BCJ, Chapter 124: New Power

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, et cetera!

So yeah, I’m bad at posting regularly. However, I’ve been editing semi-regularly, so I managed to pump out these 5 chapters for Christmas/Xmas/Whatever holiday you celebrate in December lol. I’m currently writing chapter 939 of this story btw. When I look back at the dozens of unedited volumes, it physically pains me, but then I’m like “Meh, I’ll just write a few more chapters tonight and edit something tomorrow…”

The moral of the story is that this story is very long and I’m kinda surprised that there aren’t as many sex scenes as I remember… I mean, I did just write a few chapters worth of sex scenes, if it makes you feel better, but still… Anyway, here’s the chapter. Maybe not the last chapter of the new year, but probably the last one before Christmas. Especially since I can never keep track of when holidays are actually happening.


“Fuck off and die!!!” With a deafening scream, from me by the way, every animal in the room was suddenly freaking the hell out!

All the flies, gnats and mosquitoes that were trying to defile my body, soul and food were instantly repelled. The ones that were closest to my body directly fell from the air, curled up and died. There were even some beetles and a cockroach that were on their last breaths, if they ‘breathe’ in the first place?

The parrots started screeching, squawking and flapping their wings like crazy, flying over to the window screens and trying to escape. Even the fish in the ponds and tanks seemed to be terrified. While Chameleon’s skin turned from brown to green immediately, making her look a lot like an orc… Which normally would turn me on, but then she projectile vomited all over my face from like three feet away.

Yeah… Yep. Yep… No, nope, I ain’t gonna even bother explaining what happened for the next hour or so after that, because I don’t wanna remember. Let’s just say that throwing up is literally one of my greatest fears, and even after stuffing myself with a bunch of lobster, then having second-hand shrimp fried-rice splattered all over my face… I did not surrender! My ten year record is still intact! I did not throw up. Almost did, so many times, but I survived.

Phew~, anyway~, later on, after many-many many showers and maybe a mental breakdown or two, I was laying down next to Chameleon on a bed that really wasn’t meant for a seven foot tall giantess. She was almost curled up in a ball just to fit next to me, while I was hugging her in my arms and sighing repeatedly.

“Are you feeling better now?” I finally asked after a very long and awkward silence. Her skin was still green by the way.

“No, not really.” She cringed and complained, “I-I never thought something, that something could ever smell so bad… How is that even possible? I’ve smelled corpses, been sprayed by skunks, eaten literal shit before, but I’ve never, ever felt that nauseous before…”

A few minutes passed by in silence again, before I asked: “Did you just say you’ve ‘eaten literal shit before’? Like intentionally? Human shit?”

“Ah-hum, anyway…” She didn’t answer my question and just cleared her throat, “So… It’s good that you’ve learned how to use another part of your power, or powers. What was that? How did you do it? And please, never use it again when you’re near me… Please Ana, I’m begging out.”

I sighed once more and then guessed, “It’s probably a combination of my Psychic domination-type power, mixed with those repellent pheromones you mentioned before, but supercharged with the Qi from earlier in the day? In fact, you might have been affected so badly because first of all, you were really close, and second… Well, you have a super sensitive nose. Aside from that, there are probably other factors. Maybe the Qi in your body was disturbed by my Psychic bullshit or whatever? Who knows? The point is that I need to be way more careful from now on. Tonight it was just a little, urp, ugh, a lot, of fucking vomit, but it could have been much more dangerous. What if you were pregnant and that hurt the baby or caused a miscairage? Fortunately, now that I’ve experienced it once, I know how it feels and can do a bit of training on my own later.”

“Baby…” Chameleon muttered as she started crying, “I… I’ve always wanted to have a baby with you Ana. I know you’re not, ‘Her’, but the two of you are so similar that it’s hard to separate you in my mind. I’m really happy. I’m so glad you’re ‘you’. I don’t know, I don’t even want to think about how I would feel if you hated me, or couldn’t stand the sight of me…”

“Geez~, you’re such a crybaby.” I snickered and then cuddled her harder, “Michael will wake up soon. So we can try our first artificial insemination test in an hour or so, or we can wait until tomorrow if you aren’t feeling up to it. I mean, you’re still all green. As sexy as the color might be on you, I really don’t want you to throw up again tonight.”

