CC Prologue 3: Iris

After driving away from the crime scene in that old silver car, she took off that simple mask and revealed her face. She had high cheekbones, a small and straight nose, thin red eyebrows and naturally pink lips. However, there were also horrible scars all over her face. It was as if she had been shot through her left cheek and out the right with a bullet, there was a thick knife wound from the top of her right temple, down to the area below her left earlobe… Not to mention all the much smaller burns that were scattered across her cheeks and forehead.

When she unzipped her jacket, there were several slash-marks across her throat, down to her clavicle. Her left breast was fairly large, but the right one had been totally amputated. The black tank top she wore, accentuated her pasty white skin under the light of those passing cars.

Eventually, she reached a small farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. After parking her car in the gravel driveway, she made it about five meters before she started coughing violently and vomited out a bunch of dark-red blood onto the grass.

“Fuck!” It was the middle of the night, but the lights in the house were still on. When she shouted, a middle-aged woman immediately opened the door and ran outside.

She yelled “Iris, honey, what’s wrong?!” For a moment, she saw all the scars and the blood that was splattered on the ground. Yet, an instant later, it was replaced by a beautiful teenaged girl. She had lightly tanned skin, which was totally flawless and inhumanly clear. The substance that was on the ground appeared to be vomit and it was obvious that the girl wasn’t injured in any way.

“Mommy, don’t worry, I’m fine… You know how bad my motion sickness is, right? Let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here. I can’t believe it’s already this cold in October.” The two of them walked into the house and sat down in the kitchen.

That middle aged woman had green eyes and red hair, similar to her daughter. Both of them weren’t particularly tall or short. Five and a half feet was fairly average.

Once Iris took her jacket off, there were even more scars all over her extremely toned arms. Her mother sniffed the air and asked “Where do you keep going so late at night? Don’t try to tell me it was another ‘bonfire’ party! I called your friends and they said that they hadn’t seen or talked to you in months!”

“Mommy, calm down. Okay, I’ll tell you the truth… I can’t stop thinking about Alicia. We used to go on camping trips together all the time, remember? Well, sometimes I just go camping in the woods. It’s cold out, so obviously I need to make a fire to keep warm.” Before her mother had time to refute that absurd lie, Iris gazed into her eyes and suddenly, it all made perfect sense.

Not only that, but she also nodded and agreed. “That’s a good idea… I’m sure your sister is looking down from Heaven right now. My head hurts… I’m going to take an ibuprofen and go to sleep. Goodnight honey, I love you.”

After her mother went upstairs, Iris rushed into the downstairs bathroom and started vomiting a bunch of blood into the sink. A bunch of the scars across her neck and face began opening up as well.

“Shit! Goddamn it! I need more time!” When she looked up at the mirror, she saw six crimson angelic wings behind her back, her hair was made entirely out of crimson flames and her irises were bright-orange.

A deep, demonic voice bellowed “You have three days! Deliver three corrupted souls to me within three days and you may return, Anael.”

Iris shouted “I will!” and then her wounds rapidly healed. There were still horrible scars all over her body, but at least she wasn’t bleeding anymore. After that, the appearance in the mirror returned to normal.

She grumbled “I’ve been wasting too much time playing serial killer… Maybe I should just burn down a prison or firebomb a stripclub?”


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