SDC V1, Chapter 18: ‘Salad’

As Michael, I stood up and carefully walked between the back of the office chair and the edge of my floppy bed. Making sure not to touch anything. Then I took my shirt off, handed it to Ana, who crumpled it up and placed it on the metal chair. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 16: OCD vs Laziness

As my OCD progressed, I became less lazy in a lot of ways. For example, once we finally got a new dishwasher, I didn’t want my parents to do it anymore. I was still way too lazy to do the washing part of dealing with clothes, but I always took my own clothes out of the dryer. Aside from wanting to help out my parents, I also didn’t want them to touch stuff I would need to wear or eat out of… Obviously I would still wash off dishes and utensils before I used them, since you never know whether there will still be soap or other stuff on them. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 15: Open-Minded

I accepted my situation because I was open-minded. I didn’t prescribe to the Mainstream Faith. By that, I didn’t mean the Media, because even back in 2019, almost nobody still trusted that bullshit. No, I’m talking about those people who believe so strongly in whatever the mainstream science and history ‘experts’ told them, that they would think you’re an idiot for considering it possible that the Pyramids weren’t created by a bunch of random human slaves. Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 14: Sex Drive

I resisted the urge to try kissing myself, since it was pointless, and left the bathroom. Although I could go into great detail about how I walked on the balls of my feet, only touched things with specific hands and explain every little weird thing I did on the way out… I don’t have that kind of time. Besides, it’s pretty redundant at this point. Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 13: Dreams

“So yeah, I had a creepy dream about being experimented on. Doesn’t really prove much… But if I was the seventy-seventh person, there might be lots of other people out there who suddenly woke up with a complete stranger in their bed. Maybe I can find one of them that was stupid enough to make a forum post somewhere and talk about their experiences so far?” Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 12: X

Ana pushed down on the lid with her right hand, closing it with a popping noise, before running over to the sink and washing her hands again. Then she walked over to the kitchen table and picked up that big red mug by its black handle, before drinking a bit from the straw. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 10: Pasta

I’ve made pasta more times than I can even remember. For spaghetti, linguine, angel hair, fettuccine and all those ‘long noodles’, I needed to use the big fucking stainless steel pot. That’s why I usually made ziti, penne, shells, curlies and all the relatively small types. It still required a decent sized pot for a pound, but we had a few of them that normally sat on the stove at all times. Continue reading