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Observing the End Chapters 18-21

I haven’t been posting these links every chapter, since I can’t really think of anything else to accompany them rofl.

Anyway, here are the links!

Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21


New Chapters of Observing the End

Like I said before, I’ll be posting the new chapters of OtE on Ficfun from now on. It’s a free site though, so please go read it there lol. If it doesn’t get popular enough for them to sign for the next volume, then idk what’ll happen.

Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:

I’ll be updating about 5 times a week-ish.


Observing the End: Chapters 11-13

I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve been doing things for other sites, like Tapas and Ficfun lol. Yep, I’ve been writing “Immortal Soul” lately, which is on Tapas. While I recently made a deal with Ficfun to post “Observing the End” over there…

Unlike Tapas, Ficfun is completely free, as far as I know. So basically, it doesn’t make much of a difference to ‘you’, whether you read a story here or there… Probably?

Anyway, I’ll still give updates whenever I post a new chapter to Ficfun and give a link here.

Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13


OtE V1, Chapter 10: Phobias

I’m still alive! Hahaha~! I’m still alive motherfuckers!

Yeah, sorry, but I’m feeling amazing right now! Have you ever been struck by lightning? To be more exact… Fallen off a two-story building, into a pile of zombies and nearly drowned in blood, then gotten struck by lightning? Continue reading

OtE V1, Chapter 9: Tribulation

Observation Log: 153384

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

Every second, the undead tide grows thicker in the nearby streets and alleyways. From this vantagepoint, even Michael is able to understand his situation.

“Welp, I’m fucked.” Continue reading

OtE V1, Chapter 8: Gaining Power

Observation Log: 153382

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

Michael Cinagra is the type of person who complains almost constantly, even when no one is there to listen. Yet he is still able to accomplish difficult tasks, which push his body to the limits nearly every day. Continue reading

OtE V1, Chapter 7: Haunted

What if I told you that my house is haunted? Like seriously, even back before the world ended, Chipper would always rush into the house, run down into my room and then head over to the furnace. Midnight was always too afraid to enter the house at all. Now that he finally has, he’s doing the same thing as Chipper. Continue reading

OtE V1, Chapter 6: Covert Assistance

Observation Log: 153379

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

For the first time in several days, Michael has finally prepared adequate sustenance. He has also begun writing much more frequently in his journal. It is interesting peering into his mind. Of course, that is assuming that he does not falsify his reports. Continue reading