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60 thoughts on “Donations

  1. hey just wanted to ask where do you get the most out of the donations? here or at patreon ? I dont like it if i donate like 10 bucks but the only half of the money goes to you. I already bought your stuff at tapas, but only 1/3 of that is for you ? i guess? so tipping on tapas is not the most efficient way. Keep up the good work, i really enjoy you stuff.

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    • Yeah, for Tapas it’s more along the lines of a product being sold lol. Whereas if you just want to donate, I’ll get it immediately if it’s Paypal Donations, or I’ll get it at the end of the month if it’s Patreon. I’ll get notified that you donated from either Patreon or Paypal though. I don’t think either one takes much of a cut? I’m not sure. It might be significant when you get up into the thousands, but since my Patreon has like 30 dollars, I’ll definitely notice lmfao.


      • Yeah, I’ve always found direct donations simpler, but a lot of people like Patreon too lol. Also thank you for the donation, even though I already said it in the email, but well, I’m really thankful 🙂


  2. Hi! Since the last post is from 2017, I was wondering if it’s still the case that one gets access to your Google Drive folder when donating 10$? Thanks for your reply 🙂

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    • I removed that, since the value of the stories you’d be able to read was way higher than 10 dollars(Immortal Soul, The Diary of Destiny King) but… Well, if you consider that I only get a fraction of what people pay to read those stories on Tapas… Anyway, I’ve officially removed it, but unofficially, if someone donates 10 dollars or more, I would still give them access lol.


      • Thanks for your fast reply 🙂 That’s good to know and I won’t let Tapas know ;D I hope my 20$ reach you soon! 🙂
        I actually always wondered about that, how much of the money actually goes to you as the creator? If you don’t mind me asking and are actually allowed to talk about that….

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      • Thanks and sorry for being so slow, I just woke up a few minutes ago lol. Yeah, about 1/3rd goes to the creators, a third goes to Tapas and a third goes to something else? It’s still worth it though lol. But it’s why I let the people who donated(Over 10 dollars) have access to my secret stash 😛


      • Don’t feel bad for not being in the same time zone 😂 And that was really fast 😉
        Well, 1/3 is less than I thought, but I guess it’s better than nothing..

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  5. ok even though like I want to donate right now,
    it’s unfortunately not possible… Can’t expect a high
    schooler to have a credit or debit card or shit Well the thing is firstly imma likin the story very
    much, not like those random ransom shit novels(15
    year old kid bored of life lol). So I really appreciate
    your work and don’t want to just do the
    communism. Before donating the money, a small
    thing to confirm.. Will I have to like donate 10$ per month to get
    early access for the chapters or its like 1 time
    donation? (stupid 15 yr old) And can most probably donate next month
    extremely sorry for delay but u know exams

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    • The wait for new chapters was to much. You should think about getting the chapters on the website with a login or something so you get more hits for the people reading ahead.

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      • I just woke up and shared the folder with you… Well, I would do that, but it’d kinda defeat the point. Like, the chapters in the google doc that haven’t been named yet are unedited. If I posted them onto the site with a login(Which I don’t know how to do lol) then I’d have to edit them first or it would get really complicated… Either way, it would take time away from writing :(.


  8. Tried donating multiple times but every time paypal declines my card, theres absolutely nothing wrong with my card or the information. Sucks, I really did want to read the extra chapters ahead of time too…

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      • It’s 7:45 am here lol. Well, I think I woke up at like 4:45 pm though… so I’ve been up for 15 hours :(. Finished writing chapter 261 a few hours ago, and should probably have gone to sleep, but I started reading the BTTH manhwa lol. Ugh, it’s not ‘bad’, but not as good as the WN. There’s a lot of things that I feel like might be mistranslated, because they just seem kinda weird lol.


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