The Author’s Note at the End of Voracity’s Final Volume

I think this is actually the end of Voracity. Of course, by that I don’t mean the end of the character, just that this series should end here. I originally planning to have the series go for like 9 or more volumes, but that’s kinda overkill. After all, the story basically follows Jake and Voracity.

In case you haven’t noticed after reading this far, everything that happens is within Jake or Vora’s perception. Is Tori actually just a part of Jake? What about Chastity? Or even Terror and Bunny? There are a lot of mysteries, but they can’t be solved very easily.

Bloodline Cultivation Journal is actually deeply connected to this story. Whether it’s a prequel, sequel or parallel story is debatable, since with parallel universes, chronology is often confusing.

I probably could have written a whole other chapter after 240, but I had to cut myself off. Otherwise I might end up making a whole 7th volume. BCJ was about 1100 chapters when I stopped writing it. After that was a 677 chapter Fanfiction that will probably never see the light of day, because I’m afraid of being sued for copyright bullshit. BCJ is also… Complicated.

The problem with BCJ is that it has a ton of sex scenes. It was originally just going to be Smut. But then I ended up adding in a bunch of eldritch horrors, parallel universes, time travel nonsense, way too many characters which were almost all very important and detailed… It was the longest story I’ve ever written, but I never posted most of it because I was too lazy to edit/censor it.

Yes, Censor, because there are things in that story that even I feel a bit uncomfortable with writing or posting. Sometimes you just have these awesome ideas or wanna be a bit too realistic, but then later you realize that you’re not George RR Martin and might not be able to get away with it.

One issue that really bothers me is the concept of ‘age’. We have all these rules and laws based on human age, which is fine, for actual real-life humans. I’m not talking about reality. I’m talking about sci-fi and fantasy.

For example, if you have a ‘Pixie’ in BCJ, which later in the story and under certain conditions can be hatched, then grow to adulthood within a single day… They even have genetic memories, telepathy and can basically have the mentality/experiences of a 20-100 year old human or beyond within a few days. So is it okay to consider them adults?

If a person has a disease or deformity, or maybe their ‘species’ just looks childish from a human standpoint, does that mean they aren’t allowed to reproduce or have relationships? Maybe in human society it might be strange, but in their society, with their race all looking the way they do, wouldn’t normal humans look like mutants or freaks to them?

These are the kinds of ideas I like to play with in my stories, but I usually take it way too far. Sometimes it’s funny or interesting, while other times it’s just something that would probably get me in trouble if people still read my stories… So that’s why I haven’t posted the rest of BCJ.

The reason why I decided to end Voracity now is because I started having ‘visions’ of my next story. Inspiration for what might be my first story that might be considered ‘mainstream’, ever. The Diary of Destiny King was the only story I’ve written which could be considered ‘Safe for Work’, but it never did very well. I was also working on Immortal Soul and some other stuff around that time, so I never got around to writing The Diary of a Young Kitsune.

Honestly, I write stories a lot of times under the hopes that someday, I’ll be able to finish them or someone else will finish them for me. It’s really not that farfetched either. If someone bought the rights to The Diary of Destiny King and wanted to make a movie or TV Show out of it, they might want me to advise them on The Diary of a Young Kitsune later. This is the kinda shit that George RR Martin, JK Rowling and other famous authors went through. It happened to them pretty suddenly and that’s just kinda how it goes sometimes.

Of course, TDoDK wasn’t that popular and it might not be in the future, but it’s by far the least ‘offensive’ or ‘NSFW’. It was an adventure story about a young woman who was selected by a mysterious transdimensional organization to undertake some trials and become a member of the Kitsune.

It had so few sales that I didn’t even meet the minimum amount of royalties necessary to ‘cash out’ in Kindle. At least that’s the reason I remember. Maybe it also had something to do with having to use a real ID, which I didn’t have at the time, or some other nonsense. It’s been too long and I can’t remember. The point is that you can actually buy a huge book if you want or an EPUB of the story, or just read it for free on this site.

I remember the process of getting my mother to paint that cover, then having my cousin do something… Uh, okay, I can’t remember what she did exactly, but I needed her help for some reason. There was also a lot of editing and formatting involved. It was way more time consuming and exhausting to self-publish TDoDK than it was to write the entire thing. And that was a relatively long book. If it was in my current standards, it would actually be 2-3 books.

I’ve thought about publishing Voracity a lot through the process of writing. I even had/have ideas for the covers of all 6 volumes. It doesn’t even have to be that complicated either. The problem is that my 70 year old mother doesn’t really have time to paint that often and even if she did, she’d probably work on something else.

