TDoE V2 Chapter 5: Storytime with Mama Mei

“Shit, Mei, open the door! Hurry up!” I knocked and yelled a bunch of times, before she finally let me in. Almost the instant that the door closed behind me, there was deep and loud rumbling. It sounded like the entire hallway was being flooded with a torrent of extremely high-pressured streams of water. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 16: Camping

Apparently, each of those tiny black beads on Di’s ten bracelets was a separate ‘storage device’, though they couldn’t hold much compared to his ring. There was food, water, iced tea, Herbs, spices and just about everything else. Every bracelet could hold about as much as a large backpack. Continue reading

Chapter 259: The Infamous Duo

“No, it was true, but she already paid back the millions I spent on her a long time ago. I receive the royalties for all of those advertisements, and every single acting job she’s ever had. Hell, she even sold me the rights to her ‘likeness’, which was used in a T.V. series about her life. Then there were the videogames, movies, and all the modeling… I still pay her enough to be considered ‘wealthy’ in Nekoshire, but most of her money is spent on expensive alcohol, food, child support, and gambling.” Darius was obviously fairly irritated, as he explained the ridiculous situation. Continue reading