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BCJ, Chapter 97: Perverted Neighborhood

“Well…” I couldn’t help but add, “Aren’t most of the functions of passenger planes like, mechanical? They use a lot of automated digital systems, but even without them, the plane wouldn’t just fall straight outta the sky like a movie.”

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BCJ, Chapter 96: EMP

During our short conversation, Michael was already walking out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He followed the giant booty upstairs and first checked on Chameleon, then headed to the master bedroom to scrounge up some clothes. I hesitated for a while, but eventually decided to just wear some red swimming trunks.

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BCJ, Chapter 95: Party?

I also invited Cicada but she just sent me a frowny face, which I guess means ‘no’? She is a telepath after all, so being around a bunch of people would probably be irritating. Either that, or she was just busy? Either way, I already had enough people coming over as it was. A flying telepathic bug-girl might be a bit too much.

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BCJ, Chapter 92: Control

“So what you’re saying is that we need to lock Chameleon up for a few days a month and take care of her like she’s a mental patient…” I let out a long sigh as Ana took the unconscious woman into the shower. Even with the warm water running all over her face and hairless body, Chameleon didn’t wake up or flinch.

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BCJ, Chapter 91: Flags

Gemini patted my shoulders with her smaller hands, “You’re the king of the lion pride. Your job is to protect the rest of us! Our old king was Chameleon, but she’s obviously not up to the task anymore. Aside from having a crippling mental disorder that’s been getting worse every year, she’s even weaker than me now and can’t even do anything during the day. It also helps that you can actually impregnate us so that we can expand our little society. And hopefully survive long enough to return home to Earth someday…”

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BCJ, Chapter 88: Breakfast and Bondage

Of course, while I was annoyed and angry, I wasn’t actually afraid of Chameleon. Why? Well, Ana was only half of ‘me’. The other half was literally right next door, making breakfast and drinking some iced tea while sitting at the kitchen table. I was calm enough to even put on some boxers and a t-shirt.

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