Chapter 262: JJ’s House

Michael and Jasmine had certainly caused a lot of trouble, but with Darius’ connections in the police department, and among the various casinos involved, he managed to smooth things out. In fact, when the two Greater Angels came through the Gateway of Light, they went on a rampage and murdered over three-hundred soldiers who were guarding the Nexus.

Thus, the whole situation was somehow spun as the two ‘Heroes of Fort Resilience’, defending Nekoshire from the evil invaders. It wasn’t that people had completely forgotten about the ‘thieving’ incident, they simply didn’t care.

‘Officially’, there wasn’t even a single person in the town who could fight against Michael, so no one wanted to press the issue. Fifteen obsidian was an astronomical sum for most nations, but in The Dwarven Republic, that was the general cost of a single police, news or medical helicopter. Jasmine’s property value was roughly one-million gold or one-hundred white jade.

Minimum wage was roughly eight gold per hour, though after income tax, a person working at a job like that, would barely be able to pay their bills every month. The price of living in Nekoshire was so high, that the majority of the population was struggling to make ends meet, and many people were homeless.

If they truly wished, it was possible to take ten or fifty gold and leave, becoming incredibly wealthy in a much less developed zone. However, without personal power, being ‘rich’ in a less ‘civilized’ country, would usually just lead to an early death.


After a few trips back and forth, Michael had moved hundreds of miscellaneous stuffed animals, an enormous collection of figurines, dozens of cameras, a few empty safes and plenty of miscellaneous ‘junk’ that Jasmine had collected over the years. Most furniture was left behind, since it was either ruined by overuse or cats and nearly all of the appliances were vastly inferior, compared to what their Player-Home was capable of creating.

Finally, the two of them made it to the two-car garage, which wasn’t actually connected to the house, but at the end of her back-yard. When they walked inside, the little girl flipped a switch and turned the lights on, yelling “Nyahahahaha~! Mommy’s home~! Have you missed me, my precious babies?!”

He sighed, muttering “So basically, you consider every inanimate object of sentimental value as your child?” The ‘Nyan-Master 5000’ was a fairly large, hot-pink, street-sport motorcycle, which was big enough that Michael could potentially ride on the back, even in his ‘normal’ size. It was worth at least one-hundred thousand gold. Of course, rather than gasoline, it ran on mana. The engine would essentially just use ‘Earth Manipulation’ to spin the wheels; with a single copper coin, it could travel a few thousand miles before needing more fuel.

She also had a bright-blue magical scooter, a neon-orange golf cart, a black snowmobile, a jet-ski and a silver four-wheel all-terrain vehicle. “Hmmm~, I’ve honestly never ridden any of these kinds of things before, but where the hell would you even use a snowmobile?”

Jasmine giggled, “Meow~, there’s a super-huge ski-resort called Alaska, that I used to visit. There’s lots of mountains and it’s always really, really~ cold there!”

Michael snickered, “Fucking underground mountains… Well, whatever, even if I can fly and teleport, it’s still fun to ride stuff sometimes. I mean, it’s not like people go on rollercoasters because they wanna get somewhere, hahah~.”

Combat-specialized vehicles did exist, but just like with weapons and armor, they had level-requirements. There were also items that could only be used by people who possessed certain Classes, or Professions, but generic cars, bicycles, or household appliances, obviously wouldn’t be that way.

In fact, the people who ‘needed’ those kinds of technologies were usually under level-five and rankless. Just because they couldn’t use magic or their basic physical capabilities to run at fifty-miles per hour, didn’t mean that the ‘System’ banned them from using other methods to make their lives more convenient.

Unfortunately, the reason why technology is so low throughout most of the Archean Continent, was because of the people themselves rejecting it. There were quite a few Dungeon Masters who disdained technology as well, and within their domains, they simply wouldn’t allow them.

Johnny was somewhere in the middle; he prevented the general culture from advancing too far occasionally, but mainly so that his own ‘divine artifacts’ would seem more interesting. However, it had been far too long since anyone aside from Michael and his Companions had entered his Dungeons, so he had eventually given up caring about such things.


The Nephilim looked around and didn’t see any kind of tools or other generic ‘garage equipment’, so he simply shoved the six magically motorized vehicles, along with the bikes, skateboards, and other ‘toys’ into his inventory. Then Jasmine finally brought him to her ‘secret lair’, also known as ‘the basement’.

Upon glancing around at the gigantic room, Michael complained “You… have a goddamn shooting range in your fucking house. Holy shit! Seriously, JJ, how are you not dead? You literally have tanks of compressed air, barrels of oil, jugs of gasoline, and so~ many bags of what I assume is black-powder, next to… Do you actually weld metal, next to this disaster? Ugh, no, that was a rhetorical question… I’ll just shove everything into my bags before I sneeze and blow this whole neighborhood away.”

“Nyah~, Mikey’s being silly~! JJ isn’t ‘that’ crazy, hehehe~! Lookie~, see these thingies? If you put copper coins into this machine, it makes a magical barrier… Un~, it’s off though, cause I haven’t been here in a long time.” There was a strange cube resting atop a sealed metal barrel, which smelled like petroleum, and once she ‘recharged’ it, he could clearly see a bright-blue force-field of sorts. In fact, it appeared very similar to his own ‘Illusory Shield’, but was a lot less transparent.

