a can of chili, then add some random spices into it… Even when I decide to do something like make an omelette or whatever for Gemini, it’s only with the very least amount of effort possible. But every meal that Chameleon made was like something out of a fucking cooking show!

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing and the meals are delicious, but there’s one major issue here… Who do you think has to clean the motherfucking pots and dishes?! She has plenty of really expensive non-stick pans and pots, so at least it’s not like back at my parent’s house where it took like twice as long to clean the dishes as it did to make the food. Still, I couldn’t just throw those big-ass pots and pans into the dishwasher, regardless of how huge or fancy it was. Some things just needed to be done by hand.

“This might be weird but, I kinda wanna have a picnic with you upstairs… Like, we can set down a towel or something on the dirt near the center, then maybe we could try meditating there? I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that the Chi there will be stronger or something.” I snickered as I used tongs to pick up a steaming black dildo and place it onto the kitchen counter to my right.

“I’ve thought about that too.” Chameleon nodded and then explained, “Since Qi is supposed to be a type of vital energy, it could be possible to harness it from the bioelectric fields of animals and plants. I’ve meditated up there many times, but I’ve only ever truly ‘felt’ anything when I performed Yin-Yang Cultivation with you Ana. It’s still a mystery though, whether this technique has any harmful side effects or for that matter, whether your ability is negatively influencing the creatures you’re controlling.”

“I was thinking about that too. Like, what if I’m actually draining the life outta those fish and stuff? That’s why I feel a burst of energy after ending the connection? But then again, even when I didn’t use my power, I still felt that surge of heat and ‘power’ rush through me regardless. In fact, it was stronger when I didn’t mind control anything.” I pulled another dildo out and placed it next to the first one, then a huge buttplug and a few smaller toys. Eventually I finished taking everything else and turned the fire off, before taking the pot over to the sink and pouring out all the water. I wanted to make room for Chameleon to go on a crazy cooking frenzy…

“That’s good.” Chameleon sighed and started stir-frying some random veggies in a wok on that stovetop that I just vacated, “But like I said… We don’t know what kind of side-effects this technique might have on our bodies… Or our minds. I think we should wait until tomorrow before trying it out again. We can still have a picnic though. The parrots are sleeping now, so they shouldn’t bother us.”

Since the trees were all near the window-walls, the birds slept on the branches far enough away from the central area that they wouldn’t be able to shit on us without flying around. Anyway, the moral of the story was that we could have a nice little picnic without being interrupted, probably.

Of course, we didn’t really account for the amount of flies, mosquitoes, gnats and other random bugs flying around. Even ants were pretty common. After all, the ground was literally soil and there were fruit trees, fish ponds and all kinds of other places for the most annoying insects to spawn from.

Ultimately I was so freaked out that I unlocked the use of yet another superpower!

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