“I think that maybe, we should wait a little longer.” She sniffled and struggled to explain, “We still don’t… Don’t know, how the Qi might affect us. So-so it’s probably, umm, better if we don’t rush things.”

“Okay, that’s fine with me too.” I sighed and rubbed her smooth head, “I just can’t help thinking about it. Like, will our kid have the complete version of your powers or will they be weaker? Or will they actually have a stronger version somehow? Like they can actually their entire body, along with the organs and stuff transparent? Well, then they probably wouldn’t be able to see? Unless they also had my power, but only the part that lets them see through the eyes of others… Like maybe they could hold a bug in their hand and then go invisible, then see through the eyes of the bug as they sneak around, hahahah~!”

“Pft~, hahaha~!” Chameleon started laughing and her skin turned transparent in some places, but remained as green spots in others, which kinda-sorta made her look like a zombie. She did stop crying though.

“Gemini…” Then I frowned and said, “I’m pretty sure the child I’m having with Gemini is going to be another ‘me’. I don’t really know if I should be happy or sad about that. I’m a little excited, because it’ll mean that my power can effectively make me immortal. But I’m also terrified, since I have no idea what the consequences might be if I end up having another ‘main’ body. And also depressed because it means that my baby, well, isn’t really going to be a ‘baby’. Unless… Well, it’s also possible that Gemini might have twins? In that case, we’ll have a baby and I’ll have a third body at the same time. But that might make things even more complicated and difficult.”

“Ana…” The zombie-girl smiled at me, “Stop thinking so much. This isn’t something that’s within your control, and obsessing over it won’t help. Just focus on what you ‘can’ control. And, well, enjoy yourself. I know that the day ended, no, it also kind of began pretty badly, but I still wouldn’t trade this messed up day for anything. Tomorrow let’s be a little more careful.”

“Okay Eve.” I kissed her on the forehead and then whispered, “Goodnight… I love you.”

“I love you too Ana.”


“How sweet~, hehehe~!” A deep and feminine voice echoed in the void.

“Humans are so cute~!” This time it was a high-pitched voice, still somewhat feminine.

“Tiny, fragile creatures… Must protect.” Then it was a deep, masculine voice.

“Hmmm, this one has potential. It reminds me of Ecstasy.” This voice was really strange, as if it was a bunch of men, women and children whispering at once.

“Ah, that’s ‘cause he’s kinda my Daddy in a way.” Now this motherfucker, I recognized immediately. Because they sounded like me. Somewhere between Michael and Ana, but not quite right. There was something off about it, but I figured that had to be Ecstasy! And if I was listening in on her talking to other ‘people’, then they all might be Devils.

“Endless created something strange again. Hopefully it does not break The Balance.” This one didn’t really sound male or female, more androgenous and well, balanced in every way. To the point where it sounded almost mechanical.

“Ugh, all you ever care about is ‘The Balance’ Equilibrium, so boring~! Hehehe~!” This was that first woman again.

“Joy…” ‘Equilibrium’ sighed and then grumbled, “I exist to maintain The Balance between you Gods and Devils. This new Seed must be Cultivated properly…”

“I’ll take good~ care of them!” That high-pitch voice rang out again.

“Torment…” Ecstasy sighed before complaining, “You’re not allowed to break them.”

That masculine voice growled, “Won’t let you, Devils hurt… Those children!”

“Calm down Judgement, hehehe~!” ‘Joy’ giggled a bit more before suggesting, “Why don’t we just watch them grow on their own for a while longer? A game should be fair, right? Hmm~! Why does it feel like I’m being spied on? Ecstasy, is that you again?!”

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