Songs and Poems

I don’t always write songs and poems, but when I do, I usually put the lyrics in my stories. Most of the time I make the song to fit the situation, but occasionally, I just find an old one and convert it into dialogue.

However, in the interest of whoever is interested in this, I decided to make this page so that it’s easier to find the musical posts. I’ve written dozens of songs in my teenage years, but only a handful in my twenties so far… Anyway, I’ll put the links below.

Death is Only an Illusion: A song about Michael and Helel, probably. Either that or Luke and Iris. Maybe Michael and Iris. I’d say Bunny and Butter, but ugh, I can’t imagine either of them ever singing… well. Uh, if you’re reading this ‘Bunny’ and ‘Butter’, I’m not saying you’re bad ‘now’. It’s just that I’ve only ever heard you guys sing when you were drunk. At least I hope you were drunk.