BCJ Chapter 125: Gods and Devils

That dream was so vivid that I still remember it clearly even a few days later. If I had to guess, I’d say that it was similar to a Private Audio Chatroom where a bunch of hardcore gamer buddies were talking to each other and I just accidentally entered by clicking the wrong button. It was a little awkward, but at the same time, since they were literally talking about me, I couldn’t just pretend like I didn’t hear anything.

However, as soon as the mysterious entity known as ‘Joy’ seemed to sense my presence, Michael woke up. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t breathe! It felt like my whole body was numb and all I saw was darkness… After struggling for a while, I managed to push the giant titty-trap away from my face. Which was soaked in breast-sweat now. If it wasn’t for the major lack of oxygen, my dick would probably be really hard, but instead I was just hyperventilating for the next few minutes. Honestly, Gemini wasn’t even on top of me and yet she was still able to almost suffocate me by accident simply with an unconscious four-armed hug.

As I was walking down the hallway to the bathroom, I struggled to maintain my balance and felt like my whole body was tingling. Kinda like how it feels when your arm goes asleep after losing circulation? Yeah, that was my entire skin.

“Fucking A…” I muttered to myself as my head was pounding. Then I saw random flashes, heard a cacophony of noises: Chirping, buzzing, screeching, screaming, shouting, crying, yelling, barking… In those flashes I could guess that they were through the eyes of animals most of the time, sometimes underwater, sometimes flying in the sky, but some were just too absurd. One of the visions was a few seconds long because I intentionally kept my eyes closed for a while, but I was looking down at what I assume was the entire planet. Behind that was a silver moon in the distance. Most of the world was blue oceans, with tiny islands scattered about, but to my right I was able to notice the edge of a huge green continent. However, my vision seemed to focus intensely and I basically ‘zoomed in’ on a tiny little island that had three mountains. From so high up, it was easy to see the bottom of the even deeper parts of the ocean, much less the relatively shallow water that surrounded Puerta De La Muerte.

“Aaagh~!” I screamed out in pain as a scorching heat spread throughout my body, starting from my tailbone and rising up my spine, before reaching the back of my head. Then it spread through my ears, eyes, nose and mouth, before gathering and concentrating on the spot in the middle of my forehead.

“Michael? What’s wrong?!” As I was leaning on the wall and struggling to keep from falling down, a huge hand grabbed my shoulder from behind. I looked into Gemini’s four eyes, but my vision was so blurry that it looked like her two heads had combined into one.

“Sorry for waking you up.” I tried to smile up at her, but my face was still kinda numb and the pain in my head was so intense that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. As I grit my teeth, I could hear a deep rumbling in the back of my mind and it felt like the house was collapsing around me… But it was just my body.

“Michael?! Hold on! I’ll, I’ll go get help, stay with me Michael!” I could hear how worried and upset Gemini was, but I couldn’t say anything but ‘Sorry’.

Then I opened my eyes and found myself sitting cross-legged in Chameleon’s meditation room. In front of me was Ana, who had her eyes open and the corner of her mouth curled up into a familiar smirk.

“You should be more careful Daddy. After all, you’re only a mortal. It’s too soon for you to be trying to spy on Gods and Devils.” She let out a long sigh and then reached out her right hand, which I grasped instinctually.

“Ecstasy? Or should I call you Ana? Are you… The ‘real’ Ana? The one buried in the back of my Hivemind? Or someone else entirely?” I snickered and shook her hand, “Regardless… It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“We met twice before. And no, I’m not the ‘real’ Ana that you think I am. But you know that already.” Those purple irises glowed brightly as she chuckled and shook her head, “I’m curious though. Why aren’t you afraid of me? Don’t you know how dangerous it is to let the Devil ‘in’?”

“Depends on the Devil. Hehe~, but the reason I’m not afraid is because…” I opened my eyes before I could finish my sentence and then I forgot what I was going to say.

