BCJ, Chapter 128: Sword Fight

“I’ll be honest with you Ana. Aside from maybe spears, most melee weapons aren’t very useful for hunting.” Chameleon sighed as she brought me to the armory/closet, “Swords and most other common weapons were created for humans to kill other humans. Hmm, as you can see from the paintings, the old ‘Ana’ used to wield all sorts of weapons against various creatures on the island. But that was more for her own enjoyment than any sort of efficiency. She liked to read fantasy novels and watch movies all the time when she was growing up, just like most people…”

“But she had trouble separating fiction from reality, right?” I snickered and shrugged my shoulders, “I think she really might have inherited my genetic memories or some such bullshit. Regardless, I have a sneaking suspicion that sooner or later, I’ll need to know how to use most of these weapons.”

“You think that we’ll have to fight against people in the future?” She was looking at me like I was an idiot, “We have hundreds of guns and close to a million rounds of ammunition. Why would you bother fighting someone with a sword when you can just shoot them?”

“Holy shit, a million rounds… That sounds like a lot?” I couldn’t help but wonder how big Gemini’s fucking armory was, “Well whatever. I’m saying that there will probably come a time in the future, who knows how far off it might be, where I need to know how to use a sword and/or other melee weapons. But more importantly… It’s mostly for fun! Hahah~!”

“Well… That’s essentially the reason why I learned to use them as well.” Chameleon chuckled and then picked out two simple wooden staves. They were just two smooth brown rods, with somewhat rounded ends. Each one was almost a head taller than me, but way shorter than my giant girlfriend. She explained, “These are called Bo Staves. I have some aluminum ones too, if you’d prefer. It hurts about the same if you get hit with either.”

“I don’t mean any disrespect to Bo Staves, but well, they aren’t really that cool. At the very least, I wanted to play around with a sword and a shield or something similar. I do like spears and polearms in general, but right now I’m feeling really swordey?” I giggled and then went through the big pile of ‘training weapons’ that were basically shoved into what looked like an umbrella rack. Hell, there were even umbrellas in there! Not like fancy weapon umbrellas, but the real, regular kind that are only used to block out rain or in Chameleon’s case, probably sunlight.

The real reason I wanted to pick swords over staves was because I wanted to keep my fingers intact. Whether it was those shinai things, which are basically just bamboo or wooden rods with sword grips on the bottom, or bokken that looked like wooden katanas to me, they both had some sort of guard to protect your hands. Once I picked out a cool looking black bokken, I found a protective helmet that fit me. It had thin metal bars across the faceguard part, and on the sides of the head there were black padding that protected the neck/throat.

The fact that there were even protective kendo gear sitting around, made me realize that even that other, crazier Ana still probably needed to wear this shit when ‘playing’ with Chameleon!

“I won’t hit you in the face…” My girlfriend sighed and then put on a large helmet that was able to fit on her head, “With real swords, parrying is better than getting stabbed or cut, but the blade can be damaged pretty easily. If you have a shield, it’s better to block with that than try to parry with your sword. However, if you don’t and dodging or evading is too difficult, just use the sword to block or parry. We can always make more swords, and besides that, we have hundreds of them sitting around. So if you’re actually able to wear them all out, I would be impressed.”

“No kicking or scratching!” I shouted that out as we were standing a few meters away from each other with those wooden samurai swords in our hands, both wearing helmets but completely naked from the neck down.

“I’ll try not to hurt you again Ana, but don’t run and jump all over the place this time.” Chameleon chuckled and then stretched her shoulders a bit, before getting into a simple sword stance. She was basically just holding the sword in front of her with both hands and standing with her legs spread somewhat apart, while I was holding mine more like a baseball bat. And similar to a bat, I dashed over and swung it really hard directly towards the middle of her sword, which she easily blocked, but then moved back slightly and complained: “I didn’t mean to try to break these bokken… We only have a few of them and they’re a pain in the ass to make.”

“Ah, sorry.” I snickered and then stabbed out towards her helmet, which she easily parried to the side while moving out of the way at the same time. Then her sword came gently yet swiftly smacking down onto my left shoulder, “Agh! For fuck’s sake!”

“I didn’t even hit you that hard.” She was smirking as her brown skin was tinted slightly reddish, which either meant that she was angry or embarrassed from what I’ve seen so far.

“Ow! Damn it Eve!” This time she stabbed me in the fucking nipple! So stopped going easy and swiped across her left titty, which… Was a mistake. Because she didn’t cry out in pain or get angry. Instead, she moaned really loudly and then turned pink.

After that she smiled seductively and started going on the offensive without dodging or parrying much, just letting me smack the shit outta her breasts, ass and eventually she just threw away the sword and pushed me down on the mat. I sighed and took her helmet off, then she ripped off mine and we started kissing, which led to fingering, then sixty-nining… Then well, we made another mess that I needed to clean up and had to take another shower.

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