TDoE V1 Chapter 25: Magic?

Di seemed annoyed by the fact that I could punch and kick properly, so he decided to ‘spar’ against me in order to train my grappling skills. Yeah, it was just an excuse for that perverted old man to beat the shit out of a little kid. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 24: Eternal Suffering

Herbs are overpowered. Well, Qi is pretty intense too. I guess it’s kind of a mix between the medicinal properties of the magical drugs and the fact that I became an Apprentice. Within an hour of drinking that nasty shit-tea and eating those five super-biscuits, I was able to take the gauze off of my dick and even my ass was mostly healed. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 23: Handmaiden

“I do not know how or why your Cultivation Method had injured you in such a bizarre way… but considering that you are a Shaman, I am not surprised. Spirits are such vile and disgusting creatures!” Queen Hua entered through the door and was followed by a five-foot tall little servant girl, who was carrying a silver platter in her hands. Well, she wasn’t wearing rags or anything and she didn’t seem distraught. I didn’t know if she got paid for her job, but if she was able to live in a palace and eat decent meals, then it was probably better than being in some shitty village. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 22: Drastic Measures

The idea that I might get raped or manipulated for my virginity had been bothering me for a while. Sure, there was a potential for me to be able to cheat and find some super-overpowered Legendary bitch to have sex with… However, that would require me to reveal my awesome Innate Talent. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 18: The Secret Ritual

Having superhuman strength and using magic is fun and all but seriously, I killed a giant axe-wielding maniac with a handful of dirt. If I had a BB or pellet gun, I wouldn’t have even had to struggle to survive in the first place. Well, it’s good to be prepared for everything. As we continued on our way down the river, I borrowed a pencil and leather-bound journal from Di, then started scribbling down all sorts of plans. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 16: Camping

Apparently, each of those tiny black beads on Di’s ten bracelets was a separate ‘storage device’, though they couldn’t hold much compared to his ring. There was food, water, iced tea, Herbs, spices and just about everything else. Every bracelet could hold about as much as a large backpack. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 15: Leaving Di’s House

Halfway through Jiaolong, I managed to reach level-nine. Gathering and condensing Qi in my Dantian was just a natural reflex by that point. Only when my muscles, bones and organs reached the proper strength, would my level be able to increase properly. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 11: Genesis

Xiaotong was the name of the creepy floating red skull that I ‘played with’ every morning. Now, I knew that there was definitely some sorta fucked up story behind that thing, but Long Di would never tell me anything. He just got all serious, smacked me around a bit and sternly shouted “Don’t go into that shitty tree-house! It’s a deathtrap!” Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 10: Daily Routine

The final Spirit was sealed inside of a floating glass bubble like the dick. It gave me a really weird boner, but also made me feel dizzy when I looked at it closely. Sometimes it was a mouth, then it stuck out its pink tongue and it became blurry for a moment, before transforming into a beating heart. Illusory blood was splashing all over the place and it suddenly exploded, managing to reform into a uterus with glowing yellow ovaries. Continue reading