BCJ, Chapter 131: Peaceful Days

I don’t really wanna do a time-skip, but well, planting shit is more mind-numbingly boring than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that bad since I could chat with Chameleon and have really nasty dirty lesbian sex every hour or so. The best part of which was that I didn’t even need to clean up the mess! 

Actually, the sex was the best part, but not cleaning up the mess afterwards just made things much less troublesome. Anyway, the moral of the story is that nothing much happened for the rest of the night aside from that. We decided not to cultivate for a little while to avoid weird side effects that might adversely influence our potential babies.

Speaking of which, after Michael woke up with Gemini, I explained to her: “So yeah, I decided to impregnate myself in order to hopefully create a superhuman version of… Me? Like Michael, specifically, though I guess the odds are actually much higher of getting a second Ana, huh? Well whatever, Ana would be an adorable kid either way. Oh, and I also dug the cum outta my pussy and shoved it into Chameleon’s in a weird lesbian breeding ritual. Which I’m currently about to do again.”

I had already creampied myself again and sent Ana back over to her girlfriend’s house, so I was basically just informing my other girlfriend that I cheated on her with myself and her sister… Yeah, it’s a little complicated when you think too hard about it.

“Pft-hahaha~!” Was Gemini’s response, then after she thought about it more, she told me: “I really hope it’s a boy and looks exactly like you, and you’re also able to control him as another body. That way you can gangbang me later… I’m confident in my ability to handle at least eight cocks, but if we include pussies then the math will get a lot more difficult to calculate. Then there are strapons and toys to make up the numbers if necessary…”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Who doesn’t wanna have all their holes and hands filled? But even if I have ten bodies, I’m not sure if I’d be able to use them at the same time. And if I can’t control them, then are you planning to fuck our own children?”

Gemini smirked at me before smiling wryly, “We were literally designed to avoid the negative consequences of incest. At least physically. Besides, these are just my twisted fantasies. You like incest porn, but would you actually want to have sex with any of your relatives?”

“Nope.” I snickered, “But I do have some pretty attractive cousins, hahaha~! I really try not to think about the fact that Ana is actually my clone-slash-daughter who could literally be my twin sister.”

“That’s a lie.” She smirked at me, “It actually turns you on the more you think about it. But don’t worry, your beautiful ‘Wife’ doesn’t mind your perverted nature. Now go grab some dildos and vibrators…”

Anyway, as you can imagine, the day wasn’t all that productive from that point onward because my horny Goddess Kali couldn’t stop imagining crazy orgies. We even started watching some gangbang porn at some point, not that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, it was me who saved the videos in the first place.

She did help me move the kayaks into the gym downstairs, which was sorta difficult because of the length and her massive body, but fortunately the laundry room was fairly wide. We also moved all the guns and ammo to different locations, no reason to keep it all in the same place after all. There was a walk-in closet in my bedroom that was almost empty, since I don’t really use ‘clothes’. It only really had that bullet proof helmet and shield that I bought, but never needed to use, so I figured that it was a good place to shove a decent amount of ammo. The guns themselves were placed in strategic locations. For example, the .357 magnum single-action revolver was on the nightstand on the left side of the bed, while the .50 caliber semi-auto was on the right side. Along with some spare magazines that were already loaded and speedloaders that were full. The office, with the two desktop computers, was where I kept at least one gun, usually the 9mm or .45 ACP, plus a bunch of magazines. The shotgun was in the kitchen for easy access against backdoor enemies, while the rifle was near the window upstairs near the stairs. The bows and arrows were kept down in the gym, since I wouldn’t really be using them in an emergency situation anyway.

After yet another day with Gemini, basically putting off most of the important shit that we should’ve been doing, I was about to go to sleep with her again when Ana woke up… Then came over to get another dose of baby batter just in case the last two didn’t work. After all, even though I had the resolution to have a kid, it didn’t mean I could ‘feel’ anything thus far. No, maybe that’s not right. I did feel something.

