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BCJ, Chapter 77: Authentic Fishing Experience

As a well trained and highly experienced shut-in, I normally couldn’t be bothered to go outside in the middle of the fucking night. However, my experience during the daytime had brought forth some old memories and instincts that I used to have a long time ago…

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BCJ, Chapter 73: Prison or Paradise?

“Hahaha~!” I couldn’t help bursting out into laughter when I thought about how everything must have seemed. After all, I wasn’t just working out and practicing archery. I also did some wrestling and ‘sparing’. I originally thought it would be really cool and safe, since I could just, you know, not accidentally hurt myself when fighting. But the reality was that a lot of combat was reflexes and subconscious movements. I would punch towards my own face and instinctively dodge or fight back, and not particularly well either.

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BCJ, Chapter 71: Chef

Eve quietly opened a cabinet on the wall, above the kitchen counter, between the sink on the left and the refrigerator/freezer to the right. Inside there were dozens of boxes of chocolate bars, granola bars and cookies. She grabbed something from the top shelf that was way beyond my reach and took it out. It was a box of thick chocolate bars with almonds in them. I could maybe eat one if I split them between both my bodies, but she went through and devoured three in a row within a few seconds.

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BCJ, Chapter 69: Chameleon

“Pft~! Hahaha~!” As I laughed at her again, she started ‘blushing’ even worse. It was hypnotic really, the way her skin changed colors so frequently and rapidly sometimes. When she looked like she was about to start crying and her skin turned dark blue again, I grabbed her huge left hand. She immediately shivered and started turning purple, then red.

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BCJ, Chapter 68: Getting to Know Each Other

“Oh… Okay.” That was Eve’s response. She walked over to the black recliner and sat down. Then her brown skin got darker until it was practically obsidian. After a few deep breaths, she said: “We can’t leave the island. We can’t enter the depths of the island. As long as we grow some crops and fish or hunt, we can survive until the island returns to ‘normal’… So it doesn’t really matter whether we’re on Earth and trapped in a bubble, or on another world.”

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