I Haven’t Posted in a While…

I’m really tempted to write a Fanfic about Pokemon. Maybe I’ll call it… Pokemon Smash or Pass?

Like, a long time ago, I was gonna write a story ‘similar’ to pokemon, but make up my own ‘Demons’ instead of pokemon and avoid copyright stuff.
But I mean, I can still do that, but what I wanna write in the Fanfic probably wouldn’t make me money anyway roflmao.
Like the protagonist’s goals are to capture and ‘breed’ with a lot of Legendary or Mythical Pokemon…
Which will make him essentially the enemy of the world, especially since his ultimate goal is Pokemon God/Goddess Arceus lol.
It would be a typical reincarnation style story though, where the MC is just some perverted bastard(Like me or you) who is actually reincarnated, not the stupid bullshit in Chinese stories where they possess some corpse or random person, then take over their life like it’s normal.
I also wanna go into detail and depths about the Pokemon breeding process, which has never really been explained properly.
One of the main things is the fact that humans are also Pokemon.
People lay eggs and are hatched from eggs like pokemon, instead of being born normally.
The MC grows up in a weird village of like 10 ‘people’…
All the people have strange beady black eyes and weird, dull expressions…
They can speak, but only say one word: “Ditto~!”

Is the MC actually a Ditto-Human Hybrid? Why do only the female Pokemon decide most of the genetics, while the males only have the ability to give certain stats and abilities? Do Pokemon even have genitals? I know from the comics that they do excrete, so they must have anuses or at least cloacas like birds or reptiles. There are just so many mysteries of Pokemon biology that I would love to explore in detail…

Of course, the main thing is that after writing 1100 chapters of the current story and reading a bunch of Pokemon fanfics, playing some random games like Pokemon Reborn/Xenoverse, I can’t help feeling a little interested. I also like Temtem, but it’s nowhere near as popular as a behemoth like Pokemon and there’s really nothing spectacular in the story to write about for a Fanfiction. The Pokemon story has a lot of neat stuff and events though. Basically every single Legendary Pokemon or Mythical has a pretty interesting story.

At least, in all the Pokemon fanfics I’ve read so far, the MC hasn’t had sex with a Pokemon yet, which is disappointing. Even the one where the MC is literally a Ditto and the love interest is a half-human, half-Ralts/Kirilia/Gardevoir Legendary Pokemon, they never actually did anything together after hundreds of chapters.

As for hentai… Lmao, Hentai has everything you want and everything you don’t want, but the actual story of a hentai isn’t very interesting for the most part.

Anyway, I should really stop procrastinating and just go through, edit and post the 1000 chapters of BCJ I’ve written lately. I’m kinda afraid they’ll disappear one day if I only have them in Google Drive.

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