HCL Epilogue 2: Save the Worst for Last

Of course, nothing lasts forever and information can never truly be deleted. Forgotten memories will eventually resurface, given enough time. However, each of the seven fragments of ‘Minari’ were able to remember different events. It was rare for their experiences to intersect. Continue reading


OtE Prologue: Michael

Humanity has fallen. We all knew that this would happen eventually. There is no escaping from fate. But I refuse to submit! I will not die! I am an ancient immortal… Though I may have been incubating within this pathetic human form for the past twenty-seven years, I am finally freed from the shackles of society’s foolish constraints! Continue reading

HCL Chapter 120: Unwanted Salvation

“Hardcore Legacies, festering slowly, like a disease! I thought it’d be a quick vacation, but it turned out to be, Eternal Damnation! Hardcore Legacies~, gets under your skin, like demonic fleas~! I thought it might be fun to see, a happy reunion with my family~!” Continue reading

Hardcore Legacies

I didn’t really feel like re-writing or just copy-pasting the post I just made on FB, so I decided to do this instead roflmao. Continue reading

TDD V1 Epilogue 1: Captain Angelos

*Author’s Note*

Welp, this is the end of Volume 1 of “Tower Defense Deities”. I mean, Epilogue 2 is going to be posted shortly after this one, but that’s the end of volume 1. I’ve written all of volume 2 already, just haven’t edited it yet. I still have volume 3 of “The Dao of Eros” that needs to be edited and posted too, so I might start doing that one next. I don’t really know. Right now I’m binge-reading “Release that Witch” and getting annoyed at how similar a lot of things in TDD are to it… But overall, it’s still pretty different lol. Continue reading

Incoming Chapters of TDD

I’m not totally sure how I’ll be posting them exactly. Regardless, these next two chapters are pretty damn long, so it will probably be quite a few posts. So prepare to see a lot of notifications lol.

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HCOP Book 2, Chapter 95: Anael

“Aahh~! Stop~! Please~! Stop~! Just kill me~! Let me die~!” A high-pitched voice was screeching loudly and reverberating throughout an enormous palace. Continue reading

TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 4-6

Part 4: Henry Lucas

“Do you think that just because you’re the biggest and strongest boy in the village that you can fight off an army by yourself?! Aside from you, who else is there?! All the capable hunters either left with their families during the summer or decided to join those devils!” Continue reading

TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 1-3

Author’s Note

This isn’t really a disclaimer, since there was already one of those on the Table of Contents page… However, I’ll let you know ahead of time, that there’s a decent amount of sex in this story. It isn’t very graphic though. At least not by my standards.

Anyway, I figured that since it was Valentine’s Day, it would be nice to post it roflmao.

By the way, just like last time, I’m going to be lazy… I’ll post the chapter parts in chunks of 1500-2000+. There will still be a decent amount of posts though, since I’m posting 2 giant chapters in a row.

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