HCOP Book 2, Chapter 80: Having Fun

Sarah grumbled “Mike, shut the fuck up and pay attention, this is really important… kinda. So I was chillin in Chinatown, just minding my own damn business, eating monkey brains and shit like that, when this asshole shows up. Like, he was some sorta big-shot or something. The fat bastard told me that ‘Blacks’ weren’t allowed in that neighborhood… I didn’t really get it though, I made my ears and height look human-ish enough, but they still figured out that I wasn’t the same as everyone else.” Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 79: Morality

The tiny dryad argued “I agree with Miguel… It is irresponsible and irrational to resurrect this infant. If its soul was still attached to its body, I could understand, but this child is already deceased. At the most, we should give her a proper burial.” Continue reading

HCOP Book 2, Chapter 78: Experimentation

“Oh yeah~, that reminds me! What exactly ‘are’ Legacies anyway? I get what Artifacts are, but I just can’t really understand what the difference between my gear and the stuff that those guys have is?” Michael transformed from a wisp, into an actual physical body. It was one of Sarah’s Ghouls, and six-inches shorter than his Nephilim form. Continue reading

Chapter 71: Taking Turns

After three hours of surprisingly serious work, Jasmine managed to totally transform the previously mundane AK-47. The wooden parts had changed from reddish-orange, to light-gold and the dark-grey steel had become as reflective as chrome plating. Continue reading

Chapter 70: Jasmine’s Birthday

“Nyahahaha~! So~ yummy~!” A totally naked, one-meter tall cat-girl was happily rocking back and forth on a hammock, with a tub of eel flavored iced cream resting on her belly. Her black-furred tail was wiggling around between her legs and her surprisingly large breasts were jiggling incessantly every time she moved. Continue reading

Chapter 66: Companions Share Everything

The decontamination procedure had three steps. First, there was an exterior nanite cleansing, which typically only purified the air and the outside of clothing or equipment. Inari did inhale some of it, but her own immune system was able to break down and destroy the microscopic robots before the second part began. Continue reading

Chapter 64: The Last of Humanity

Even before Arcana’s little game, Antarctica wasn’t totally lifeless or desolate. However, nearly all of the animals that existed on the frozen continent tended to stay near the ocean, upon the shores. Continue reading

Chapter 63: Antarctic Wildlife

While his former ‘friends’ were planning his demise, Michael was casually riding a snowmobile through the Antarctic tundra. It wasn’t until three hours into his leisurely ‘drive’ that he finally muttered “Oh yeah, I should probably look at a map or something… I have no fucking clue where I’m going and it all just looks like generic frozen wasteland to me? Aren’t there supposed to be like, penguins and polar bears or something?” Continue reading

Chapter 59: Three-Way

Within an enormous jungle filled with bio-luminescent plants, an excited howl rang out, along with a myriad of gunshots. “Nyahahaha~, die~, die for me~ Foxy~!” A high-pitched, child-like voice was screaming amidst the explosions. Continue reading