HCOP Is Being Translated

So yeah, I haven’t posted anything on here for a while because… Well, I have other things going on lately lol. Might have accidentally wrote a book or two… Been debating whether to keep the second Epilogue of HCOP or not for months now lol. Then there was a dentist appointment… Probably some other stuff happened, but I just can’t remember roflmao.


Anyway, I’m at a nexus point where a lot of my stories are kinda intertwined. So I don’t want to post anything, because that’ll make it ‘permanent’ in a sense. For the moment, I still need to deal with various things. Also, editing is a pain in the ass and I’m probably going to start writing “Immortal Soul” again soon, since Tapas is almost caught up with where I left off a few years ago.

I still have a few books that I haven’t posted yet, like volume 2 and 3 of TDD. But I just haven’t gotten around to editing them and like I said, I have a bunch of stories tied together, so I need to make sure that there aren’t any glaring plotholes or errors before I start posting them into existence lol.


HCOP Book 2, Chapter 98: Rated PG

Author’s Note

Yeah, this chapter is most certainly not rated PG… Just need to clarify that lmao. Anyway, it’s been a while since I edited and posted a chapter of “Hardcore Legacies”. There’s still like 8 more chapters left before the posted chapters get caught up with the written ones. Although that will change once I get back to writing the new chapters.


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HCOP Book 2, Chapter 96: The Hard Way

Author’s Note

After writing “Chaotica’s Coliseum” I kinda felt conflicted while editing/reading this chapter… Also, if you read any of “The Dao of Eros”, then you might have some ‘insights’ into various characters. Anyway, here’s a fighting song that I think is kind of appropriate lol. Well, it’s a playlist, so there’s like 143 other songs on there too.

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Okay, here’s the thing about freedom of speech. I don’t have any obligation to read or care about overly negative comments. Every author learns this eventually, I figured it out a few years ago, but there’s a huge difference between helpful criticism and trolling. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 29: Eye Problems

Resistance was futile, but they sure as hell tried their hardest. It didn’t really matter though, because their only Experts were already gone and they were trapped. I was pretty woozy from all the blood oozing out of my left eye socket, so I decided to stop worrying about the battle and take a little nap. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 28: The Expert Stage

I don’t even know how many times Di told me “Ya ain’t gotta worry bout no weapons or armor! True power comes from yer own damn body! Don’t waste yer time foolin round with them fuckin fancy-ass swords or sabers, just focus on getting stronger! It don’t matter how amazing yer gear is, if yer facing off against an Expert when you’re only a shitty Apprentice! You’d definitely die without even having the chance ta fight back!” Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 27: Firepower

Admiral Wang Yong was on the same level of beefiness and size as Captain Hua Li. The difference in gender really didn’t mean shit when it came to hardcore bodybuilders, also known as Cultivators. Size didn’t always mean strength, obviously, but it did help to a certain extent. Continue reading