My art skills are… Subpar. My talent is pretty good. After not drawing anything since I was a literal child, my first drawing of a peacock was pretty good. I just got tired and bored, so I didn’t put too much effort into it. Later, when I was really into Voracity and in love with the cute little Orca Tori, I started drawing Orcas. Then an Orca Dragon similar to Tori’s final form in the story, but the quality is obviously not good enough for a book cover.

In the time it would take me to learn how to draw/paint, I could write 50 or even a 100 books. That’s not even a joke. If you consider 30-40 chapters a book, then I’ve written hundreds of books in the past 9 years. In my most intense moments, I could burst-write 677 chapters in 3 months. 3 months! I literally did nothing but write during those 3 months, but that’s still insane.

WoW Dragonflight knocked me out of my Fanfiction phase though and got me started on Voracity. Now it’s already been what? 6 months? So 6 books in 6 months, that’s pretty average. That’s only a little more than a chapter per day.

Speaking of which, I completed my first ever M+17 earlier today, somewhere in between writing chapter 238 and 240. It was so brutal and intense. Took a whole hour and a thousand gold in repair bills, but I still finished it. I got 52 gold from the chest at the end. Next week though, I’ll get a 441 piece of gear from the vault. It’s only a matter of time.

That’s kinda how I feel about Voracity. 6 whole books and I probably had less than 52 views. Of course, it didn’t help that I crammed everything into only 6 pages because of laziness. But… I feel that if the story is really that popular, then I don’t need to spread it out into 240 different posts. If it’s not popular, then it’s just the difference between 6 views and about a thousand at most. The amount of money I’ll make is still 0. The emotional reward is also about the same. Maybe a little better than 0, because there might be 1 person who reads all this and leaves comment.

However, in the future… Maybe not a week. Maybe not even a year. Someday in the future though, I honestly believe that Voracity will become really popular. It’s honestly the closest to ‘mainstream’ I’ve ever gotten. Even Immortal Soul was really niche and gained most of its popularity due to other factors, mostly luck, timing and advertisement.

Hardcore OP-ness was an actual masterpiece and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to replicate that kinda ‘comedy’ again. I was 23 and now I’m 31, things just ain’t the same. I wasn’t nearly as good at writing as I am now, but when you can go back and read your own crazy story, then laugh at the jokes… Hmmm, well, to be fair, it’s probably because I can’t remember any of that shit anymore. It’s almost like reading something someone else wrote for the first time with a bit of deja vu in the mix.

Anyway, this is the end of the Author’s Note…

By the way, there will definitely be a continuation of Voracity. Sooner or later. It’s just that the time period will be hundreds, maybe even thousands of years in the future. I originally was going to turn the story into a hard sci-fi solar system exploration and colonization story. But I eventually ended up going in the opposite direction. Well, not really.

The future hundreds, maybe even a thousand years from ‘now’ will likely be a world of swords and magic. The typical fantasy trope bullshit story. Maybe closer to Game of Thrones, with many kingdoms competing for petty fiefs, property, political power, honor, maybe even magical artifacts.

The problem is that I don’t think I could write a story like that. At least not now. Maybe later. I’ve laid the groundwork though. Hell, maybe someone will wanna make a video game with Voracity as the background story?

Aside from the swords and magic, there’s also the Endless Hope Organization that hasn’t been destroyed yet. Although they’d obviously be in a long downturn, after many generations of humans and AI alike, their technological capabilities will become pretty scary. At the very least, they will eventually become a spacefaring civilization. Especially with the help of the extremely advanced biological organisms on Earth. A lot of things we find extremely difficult to overcome with modern technology, would be super easy and barely an inconvenience.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Gotta go to sleep. It’s like 9:50 AM and I woke up at… Uh, maybe 4 PM yesterday?


6 thoughts on “The Author’s Note at the End of Voracity’s Final Volume

  1. Look man. I know you are a bit scared about publishing a fanfic due yo copyright issues but let me tell you that you don’t have yo worry about such things. If you are really scared you can always publish them on one of the least restricting NSFW fanfic( and Original story) site called

    I really loved your more “realistic” focus and it would be shame if you try to “sanitize” some of the stuff.

    I know I’m asking for too much by having you publish stuff on a completely different site but trust me

    I’ve seen lots of weird stuff on and have not seen them taken down

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks lol. Yeah, honestly, it’s not ‘everything’ you gotta worry about. But anything related to Nintendo and similar companies is a minefield. I’ve seen plenty of Pokemon fanfics and obviously NSFW stuff, but it all depends on the circumstances. For example, Chinese author’s give zero fucks because for the most part, they can get away with all kinds of blatant copyright infringement and even make tons of money on it. Meanwhile, they’re afraid to even say their own country’s name or even other country names are often censored heavily. Not to mention that 99% of Chinese stories aren’t allowed to have any actual sex scenes.

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