BCJ, Chapter 134: Butchery

Honestly, I didn’t feel much of anything, aside from maybe disgust once the piggy was actually dead. There’s a big difference to me between a living and dead creature, even if it’s a human. When something is alive, I can ‘feel’ that it’s a living creature and often has emotions or at least thoughts. Probably due to my power or maybe just my imagination.

Once a person or creature is dead, then there’s nothing. Even if I’m looking at their face. Even if I’m using a knife to slice open their throat, peel their flesh off, shave their hair and skin off, then drain their blood into a bucket… Okay, like I said, it might be gross, especially when it comes to disembowelment and decapitation, but ultimately I didn’t feel bad for the hog. Which to me was the most important aspect, rather than a bit of discomfort or nausea.

“We need to collect the blood in a relatively sterile condition. Some of it can be used for cooking, Demoness likes to drink fresh blood because she thinks it makes her more ‘demonic’, but the most important usage is to create Blood Meal. We gather the blood, then turn it into a powder through boiling or sun drying and eventually it can be used as fertilizer.”

The first thing we did was cut into the hog’s chest, near the heart and drain the blood into multiple buckets over the course of several minutes. She said that normally we would have to kill the pig, then hang it up quickly and drain the blood immediately, but since it was already dead, we weren’t in as much of a rush. The blood flows more easily when the piggy is still twitching and the body is still trying to ‘live’ even though the brain is destroyed by a bullet or whatever.

Anyway, the next step was to put the bloodless pig into a tub of scalding water and let it soak like that for a while, but we couldn’t do that. So we skipped some steps, basically just skinning it with knives and cutting it up into pieces of meat. Chameleon had a big freezer in the basement, but it wasn’t large enough to keep whole pig or cow carcasses. It was more like a walk-in closet to be honest, however, it was much larger than an ordinary freezer either way. At the very least, I noticed a lot of chicken, beef, pork, veal, fish and even snakes or other reptiles that were chopped up into chunks, ribs, haunches or steaks.

And that was basically the whole night. Holy shit does it take a lot of work to butcher a pig! I imagine it’d be even more annoying to deal with a cow, since they generally have more meat. I don’t even know if we’d be able to bring one upstairs if it weighed over a thousand pounds. We’d need Gemini to help at the very least.

By the way, Chameleon wasted almost none of the pig. And I mean that she even kept the head, intestines, heart, lungs, liver, basically she knew a recipe for almost every inch of that hog, even the fucking dick and balls! Of course, she felt a little awkward with the looks I was giving her, so she explained: “Demoness… Has interesting tastes. She thinks that eating the genitals of animals will allow her to absorb their ‘Ki’ and become more powerful. Or at least that’s her excuse. I think it’s more of a fetish to be honest. Everything is a fetish to that girl.”

Then she went on to say, “There are a lot of Asian and European recipes for animal heads, intestines, hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys and even bladders. I can’t claim that I know them all, but Angel made me learn quite a few growing up when she wanted to show off to some internet friends from her father’s country, the Philippines. Though her father is actually from Texas as far as I know and his parents were from Malaysia last I checked. Regardless, Angel is my daughter and if she wants to eat roasted pig heads or intestines to make her feel more ‘cultured’, I’m fine as long as she’s happy.”

Speaking of food, Chameleon ended up making a huge dinner that… ‘morning’? It was almost light out by the time we finished up with the piggy completely, took showers, cleaned the house a bit, had sex and my girlfriend finally finished making her variety of pork-related meals. Some of them, like pigs feet or pork trotters, were a first for me. She made them braised with soy sauce, bay leaves, shitake mushrooms and some other random ingredients that I wasn’t paying attention to… Then there was the honey garlic pork chops, which seemed sorta similar to stuff that I’ve eaten before but way fancier. Sweet and sour pork, that I’ve definitely had before in a Chinese restaurant or take out at least once or twice. Stuffed pork tenderloin, which had loads of really hot peppers inside and burned the shit outta my mouth but overall tasted pretty good. And barbeque pork ribs, which my father made a bunch of times, yet was never anywhere close to as good as Chameleon’s little ‘side dish’. By the way, she made all of these different things practically at the same time.

Eventually she told me, “Ana… I don’t actually memorize hundreds or thousands of recipes. That would be ridiculous. But I have hundreds of thousands of recipes stored on tablets and my phone, and I also have a couple dozen cookbooks just in case. By the way, I’ve written a few cookbooks over the years as well…”

She showed them to me too. But they weren’t typed out or anything like that. She wrote them by hand, in pretty ordinary font, no cursive or anything like that. Hell, she told me that she didn’t even know how to write in cursive, which was unsurprising, since even back when I was in school they had already stopped teaching it for the most part. Then again, Chameleon didn’t really go to school at all. 

There were pictures in the books that were essentially just taken with a camera and printed out, or drawn by hand. By the way, although she claimed that she wasn’t much of an artist, Chameleon was really fucking good at drawing food. To the extent that I suggested, “Maybe you should try illustrating a cooking manga sometime?”

Then she blushed and asked, “Would you be the one writing it then?”

And just like that, we ended up half-assedly agreeing to eventually create a cooking-themed manga together. That was basically the whole night’s events of note. In the morning, I continued my ancient semen sharing ritual by first fucking Ana, then having her shove cum into Chameleon’s pussy. Except this time we also used some toys for the process. And had sex in ‘my’ house, and in my Jacuzzi, so that we didn’t need to really clean up any mess after she squirted all over the fucking place.

Gemini was still sleeping, so we didn’t bother sticking around to say hi. Besides that, we would have to come over soon to do some indoor gardening anyway, since Michael and Gemini were so fucking lazy. Yes, I am blaming my other self and his girlfriend for not being productive enough!

There was one other thing of note though. After Chameleon left, I had Michael fuck Ana one more time. Not just to cum inside her for extra-measure, but rather to get some second-hand magical healing saliva on my dick, so that it wouldn’t get worn out from trying to keep up with Gemini’s crazy sex drive.

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