CC Prologue 2: Justice

The screams, grunts and gagging sounds went on for an hour as the ginger woman just sat there, recording everything with a small digital camera. She made sure to get the best angles and all of their faces, so that there would be no doubt to the authenticity of the video.

However, once Gerald had totally given up resisting, she complained “You could have at least tried to fight back a little bit more… Oh well, I guess this is good enough.”

The three rapists had passed out and were laying on the floor, drenched in sweat and other juices. That old lawyer was sprawled out on the ground, his hands and ankles were cuffed, but not to the chair.

With tears flowing from his eyes, he begged “Please, let me go now! You got your revenge, right?!”

Yet, that masked woman was totally unmoved. She turned around and started walking towards the exit. Right before she went outside, she looked back at the man’s pitiful appearance and started recording again. She got a few seconds of him crying, then turned the camera towards her face and said “Oh yes, I did achieve vengeance for Tara Jacovich, Carly Jobs and Jessie Alvarez… But now, it’s time for justice. And unlike revenge, justice is always best served hot! Hahaha~, good luck in hell, you disgusting pigs~!”

As she left the barn, she barred the door from the outside and pulled a matchbox out of her left jean pocket. After lighting it, she casually tossed it onto a stack of extremely dry hay and continued to walk away from the scene.

A few minutes after the conflagration began, she turned around and watched as the entire barn exploded. There was a huge propane tank in the back of the barn, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise to the scarlet-haired woman. The entire spectacle was recorded and saved onto that digital camera.

She murmured “I really wish they could come up with a cooler serial killer name than ‘The Ginger Arsonist’… Why not ‘Vendetta’ or ‘Themis’? Maybe ‘Nemesis’? Well, maybe after seeing this video, they’ll understand why I do this? Probably not. Those dumb fuckers can’t even enforce their own laws.”

Then she got into her car, pulled out a laptop and accessed the internet. After finding a suitably sketchy porn-site, she uploaded the video with the title “All Rapists Will Burn in Hell!” She made sure to write the description as “The serial killer ‘Nemesis’ strikes again! Seeking vengeance for all those who have suffered through hell and were unable to find retribution through legal means. It doesn’t matter how rich or powerful you are, if you’re a rapist, then it’s only a matter of time before she comes for all of you!”

“Hahaha~! I wonder who I should target next? I only need three more souls before I can return…” She took the black leather glove off of her left hand and smiled at the glowing crimson tattoo that suddenly appeared. It was originally the number three, but swiftly counted up to seven.


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