BCJ, Chapter 127: Impregnation

I looked at her like she was an idiot for a few seconds, before snickering and shaking my head: “It ain’t a fucking Heart Devil or Qi Deviation! For shit’s sake, we literally spent a single day practicing and barely even did anything! That kinda stuff only happens when characters are like, breaking into another Realm or whatever! And like you said, it’s from fictional webnovels and a lot of it is not based off of real practices but like, other cultivation novels pft-hahahaha~!”

Once I stopped laughing, I finally took a breath and said: “No… When Michael woke up, it was actually the complete opposite. He felt full of energy and extremely healthy. I did notice something similar to Qi gathering in ‘my’ forehead, but it didn’t have any negative effects and I didn’t even have an uncontrolled vision for the rest of the day. Which was probably due to our practice last night.”

“If Michael is fine, or even better than normal, then why are you so anxious?” Chameleon smiled at me and said, “Ana… You have to be completely resolved about this or you won’t really get pregnant. If you just wanted to ‘masturbate’, you could have just told me and I would understand. There’s no reason to be so overdramatic about it.”

I snickered and smiled wryly, “I would’ve just told you ‘Hey, I wanna go fuck myself’ then. But saying ‘Hey, I’m gonna go impregnate myself’ would have felt kinda awkward I guess. Honestly, this isn’t really for ‘my’ sake at all. I just… In that dream, the look on Gemini’s faces when she saw me and thought that I was dying… I can’t put her through that in reality. Even if Michael does end up dying one day, I still want her to be able to see the man she fell in love with. Of course, she might not really give a shit about all that either. I guess the main thing is my parents. Even if Michael lives to be forty-something by the time we get back to Earth, what the hell are my parents gonna think about their son suddenly aging ten to twenty years over the summer?! And if I die? That could kill them. They’ve taken care of me for way longer than they needed to, so I never want them to suffer that kinda heartbreak. They deserve to be happy for the rest of their lives.”

“So it’s for Gemini and your parents.” She smirked a bit, then reached across the table and placed her hands on top of mine: “Ana, I love you. If you really want to have a baby, then I’ll have one too. I’ve wanted this for far longer than you, so I doubt that I’ll have any problems getting pregnant at all. And, I’m not worried about our practice negatively affecting our children. Even if it does, we’ll figure things out as we go… Now um, uh… ‘Inseminate me’?”

“Pft, hahaha~!” I couldn’t help laughing at her embarrassment, then got up and walked over to her side of the table and sat down onto her right knee. Then I asked, “How do you wanna do this? Get on the kitchen table and spread your legs or go into the art gallery?”

“Let’s go to my ‘bedroom’. I like the way the tatami mats feel on my skin.” Chameleon chuckled and then stood up after I got off her knee.

As I was following her down the extremely dark hallway, I couldn’t help but mention: “We might actually have to do this a few times. After all, I’m not sure how potent my second-hand pussy-sperm is gonna be…”

When she laid down and spread her legs wide, I knelt down between them. Then I looked up at my girlfriend’s pinkish face and said, “I’m gonna have to loosen you up a bit first, hehehe~…”

First I started licking her clitoris, then I took my right and began using all my fingers to stretch her out her extremely elastic, hairless pussy. She was moaning and grabbing my hair, the usual, but eventually she shouted out in pain when I finally managed to fit my whole hand up to my wrist inside of her without any extra lube aside from her own juices or my saliva. At that point I figured she was finally ready, so while I was still licking and fisting her, I used my left hand and fingered myself. Trying to scrape out as much goey juices as possible. Then I pulled my right hand out and thrust the left hand into her vagina, trying to spread my baby batter as far back as possible. After that, I used my right hand to dig out some more and performed the same action again, but eventually I was probably just shoving my own pussy juice into her vagina… Oh well, it was still kinda hot.

“Mmmn~!” Eventually she had an orgasm and sprayed a bunch of clear liquid all over my face, practically drowning me. Hence putting an end to our weird, ritualistic lesbian impregnation techniq ue.

