BCJ, Chapter 126: Mortality

*Author’s Note*

I’ve been ‘gone’ for a few months. By that, I mean, I was here reading and writing and the time just suddenly disappeared lmao. Now it’s March and I haven’t updated anything or even edited a single chapter since December. Oh well. I’m currently writing Chapter 1004 of BCJ. As for reading… Umm, I’ve read a lot of stories lately, mostly end up stopping prematurely though. Only a few were read to the very end or at least until I got caught up. For example, Paladins of Asgard(Marvel Fanfic 600+ chapters, completed), Shadow Trails of Azeroth(WoW Fanfic, 1000+ chapters, really fucking good and ongoing.), Twin Cities: Hero Witness System(LoL Lore/Arcane Fanfic, actually good. Tried reading other Arcane or LoL fanfics, but the older LoL ones aren’t ‘updated’ to the new lore and the new ones based on Arcane are usually pretty dumb. Mainly because, as we all know, Chinese authors seem to hate lesbians for some reason? Oh well, this one is pretty good. Vi and Caitlyn get together pretty naturally. Uh, the MC is Powder and Vi’s ‘brother’, in the same sense that Milo and the others are their brothers lol.)

Okay, enough about that. The point is that I’m gonna try to get back to editing and posting a few chapters a day or at least a big batch every week. Like I said, I’m on chapter 1000+ now, so if I don’t start editing and posting shit like crazy, it’ll never get edited and posted all the way.


Time passes so fucking quickly when you’re having fun and being lazy. Literally all we did the whole day was play video games, have sex, make some quick and easy food, shit, piss, shower, spend some time in the jacuzzi… We never even left the house! Even though it was a nice, beautiful, bright and sunny day, we just lazed around in the ‘air conditioned’ house.

We also played a ‘game’ where we took turns shooting out the window at the targets that were still set up across my yard, though the ones on the pier hadn’t been put back there yet. Gemini was amazingly accurate, while I was, well, okay.

“You’re pretty good for a human.” Is what she told me when I managed to hit a small bottle that was nearly a hundred meters away with my .44 magnum revolver. On the other hand, she could easily hit targets that were twice as far away, with the same ammunition and weapon. Hell, she could shoot the .44 revolver and the .50 cal semi-auto at the same time, hitting two different targets at over 100 meters. The benefits of having two heads and two sets of arms I suppose.

Honestly, I could probably do better if my eyesight was better or I had some kinda assistance. But like she said, I was only human. I could barely make out anything that far away, so it was amazing that I could hit anything at all past ten meters, much less a hundred.

Michael was just a human after all. Although I thought I could accept that fact, it weighed on my mind from that weird dream, all the way until Gemini went to bed right before nightfall. We had sex so many times that I was amazed my dick even worked anymore, but I still steeled my resolve and went downstairs.

As I was drinking some really sweet fruit juice, I walked over to the back door and opened it. Ana was smiling wryly as she entered the house and looked into my tired, bloodshot eyes. It was funny, but she actually asked me: “Are you sure about this? Like absolutely certain this is the best choice right now? Because there’s a huge difference between being a father and a mother, Michael.”

“I know. We both know that. But, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me at this rate. After all, I’m only human.” I sighed and shook my head, “Maybe I’ll think it’s silly or unimportant later on… Or maybe by then, I’ll have some other tricks but no matter what, I don’t want my parents to never see their son again.”

“There’s a good chance it’ll be a girl. Or it could be a boy, but look nothing like you.” Ana giggled and then took off her flip flops, walking over towards the stairs leading to the basement. 

I followed after the naked girl and said, “I know that. And if that happens, then let’s just call it fate. Even if our child does look exactly like me, he might actually end up being a totally different person. But at the very least, he can pretend to be me, right? Or maybe, wow this is fucked up, but maybe if it comes to that…”

“I ain’t gonna fuck our son Michael, holy shit, what the hell is wrong with me?” Ana cackled as she finally reached the bottom of the stairs and headed into the gym. Then she went over to the mat and knelt down, with her ass sticking up in a typical doggy-style position.

I knelt down behind her and slid my dick into her soaking wet pussy, “Ahhh~! Wow… I forgot how good it feels to have a cock inside of me~, hahaha~!”

She giggled, “I forgot how perfect your vagina fits my penis… Hahaha, ah, I’m getting a little confused right now ‘cause I’m really exhausted~!”

“Just fuck my pussy and stop talking to yourself Michael!” I shouted at Ana, I think? It’s so hard to keep track of these things when you’re half-asleep and sleep-deprived at the same time.

