The Map of Alfirin

This is a map of the Alfirin continent.

You can click on it to zoom in.

This map was created by B.H. Wong.

This map was created by B.H. Wong.

The diameter of Lorthon Forest is 2000 miles, or about 3200 kilometers.  The order of the the rings goes from outer to inner.  The first, second, and third rings are each 200 miles thick, the fourth is only 100 miles, then The Eye of Lorthon is roughly 600 miles in diameter.

The underground tunnel that runs along the first ring, from Black Mithril to White Mithril, is approximately 3000 miles long.  The size of the lands and kingdoms surrounding Lorthon Forest, is scaled properly, but the sizes of the cities, villages, and some of the rivers, aren’t.

The triangular shapes of White Mithril, Black Mithril, and Angren are actually pointing south in the story.  However, the triangular pyramids at the center of those cities are all facing northward.

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