After coughing and choking for a while, I laid down next to the panting woman while wiping the juices out of my eyes, but it just made things worse. Because my hands were covered in semen too, which is even stickier and harder to get rid of than vaginal discharge…

“Fuck… I need to take a shower. Holy shit. Actually, you know what, I wanna go swimming! Maybe if I burn my eyes with salt-water it’ll make things better!” I was kidding by the way, I was afraid that my efforts would be wasted if our pussies got ‘washed out’ by the waves. Yes, I know that it doesn’t really work that way, but still, I decided to just take a shower with Chameleon. Then we had to wash off the mats, again. Yeah, I was starting to think that maybe we needed to start having sex upstairs on the dirt or something, because my girlfriend seemed to have an endless supply of ammunition in her industrial-grade squirtgun.

“Hmmm, so now what?” Once we finished taking showers and cleaning the mediation room, the two of us started eating ‘breakfast’ around 10 PM. Chameleon knew how much I liked sushi and sashimi, so she decided to make some more today, right in front of me. It wasn’t all that complicated to be honest. She wanted it to be as fresh as possible, so she picked out a big salmon from her pond directly and cut the poor bastard’s head off right over the pool. The other fish in the pond went crazy over the blood and fish head. After she cut off the tail, gutted it and removed all the scales etcetera, she had me go upstairs to dump all that shit into the pond with a lot of crabs, shrimp and other shellfish. Honestly, I could’ve poured it in any of the ponds and the fish would’ve eaten most of it up regardless.

Anyway, I said a little prayer for the unlucky salmon and then started eating the big filet that was covered in seaweed salad, then dabbed with a bit of thick wasabi… It was fucking delicious by the way. Usually, sushi/sashimi is frozen to kill parasites and stuff, and the food from yesterday had all been prepared beforehand, so it wasn’t nearly as fresh.

“This might be the best sashimi I’ve ever had in my whole life. And I’ve had a lot.” I snickered and then continued, “But anyway, so what now? Are we just pregnant? How long does it take to find out for real?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never been pregnant before.” Chameleon giggled and then said, “I’m glad you like it Ana. If you’re still hungry after this, I can pick out another-”

“No way, hahah!” I couldn’t help but complain, “That fish was like ten pounds. Even after all the slimming down, it’s still a few pounds of sashimi. There’s no way I’ll be hungry after all this!”

“I guess you’re right.” She seemed a little disappointed as she continued stuffing her face at a rapid pace… Seriously, I was starting to worry about my future all of the sudden. If our kid inherits her appetite, we might not be able to keep up with making so much food. Well, then again, if it came down to it, I can literally just mind-control animals to come directly to us and be captured. Kinda takes all the fun outta hunting, but survival isn’t really about ‘fun’.

“I wanna keep doing the meditation practice, and maybe some ‘light’ sparring.” I snickered, “You’re not allowed to kick me in the fucking coochie again. Or for that matter, we can’t hit each other in the abdomen either, so we might as well just do some exercises instead. Like, teach me how to use a sword and shield or, oh, holy shit! We have wooden swords and stuff, we can totally have a swordfight!”

“Why are you so excited about kendo?” Chameleon chuckled before taking a few gulps of orange juice and eating another slice of orange raw fish meat.

“Well, maybe not ‘kendo’ specifically, but I used to play around with toy swords as a kid.” I smiled wryly and reminisced out loud, “It’s kinda embarrassing, but we used to make stupid little movies togther. Me, my brother and our friends. We’d just use plastic swords and stuff, wear costumes and beat the living shot outta each other until someone got hurt or our parents noticed… Anyway, the point is that when I got older, I had some real… Well, they were pretty terrible, but they were at least metal swords. However, by that point, no one was interested in ‘playing’ that kinda game anymore, except me. Wooden swords are better though, because we won’t actually hurt each other too bad if we accidentally get hit. Probably.”

“I have a feeling that you’re seriously underestimating how painful it is to get hit by a bokken or other similar practice weapons. We should use some protective gear if we want to have a serious match, but if it’s just sparring or training, then we could do it naked without too much trouble.”

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