Yep, I decided to impregnate myself. Hoping to get lucky with a boy that was at least relatively similar to my appearance. I mean for fuck’s sake, Michael and Ana look like they could be identical twins! If our kid didn’t look similar to ‘me’, then I’d suspect that there was something seriously wrong with one of us. Also, this way, I can give Chameleon… A ‘better’ kid? I know it’s totally fucked up to think about it this way, but it’s just a fact. Unless I’m missing something, this first generation should be the weakest and with the highest possibility of problems due primarily to Michael being a human.

With Gemini, our kid was already on the way. Maybe Cicada was pregnant or something too, might be why she hadn’t bothered for more ‘fertilization’ again since then. If I got myself pregnant, then I’d be having at least three kids in the near future. Adding Chameleon on top of that, it might end up being four or more. I say or more, because I honestly have no fucking clue how many brats might end up being created. Barring any complications that apparently are supposed to be super rare, our little group will be increasing by at least fifty percent in a matter of months. Eves only take a few years to grow to adulthood and start reproducing, so the third generation was only three to seven years away.

“I think I’m really getting way ahead of myself. Ugh… Phew~, okay, I need to go back to bed. You should head back over to Chameleon before she gets worried.” I snickered and used a tissue to wipe the sticky stuff off my half-flaccid penis.

Ana giggled and then started walking up the stairs, wondering: “Maybe I could try taking the cum outta my pussy and shoving it into Chameleon’s? Hmmm, I’ll have to ask her when I get back.”

Like that, Michael went back to sleep with Gemini and Ana put on her flip flops, then headed back over to her ‘second home’ completely naked and covered in sweat. When she reached the back door, a worried Chameleon was standing outside and looked down at me with concern on her nearly obsidian face.

“I… I’m back Eve.” I smiled awkwardly as I said, “We should go inside and talk.”

“You said you needed to get something real fast… What’s wrong? You couldn’t find it?” Chameleon opened the door and followed me inside, before closing it behind us.

I took off my flip-flops and then walked over to the dining room table and sat down, letting out a long sigh. As I looked over at my worried girlfriend, whose skin had actually turned yellowish from concern, I told her: “I umm… Well, I ‘met’ Ecstasy in a dream earlier. Before Michael woke up. And ugh, I spent the whole day agonizing over this decision but I finally made up my mind. Eve, I just impregnated myself. At least, according to you guys, as long as I want to have a baby, I’ll get pregnant. So I resolved myself to actually get pregnant this time and have a kid.”

“That Devil wants you to have a child with yourself? Why? And why would you do it without talking to me first?!” Chameleon was confused and upset, which is normal I guess, since I didn’t explain things properly.

“No, like… I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Even before I met you to be honest. I just never thought I’d feel my ‘mortality’ so soon. After all, Michael is only twenty-seven. Theoretically, he still has lots of time left to still be ‘young’, but even so… You probably wouldn’t understand because you were born this way. An ‘Eve’, a fucking superhuman. Sure, you might have some flaws, but it’s really nothing in comparison to what it’s like to be a real, normal-ish, plain old fashioned human.” I let out another sigh and continued, “I’ve had dreams like that before… So many times. Everyone does at some point in their life. A realization of mortality. A wakeup call of sorts. And maybe I might also have gotten ‘baby fever’ after being surrounded by you girls lately, especially Gemini.”

I couldn’t help but smile softly when I thought about how excited my other girlfriend was about her child, even though it’s literally only been a few days. Aside from a weird vision, there honestly wasn’t even any other evidence that she was pregnant.

“Ana… I thought we decided that we would wait a while longer to see if there are any side effects for our cultivation together…” She raised her eyebrow and asked, “Wait… Is Michael suffering from side-effects of the cultivation? Is that why you’re so anxious?”

“Maybe.” I nodded as my smile turned a bit wry, “Eve… I didn’t tell this to Gemini, because well, she’s in love with ‘Michael’. But in my dream, there was a point where I woke up and walked down the hallway towards the bathroom. On my way there, my ‘power’ started going crazy and I could feel Qi starting from my groin, before heading up my spine to my head. Eventually it gathered in my forehead and I felt like I was going to die at any moment. After that, I passed out in the dream and had a conversation with Ecstasy who was, well, she looked like Ana.”

“But when you woke up in reality, did you still have those or any other symptoms? There’s a thing called Qi Deviation that Cultivators get sometimes… In novels, but it’s based off of… Okay, it’s also based off of fiction, but do you think that maybe that’s what you were experiencing? It could also be a ‘Heart Devil’…”

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