I Wrote A Fanfiction?

Another Summoner Story

So yeah, I was getting kinda burnt out after writing 1100 chapters of Bloodline Cultivation Journal, but instead of… You know, editing and posting that story, I ended up Binge Writing for the first time in a long time.

What is ‘Binge Writing’? Well, it’s when you get super into a story you’re writing and then… Just write for like hours on end. Somehow I ended up writing nearly 600 chapters of this new story within only a few months. Of course, it helps that it’s a Fanfiction, so maybe that’s why? But even then, I noticed that Fanfictions are actually pretty hard to write.

How are Fanfictions hard to write? Because you have to use a bunch of characters, settings and other shit that already exists in one way or another. Although you can obviously make changes and interpretations to a lot of things, you still need to do a shit-ton of research. I’ve read like thousands of Fanfictions in the past few years.

I find it interesting for some reason. Reading through these other versions of a story I already know and understand to a certain extent. This Fanfiction of mine is… Well, if you’ve read my other stories, you understand my writing style to a certain extent. I never really hold back on the fucked up shit.

Fucked up shit is everywhere. Whether we like it or not. In order to avoid trouble, because I don’t want to ‘taint’ my website with Fanfictions, I won’t be posting it on WordPress. If you wanna read, go to the link and have fun.

The chapters are all in the form of ‘Volumes’, in single Word Documents. It’s pretty half-assed, but I couldn’t figure out how to copy-paste entire folders, so I gave up. You don’t need ‘chapter titles’ and ‘chapter numbers’ to keep track of shit, right? If you’re anything like me, then you can binge through 600 chapters in a few days anyway. Maybe this will be even easier for you to read, since you don’t need to hit ‘next page’ or whatever. Just keep scrolling down for hundreds of pages per document. Fun times.

Okay, I’m gonna go back to Binge Writing now. I’m still alive though. Maybe a little insane, but I’m a writer. What do you expect?

Also, I named it Another Summoner Story, so that the Tag would be ASS. And yes, there will be ass.

I tried to go through and not add too many ‘Stories’ into the mix at once. I feel like that’s one the biggest issues with a lot of Fanfics. They try to mash DC and Marvel together, which makes no sense. Or they just pick random things from various fictional universes and you can’t even keep track of everything.

I started out simple, but slowly got more complicated over time. Maybe I went a little overboard, but hey, there are like 600 chapters thus far and I’m not stopping until I burn myself out again.

Read at your own risk. It’s dark and disturbing in so many ways.

4 thoughts on “I Wrote A Fanfiction?

    • Which one? ASS or BCJ? I’m on like chapter 669 of ASS now lol. I’m still writing it, but I only copy-paste the ‘Volume’ Doc when the Volume is done. Each Volume is exactly 40 chapters. So Volume 17 still has about 10 chapters left. I started playing WoW Dragonflight the other day, so my writing speed has slowed down a lot lol.


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