A deep, dark foreboding undercurrent beneath my seemingly blissful and happy life. Angel and Demoness texted or called, but rarely left their own homes. Cicada sent some pictures and videos, which I replied with some of my own. Specifically, some from earlier when I used toys and my dick to fill all of Gemini’s holes. Then EMP told me that Scylla was still recovering, but it would take a while before the tentacle grew back, so she didn’t want to send her back into the ‘wild’ yet. Hence, she asked Ana to drop by and deliver some fresh fish in exchange for milk, eggs and an injured middle-aged piggy that she didn’t think would survive very much longer. Although she was a vegetarian, it didn’t mean that she wanted to waste ‘meat’, but she just didn’t want to see it happen or hear about it. Basically the ostrich approach. Speaking of which, she actually had a few ostriches, which laid some unfertilized eggs that Chameleon wanted.

I wanted to go out at night with Chameleon, but she told me: “No, it’s too dangerous to travel at night. Especially not now that you’re pregnant! I’ll go. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in five or ten minutes at most. I do this all the time.”

Thus, I stayed at home like a worried wife as my girlfriend headed out into the abyssal darkness with ten pounds of assorted raw frozen fish, shrimp and an apple pie. Totally naked. But not unarmed. She had a black backpack that blended in with her obsidian skin, a black belt around her waist with a similarly dark holster and what looked like a carbon-steel revolver on her hip. Its barrel was over a foot long and it only held four huge .60 caliber rifle rounds. Yes, not magnum rounds, but actual rifle rounds, that would probably break a normal person’s wrist if they fired the gun with both hands. Fortunately, my giant girlfriend was way stronger than her skinny frame would suggest. She also had a big black hunting knife on her other hip and a really badass tomahawk, even a scary-looking spear. The spear had a relatively short shaft compared to Chameleon’s height, but it was still longer than I was tall. The scary part was the ‘head’ that was actually three poisoned barbs that reminded me of stingray tails.

Essentially, she was almost invisible in the night visually, but the fish would possibly draw predators, not to mention the food she’d be bringing back with her… So she needed to take precautions just in case.

Was there really nothing I could do but sit around and wait anxiously for the return of my brave girlfriend? Hehe, maybe all I could do before was pray, but now I had a new trick up my sleeve… If I wore sleeves.

“Phew~, I can do this. I’ve trained for… Like a few hours for this very moment!” I went to the meditation room and sat down in the middle with my eyes closed, my legs crossed and my hands interlocked. Yes, I figured out over the past two days that I can actually perform the Yin-Yang Cultivation technique on my own, but the efficiency is abysmally low. It’s like a ten-fold difference from when I do it with Chameleon.

However, as I’ve learned already, the true difficulty isn’t about the Qi or whatever, but the mental aspect. Without enough focus and concentration, it doesn’t matter how much energy I have. Aside from that, I also learned something very important. It’s super easy to see through someone else’s eyes. Especially if they’re someone I’m intimately connected with. I mean, that’s why Gemini has such an easy time spying on everyone, right?

So after learning from her ‘methods’ in between the almost constant sex, I managed to figure out how to activate my power intentionally through using a tiny bit of Qi. It takes a lot of effort to connect with some random animal or person that I’m unfamiliar with, but after spending so much time with Chameleon… Well, three seconds after I started feeling the rush of energy coursing through my body at a steady pace, I could see and hear everything around me change.

I was in the dark jungle with barely any natural light, and everything looked so clear. The sounds of the animals, trees rustling and crashing waves were also much louder. It seemed like Chameleon’s senses were stronger than Ana’s, though that’s not too surprising I guess. The most dramatic difference was the sense of touch. Her skin felt so fucking sensitive that I almost lost my focus as the belt rubbed against her waist, and the straps from the backpack were pressing on her side-boobs. The spear felt light in her right hand and her movements were incredibly quick, to the point where I started to feel a little motion sickness.

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  1. Currently writing like chapter 1010 lol. Sigh, if I wasn’t so worried about there being contradictions in the earlier chapters, I would probably be able to post without editing at all. I can’t remember the last actual ‘error’ I made. Hmmm, there might be sex scenes that have to be censored later on though, I don’t know…


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