Chaotica’s Coliseum


Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. These are the seven planets of the Asura System, also known as Chaotica’s Coliseum or Hell. The demonic paradise, where all of your darkest fantasies can be fulfilled… for a price.

Whether you desire power, pleasure, freedom or merely a second chance at life, the Asura System is an excellent choice! Just be careful you don’t accidentally gamble away your soul… Good luck!

(Warning: This story includes profanity, humanity, nudity, descriptive violence and gore, bizarre and disturbing sexual-content,  plus all of the other things that disclaimers usually have to tell you about.  Do not read this if you dislike transportation, fantasy, or other similar genres… or me, because I’m the author.)


Copyright © Mike777ac 2016

This novel and all of its contents were written entirely by its author, Mike777ac.  It is an original product, and any attempt to plagiarize or steal concepts or ideas from it, shall be considered copyright infringement.

Many of the concepts and ideas have been inspired by other works, and similar genres.  However, all characters are created and owned by the author.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Nemesis

Prologue 1: Vengeance
Prologue 2: Justice
Prologue 3: Iris
Prologue 4: The Nemesis Killer
Prologue 5: The Goddess of Retribution
Prologue 6: The Gateway to Hell
Prologue 7: Demons

Chapter 1: Rageborn Arena

Part 1: Hellfire Transportation
Part 2: Deities
Part 3: Chaotica’s Coliseum
Part 4: Arrival
Part 5: The Manager
Part 6: Home
Part 7: Slavery

Chapter 2: Gladiator

Part 1: Shopping
Part 2: Cafeteria
Part 3: Anael
Part 4: The Fighting Pits
Part 5: Waiting Room
Part 6: First Fight
Part 7: Easy Victory

Chapter 3: Impatience

Part 1: Basic Status
Part 2: Level One
Part 3: The Second Fight
Part 4: A Messy Job
Part 5: Seafood
Part 6: The Law
Part 7: The Sifian

Chapter 4: The First Match

Part 1: Arena Lobby
Part 2: The Nine Elements
Part 3: Firepower
Part 4: Match Types
Part 5: Bathroom Blitz
Part 6: Strength in Numbers
Part 7: Pushing It

Chapter 5: Powers

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

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