“Michael, you’re finally awake.” Gemini’s two faces were the first thing I saw. Then I noticed that the windows were open and the sky was starting to brighten up. That’s when I realized that when I ‘woke up’ earlier, it was still dark out. When I tried remembering back, I remember that there was a blood red hazy glow everywhere.

“Yeah, what time is it?” I didn’t have a headache or feel sick. I actually felt great. Way better than ever before. Like there was a powerful source of energy that was fueling me, starting from my forehead and coursing down my spine, before spreading throughout my whole body. I was hot, even though it was a little chilly in the room. And I had a pretty hard erection, to the point where it was almost painful.

“Time for you to please your ‘Goddess Kali’ hahaha~!” Gemini chuckled and then pulled my face into her quad-breast cleavage, “Aaah~! I love you Michael~!”

“I love you too Gemini, hehe~!” I thrust inside her without thinking too much and the actual day started off pretty well. After all, I felt great, had sex three or four times and then took a nice long shower together. Although it couldn’t compare to the extravagant meals that Chameleon made on a daily basis, it was easy enough for me to make some pasta for breakfast. She asked for either shrimp parmesan or gnocchi, so I made both in one dish. The cream sauce came in a jar, so I basically just boiled the gnocchi and heated up the shrimp in the sauce, then mixed them together with some random seasonings like diced garlic from a little bottle. By the way, gnocchi is basically pasta that’s made out of mashed potatoes, eggs and flour… The kind I have is vacuum sealed in plastic and doesn’t need to be refrigerated unless you open it. They look kinda like little dough balls and, well, they taste like whatever sauce you use. The main difference is the thicker texture and the fact that they’re more filling.

As we were eating, I eventually said: “I had a weird dream. Okay, more than just a weird dream. Probably more like a vision.”

Gemini smiled wryly with her left mouth and kept eating with the right, “From the look on your face, it seems more like it was a nightmare?”

“Well…” I snickered and shrugged my shoulders, “Maybe there was more to it than I recall, but I remember ‘overhearing’ a conversation between… Well, they called themselves Gods and Devils. The Devil that took control of Chameleon that one time, the one that looks exactly like Ana, is called Ecstasy… And I vaguely remember having a brief conversation with her directly, afterwards. It was a weird dream within a dream thing though, so I might not have really been talking to her at all…”

“Don’t say their names out loud.” Gemini had a serious expression as she explained, “This might just be silly nonsense, but I think it’s still better to be careful. Ecstasy is already targeting you, and if she’s really someone I grew up with, then she might not be that bad. But the other Devils are different. Who knows what kinds of twisted personalities and powers they might have? So it’s better not to say their names out loud at the very least. It might attract their attention and even if they only want to ‘play’ with us, people will probably end up dying. This kinda thing has probably happened before, I just have a feeling though, so maybe my memories of the incident were mostly erased by that other ‘Ana’?”

“Well, I’ll try not to say their names.” I sighed and complained, “But their names are all English words from what I could tell. Like not regular names. So I might accidentally end up using them in a sentence or through a Freudian Slip.”

“That’s probably fine then. I think it might be the thought that counts anyway. Or maybe the names you heard are actually just translated into English automatically or something like that?” She shrugged and then continued eating happily.

Of course, I may have left out the most important part of the dream, but… I didn’t want to worry my girlfriend too much. After all, that part was much more dream-like than the others. Still, that vision of the planet haunts me for some reason. Maybe it’s the same thing she saw that one time? What the fuck was that? Is there a giant deity up there? Some kinda colossal floating monstrosity lurking in space and staring at our tiny island? It felt, well, huge. I don’t know how else to explain it… As if the planet itself was something that creature could destroy on a whim, or maybe that’s just my imagination. It could have also just been some sort of automated drone that I was somehow able to connect with. Or maybe a giant spacecraft, satellite or space station?

Well, whatever. Once breakfast was over, it was time to make a decision: “So… Do you wanna go pick up some furniture from your place today?”

“Nope.” Gemini was very quick and decisive in her refusal to do any sort of manual labor, even if it meant that she would be severely uncomfortable as a result of her laziness.

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