BCJ, Chapter 136: Blood

Anyway, while I’m sure you’re interested in more of Lioness’ crazy weapons testing, I think we should get to the part you’ve really been waiting for… I’m pregnant.

Yep, I, Anael Iris Angelic Healy-Cinagra, am a single month pregnant. Which might not sound like much for a normal human, but in Eve terms, it’s more like three or four months. It literally feels like I’m bloated all the time and I absolutely hate it. However, because I’m a fucking Eve, I have to keep my mentality and emotions in check at all goddamn times or my body might literally abort this precious little angel that may or may not be a tiny little me.

Gemini on the other hand, still looks exactly the same. Well put it this way, she’s eight feet tall give or take a few inches. Her abdomen is somewhat muscular but not overly ripped. Although she has two digestive systems and a lot of extra organs in there, she still has plenty of space for her uterus to expand without actually bulging at all or gaining any obvious weight.

So how can I tell that Gemini is pregnant then? Well, a few days ago, both my bodies went to sleep at the same time… And I woke up. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I had an eerily familiar feeling. It was the same exact feeling I had way back when our kid was first conceived. It was still unknown whether that had to do with the fact that it was only a fetus, so we still don’t know whether we’ll be having a boy, a girl or a ‘me’. Either way, Gemini’s appetite has only increased lately, for food and sex. To the extent that I need Ana to make special ‘saliva deliveries’ every other day.

Speaking of which, my sunroom is now almost a shade-room due to all the fucking plants near the windows. Whether it’s tomatoes, grape vines or even nuts like pistachios, everything seems to be growing even faster than my babies. Of course, Ana and Chameleon were the ones who actually did all the work…

Hmmm, Chameleon… Well, she’s definitely pregnant too. And honestly it looks like she’s six months already! I know, holy fuck! It’s only been a single month but at this rate, I might be a… ‘mother’? In fifteen days or so. Because of that, I’ve had Lioness come over more and more, in order to help deliver supplies or receive them. I wouldn’t let my very pregnant girlfriend go outside in her condition.

Anyway, aside from giving a status update for the past month, the reason I had to write this down was because of what happened yesterday night.


It was a dark and stormy night when Ana opened her eyes. Okay, it was really dark and stormy out but I obviously couldn’t tell that from the fucking basment. Even the thunder was barely audible. By the way, during a storm we always need to manually open the windows and let all the birds come home, before closing them. Depending on how bad the storm is, we might need to close the windows completely. Fortunately, I was able to get a heads up from Michael, since I was basically awake 24/7. Even if Ana was completely unconscious and too tired to deal with it, I could still unlock the door with Chameleon’s cellphone before passing out again and letting Michael come over to deal with it.

Okay, enough about that. When I opened my eyes and got up to go to the bathroom, I noticed that Chameleon wasn’t laying next to me and figured she was already in there pissing. Fortunately, we had long passed the stage of embarrassment where we were afraid to fart, shit or piss in front of each other. Hell, she would literally drink my piss if I let her, so she definitely didn’t have a problem with me going in the shower when she was on the toilet.

As I entered the bathroom though, I saw something that made me think I was still sleeping. I blinked my eyes a few times, then my face twitched as I grumbled: “This is definitely some kinda weird dream right?!”

“What’s wrong?” The giant human-shaped blood-monster asked me in a casual feminine voice, one which I was very familiar with.

“Chameleon? What the fuck, are you okay?!” I couldn’t help but get really nervous because like I said, it was hard to even say that she was a person at that point. What would you look like if your skin was transparent? Well, muscles, veins and fat mostly. Some bones might be visible, but most would be covered by other things. Now what if all those things were also transparent?!

“I’m fine… Are you okay? Why are you looking at me like that? Didn’t you say I should keep my skin really ‘relaxed’ for the baby?” The monster made of only flowing blood had a stream of urine constantly spraying from beneath it into the toilet bowl. There was even a large bulging belly which protected the baby living inside.

I smiled wryly, “Yeah, I think that maybe you’re a little ‘too’ relaxed… Holy hell, you scared the shit outta me.” I let out a sigh and went into the shower to start pissing, as I turned the water on to start my shower.

“What?! Ana, what’s wrong with me?!” It was only then that she apparently took a good look at her arms, legs, chest and belly. Everything was red. It wasn’t static either but flowing around in various directions. Obviously unlike the urine that had droplets splashing about everywhere, the blood was trapped within her invisible veins, arteries and capillaries.

“I don’t know? Maybe your power leveled up? It could be from our training or maybe a side-effect from the pregnancy?” I started washing my short hair with a tiny drop of shampoo after that. Yep, I got a haircut, or two actually. Also trimmed my armpits, pubic hair and Michael’s beard. I basically have to do that at least once a month anyway.

“Ah?!” She screamed in panic and I noticed that even the blood had started turning transparent as well. Soon enough she was just… Gone. Just kidding. Even if she turned her entire body invisible, there was one thing that she couldn’t hide.

However, the moment it was revealed, I was the one who screamed in shock! I almost fell over from the dizziness and confusion, but hurriedly sat down in the shower and struggled to regain my balance. It felt like Michael suddenly woke up in the middle of the night but was upside down and curled up in a ball, with slimy warm shit covering his body. This, this was way stronger than those short visions I had of Gemini’s baby.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of hot steamy air, then calmed myself down and opened my ‘other’ eyes. Everything was pretty blurry, but I could see light first of all, then colors and then… I could see a white toilet-seat lid that was really distorted. Imagine that there was a person made out of really clear glass. No matter how transparent it was, it would still warp and bend the light in various ways. So I’m not really sure whether being totally transparent would even help you hide yourself. Not to mention that there are certain things in the body aside from the baby, that Chameleon really couldn’t do anything about. For example, her urine in her bladder was still easily visible and very yellow-ish. Maybe if she was less dehydrated it would be clear enough to be less noticeable. There was also water and other fluids all over the place which she had no control over.

“Hah~, I don’t know if I’m happy or sad now.” No, I was definitely crying. It’s only been a month but still, I really, really hoped that at least one of my children would actually be my kids. You know? There’s just something really… Depressing about your own child ending up as another avatar of yourself. You can’t teach them anything, you can watch them grow up but it’s not the same, and ultimately it’s more like suddenly growing a new limb. Like cool, yay, I have three arms now, but maybe I’d rather have someone to love and care for instead?!

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying Ana? Look, I’m fine! It just takes a little bit more effort for me to, ugh, get back to ‘normal’ though.” My vision darkened as Ana opened her eyes and watched blood, muscle, fat and eventually skin appear around those worried pupils that had been floating in mid-air previously. Her skin turned from pale white to dark-brown, before distorting into blue due to her emotions.

“No, I just… Ah, fuck! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Eve! I didn’t think I would be this upset when I found out for sure… Agh… Fuck.” The more I talked, the more I cried and the hot water pouring on my body didn’t help the situation much.

It seemed like she was confused for a moment, but then smiled gently, got up off the toilet and came into the shower. As she squatted down in front of me and blocked the water with her back, I reached up and hugged her tightly before crying a lot harder than before. I’m… A real person.

I’m a mother who found out that one of her children that she was really looking forward to meeting… Isn’t real. And I’m the reason. Not because of what I did or didn’t do. Simply because of biology. Because of my genetics. But what hurt me more than knowing that it’s my fault that our kid wouldn’t be born, is that the woman carrying that child just whispered: “It’s okay Ana. I’ll always love you. We can always try again.”

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