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BCJ, Chapter 136: Blood

Anyway, while I’m sure you’re interested in more of Lioness’ crazy weapons testing, I think we should get to the part you’ve really been waiting for… I’m pregnant.

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BCJ, Chapter 134: Butchery

Honestly, I didn’t feel much of anything, aside from maybe disgust once the piggy was actually dead. There’s a big difference to me between a living and dead creature, even if it’s a human. When something is alive, I can ‘feel’ that it’s a living creature and often has emotions or at least thoughts. Probably due to my power or maybe just my imagination.

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BCJ, Chapter 133: Pigs

“No… I’ll help you.”

Pigs are really smart and empathetic. They’re supposedly even more emotional and intelligent than dogs. And I had never even intentionally killed a fucking fish before. Honestly, I didn’t want to kill the poor bastard. But he was already dying no matter what. It was much quicker and less painful to have a bullet in your head or your throat slit than to slowly rot away from an infection or get torn apart and toyed with by a pack of wolves or other predators.

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BCJ, Chapter 128: Sword Fight

“I’ll be honest with you Ana. Aside from maybe spears, most melee weapons aren’t very useful for hunting.” Chameleon sighed as she brought me to the armory/closet, “Swords and most other common weapons were created for humans to kill other humans. Hmm, as you can see from the paintings, the old ‘Ana’ used to wield all sorts of weapons against various creatures on the island. But that was more for her own enjoyment than any sort of efficiency. She liked to read fantasy novels and watch movies all the time when she was growing up, just like most people…”

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BCJ, Chapter 127: Impregnation

I looked at her like she was an idiot for a few seconds, before snickering and shaking my head: “It ain’t a fucking Heart Devil or Qi Deviation! For shit’s sake, we literally spent a single day practicing and barely even did anything! That kinda stuff only happens when characters are like, breaking into another Realm or whatever! And like you said, it’s from fictional webnovels and a lot of it is not based off of real practices but like, other cultivation novels pft-hahahaha~!”

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