BCJ, Chapter 132: Resonance

“Fucking A, can you not jerk your head around so much?!” When I complained out loud, I noticed that she suddenly stopped moving and crouched down. It seemed like she was trying to hear something, but then sighed and shook her head, before continuing onwards.

“Holy shit, can you hear me right now?” I couldn’t help but give it a try. But this time she didn’t react. Or maybe she heard me, but thought it was just her imagination or couldn’t understand what I was saying. After all, if I was sharing her senses, maybe part of my senses were also feeding back to her? Or maybe it was more like ‘feedback’ from a microphone and a speaker?

Either way, I could hear through her ears, yet didn’t notice anything suspicious enough that she would suddenly stop. Regardless, the rest of the trip ended within a few seconds. Honestly, she’s really fucking fast and EMP’s house was only the equivalent of a few blocks away. Given how hard it was to see, hear or even smell Chameleon for most animals, she must not have attracted much attention. Then again, it’s also possible that something much more dangerous and intelligent than a mere wild-cat or wolf was hunting her down… Just kidding.

She reached the gate and used a spare key that she had to unlock it. Once she got inside, she closed and locked the gate. Then she headed over to the shed where Scylla was kept, but as she got closer I could suddenly feel some kinda interference. It made me have a slight headache, but that was all… And then I heard a loud screech coming from inside the shed.

“What’s wrong, Scylla?! Are you okay Honey?!” EMP’s worried voice was coming from inside, so Chameleon quickly opened the huge barn-like door and saw the giant fish-tank near the wall.

“I’m here. What’s going on?” Chameleon announced her presence as I felt my skin crawl, no literally, that’s what it felt like when she suddenly changed her skin color from black to brown. I have no idea why she cares about her appearance so much that she needed to go through that all the time?

“Chameleon!” EMP turned around and shouted, “I don’t know! A few seconds ago Scylla suddenly started holding her head and screaming in pain!”

“Huh, maybe it’s ‘cause of me?” As I said that, something really creepy happened.

The purple octopus-girl immediately stopped crying out in pain and then blankly stared into ‘my’ eyes before blankly saying: “Huh, maybe it’s ‘cause of me?”

“What?!” Both Chameleon and EMP were extremely startled at the same time. Well, so was I, but not to the same extent.

“Woah, this is weird.” The raspy and almost mechanical voice once again repeated what I said, “Umm… Sorry about that guys. It’s me, Ana. I was um, well, kinda-sorta spying on Chameleon and trying to make sure she was safe. I didn’t think it would cause this creepy feed-back loop thing with Scylla. I’ll cut off the connection now…”

“Wait!” Chameleon shouted and then came closer to the semi-conscious woman’s face, before smiling and saying: “I love you Ana. But don’t worry so much. I’ll be home in a few minutes.” Then she blew a kiss towards the glass with a smile on her face, yeah, I could see her reflection in the glass.

“I love you too Eve. Hehe~, and nice to see you again EMP. Talk to you later, bye~!” After that, I giggled and then ended the connection. I could feel that during the short period of time that I was in that weird feedback loop with Scylla, my Qi was draining at a crazy-fast pace. I really didn’t wanna find out what would happen once my Qi ran out during a connection like that.

Anyway, within about fifteen minutes I heard a knock in the back door and quickly unlocked, then opened it. I could ‘feel’ that it was Chameleon by the way. Yeah, I know it might sound silly, but I actually used to have this kinda ‘power’ even as Michael. I could somehow sense when my parents were nearby, and my brother when he lived with me. There were even times when I had visions of my ex girlfriend… Before I ever met her. Okay, so maybe I’ve always had some kinda latent superpower? Maybe everyone does? Then again, sometimes I wondered if I had hydrokinesis, because I used to be able to make the clogged toilet somehow flush by simply thinking about it really hard… Well, the water pressure probably just reached the point where it could push the blockage through on its own, but you get the point. 

There are all sorts of weird supernatural events that we experience all day, every day, and just kinda pass them off as weird anomalies. But once you realize that they aren’t singular events and can happen repeatedly, reliably and frequently… Then you start to understand that things are a bit more complicated than most people are willing to believe.

For example, my mother would pray for parking spots, and she would get them. It sounds silly, but what if she had some Psychic power like mine? Something that would cause people nearby, the ones who were literally parking there, to suddenly decide to go do something and give up their parking spots in front of our house? Or what about when my father would say a word or phrase, and then the person in a commercial or TV show, even the radio would suddenly repeat that same word or phrase right afterwards.

Both of these ‘powers’ are eerily similar to mine. By that, I mean that I experienced the same slightly abnormal phenomena all the fucking time. A lot of people do. It’s actually fairly common. But why the fuck is it fairly common to have supernatural predictive or mental manipulation abilities?!

It really makes you wonder… How much has Infinity already influenced our world? Like, were they the ones that started trying to make us more powerful, or were we originally much much more powerful as a species but were greatly weakened over the generations?

Regardless, Chameleon smiled and then french-kissed me the moment I opened the door. Her skin was already turning from black, to brown, to hot-pink. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was a squealing fat hog in a green wheelbarrow behind her back, I probably would’ve kept going for a while longer.

“The pig has a broken leg that’s pretty badly infected. It hasn’t spread to the rest of the body though, so most of the meat should be fine. Let’s take it upstairs to butcher it. I need your help because it’s nearly eight-hundred pounds.”

“How the fuck are we gonna eat eight hundred pounds of ham?!” I couldn’t help but exclaim as I helpt her to pull the wheelbarrow inside the door. Then I complained, “We should’ve brought it to the front door… Now I gotta clean ugh, nevermind, whatever. I need to stop giving so many fucks or I’m gonna start getting acne from the stress of living with you two!”

She also had a huge ostrich egg, a dozen chicken eggs and a plastic gallon jug of milk in her backpack. Although she was strong, I was still amazed that she managed to pull that fucking wheelbarrow through the jungle so quickly.

“Normally we would just butcher hogs and steer in Gemini’s yard, since it’s much closer, but I can’t do that at night without someone to keep watch.” After she said that, she had me go to the front and pull the front of the wheelbarrow, while she was standing at the bottom and pushing the metal lip part with all her might.

“Damn, don’t get a hernia, holy shit. Why don’t we just do what you said?!” I was almost about to give up after a few steps, but soon enough we were already at the top of the stairs somehow. I yelled, “Shit, hold on!”

Then I reached back and somehow opened the door while still holding the rubber handle with the other hand. It felt like I was really straining myself way too hard. But Chameleon just laughed and did most of the work with her amazing legs.

Finally we got the fucking pig upstairs and squealing into the second floor, which honestly looked more like an enclosed garden. Hell, it actually was. The birds started squawking and making random noises in response to the poor hog’s cries, but we ignored everything and were both panting pretty hard after the crazy workout.

“Next time… I’ll just do this outside.” Chameleon sighed and then asked, “Do you… Want to go downstairs while I handle this part?”

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