Chapter 52: Recruitment

“Maria, look out!” Blademaster fell down right behind the little girl and used his left arm to protect her from a tiger’s paw-swipe. Blood gushed out of his lacerated forearm, as he screamed in pain. At the same time, a loud roar came from ‘Hammer-Guy’ as his furry right leg was chomped down upon by a six-hundred pound, orange and white tabby-cat. Continue reading

Chapter 47: Topeka

“Mike? Hey Mike, where’d ya go?!” An anxious goat-girl had opened the guest-room door, only to find that there was nobody inside. The wind was blowing violently in through the window, but when she walked over to close it, she couldn’t see Michael anywhere outside. However, the dark and ominous storm-clouds in the distance were clearly visible, in the bright-red sky. Continue reading

Chapter 15: The Key to Salvation and Damnation

“Welp, I bet you’re glad we got you out of Dundalk now, huh? I always though Baltimore was a dump before, but this kind of puts things into perspective…” Luke, Iris, Kelsey and Lee were all sitting in a huge private movie theatre in the basement of their ‘secret base’. They were each reclining on a ‘personal’ leather sofa-chair and staring at a massive LCD screen. Continue reading

Chapter 6: The ‘Good-Guys’

“Sir, we’ve just picked up another mana-spike! It seems to be in coming from the Baltimore Maryland area again!” A short and feminine man shouted; he had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail, tan skin, and was standing next to a giant. That two-meter tall woman had scars all over her face and a shaved head. Continue reading

Chapter 5: Losing Touch with Reality

Iris growled “Just what the fuck do you bastards want from me? I won’t rig another election and I definitely won’t help you create any more terrorists or convince people to shoot-up schools!” Continue reading

Chapter 4: Astral Projection

Even though Michael was sleeping, it was actually the time when ‘most’ people were outside, going to work, school, or simply enjoying the day with their families. It was a Friday, so his brother was in college, his mother was dozens of miles away, in Pasadena, cleaning people’s houses, and his father was grocery shopping. Continue reading

Chapter 288: Auspicious Names

“Congratulations! Your ‘Mystery Cat Egg’ has hatched!” Michael and Elina both received the message at the same time, but it didn’t specify exactly ‘what’ emerged or the number of offspring. Thus, Adam was able to teleport on top of the floating cube and press the button that led to the roof. From there he used ‘Rainbow Jump’ a few more times to escape as far away as possible. Continue reading