There were piles of lumber, along with lots of carpentry tools, and a large workbench near one side of the room. Obviously, she didn’t just ‘materialize’ those two flintlock pistols out of nowhere, she first had to create all the individual pieces: Mold the metal as if she was a Blacksmith, carve the wood, create the black-powder by mixing various ingredients, and fabricate the bullets out of lead.

One of the most important parts however, was channeling her own mana into the item and finalizing the product. Before that crucial last factor, it would be impossible for weapons or armor to have magical properties. Enchanting was adding onto what was already there, but the base would always depend on the person who crafted the gear.

“Gunsmithing Level 4: Able to utilize 40% of the crafter’s aura while creating firearms, ammunition and explosives. Able to fabricate weapons up to level-four; Quality depends on the materials and mana used in the construction process.”

It wasn’t strictly specified in the description, but there was a limit to what was possible, for the sake of balancing. Essentially, even if Jasmine ‘knew’ how to make a submachine-gun, or even just a simple snub-nosed revolver, she wouldn’t be able to ‘finalize’ the item until her Gunsmithing was at the proper level.

All around the room, there were dozens of unfinished products; some of them appeared similar to semi-automatic pistols, others were single-shot rifles, and even a few muskets or blunderbusses. The little girl happily explained “Nyah~, aren’t I amazing? This one took me a super-duper long time to paint, and that one, I spent a whole week carving the patterns on the wood. Mew~, I can’t remember making this thingy, but doesn’t it look pretty?”

Michael snickered, gently caressing Jasmine’s head with his right hand, “Yeah, if you had an ‘art’ stat, it’d definitely be over nine-thousand… but then again, your music skills… Well, whatever, ugh, I’m gonna have to make so many trips this time. Fuck my life~; I think I’ve played that ‘Arcana-Sphere’ for at least a day so far. Although~, I have to admit that ‘Unicorn Goddess 7’ is a surprisingly fun game. Hmmm~, ‘Obliteration-Man’ is pretty cool too, and then there’s ‘Chaos Warrior 2’…”

“No fair~! Mikey~, I wanna play too~! Why can’t I come with you?!” The little girl pouted and abruptly clung to his naked lower-body: In all that time, they still didn’t put any clothes on.

He muttered “Wait a second, that’s a good point… Why the hell have I been worrying about saving a few gold? Don’t I have over a million now?! Ugh, I’d be really pissed if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m basically ageless, hehe~.”

Thus, they gathered as many things as possible and clung together, before the space around them began warping. The two of them were standing in a completely blank space, like the Battleground Sanctuary, but only the size of a small room.

“Okay~ then, before we start playing video-games, there’s something way~ more important that we need to do… Go into Slime-Form for me.” Jasmine immediately did as he asked, and swiftly melted into a pool of pink sludge, before transforming into a small round ball.

Michael sat down next to her and placed her onto his lap, “Nyah~!? Mikey~, your pee-pee poked my thingy~?! Umn~, it feels all tingly now~…”

The Nephilim snickered, grabbing the rubbery substance and kneading it using his hands. There was a decent amount of resistance, but the strange creature began purring contently eventually.

Eventually he said “Okay, good girl, now use your slimy muscles to massage or suck on my penis.”

“I don’t know how, nyah~… Un~, this feels weird…” The pulsating ball of flesh began rippling and vibrating, until a relatively large hole opened up and started attempting to devour his left hand.

He grinned and praised “Good job~! Don’t worry… it’s only a matter of time before I turn you into a full-fledged ‘slime-girl’!”


23 thoughts on “Chapter 262: JJ’s House

  1. Michael:
    (Knocking: Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock)
    Do you wanna train a slime girl?
    Come on lets go and play
    I never fuck you anymore
    Come out the door
    It’s like you’ve gone insane-
    We used to be fuck buddies
    And now we’re not
    I wish you would tell me why!-
    Do you wanna train a slime girl?
    It doesn’t have to be a slime girl…

    Fuck off, Mike!

    Okay, you literally frigid cunt, bye…

    Do you wanna fuck a slime girl?
    Or ride me around the halls
    I think some anal sex is overdue
    I’ve started talking to
    the pictures on the walls-
    (Oh wait, we have no goddamn decorations in this whole fucking house!)
    It gets a little lonely
    All these empty extra-dimensional rooms,

    Just watching the seconds tick by-
    (Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)


    Please, I know you’re horny,
    JJ’s been asking where you’ve been
    She said “Bring me Maho Shojou Kuro-chan”, and I’m trying to
    I’m goddamn waiting for you, just let me in
    We only have each other, and the others
    It’s not just you and me
    What are you gonna do?

    Do you wanna train a slime girl?

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  2. “Do I wanna train a slime girl?” Do you even need to ask us this question? Aren’t they pretty much at the top or pretty damn close to it for the monster girl rankings? I mean, you can literally do anything with a slime girl, literally. Needless to say, I’m on “Team Slime Girl” all the way. Transparency makes things so much kinkier then you thought possible…

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    • Lmao, well “Do you wanna train a slime-girl?” is what I wanted to name the chapter, but I felt like it had no actual bearing on anything but the last few paragraphs. I’m not like the guy who writes LLS lol, I don’t just pick some random sentence that the MC says at the very end of the chapter and make that the title :P.

      Also, I was listening to “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” as I was editing the chapter roflmao.

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