The Softcore Info-Dump

(Stat-Points per Level)

Unranked: .5
G: 1
F: 2
E: 3
D: 4
C: 5
B: 6
A: 7
S: 8
SS: 9
SSS: 10
X: 50
Y: 100
Z: 1000

(Experience needed per Level)

Enemies that are more than five levels lower, won’t give any experience.

0: 1
1-10: lvl x 10
11-20: lvl x 20
21-30: lvl x 30
31-40: lvl x 40
41-50: lvl x 50
51-60: lvl x 60
61-70: lvl x 70
71-80: lvl x 80
81-90: lvl x 90
91-100: lvl x 100

(Item Quality)


(Mana-Core Quantity)

Multiplies Health, Mana, Stamina, Attack Rating and Defense Rating, but doesn’t influence stats. Multiplier is only effective on base-stat values and cannot be influenced by equipment. Also multiplies the experience given upon death and the experience required to level-up.

1: Normal
2: Elite
3: Super-Elite
4: Ultra-Elite
5: Boss
6: Raid Boss
7: World Boss
8: Celestial Boss
9: End Boss
10: Demigod

(Magical Attributes)


Light = Darkness

Nature = Chaos



Strength: Determines overall muscular strength. Each point adds 5 points to Attack Rating. Increases weight.

Vitality: Each point increases health by 5 and regeneration by 10. Increases weight.

Endurance: Each point increases health and stamina by 5. Each point adds .5 Defense Rating. Increases weight.

Dexterity: Determines the ability to manipulate weapons skillfully. Influences fine motor skills and cognitive functions related to aura control.

Agility: Determines movement, reaction, and attack speed. Decreases weight.

Intelligence: Each point increases mana by 5; influences the ability to learn, memorize, and comprehend.

Wisdom: Increases mana regen by 10; affects decision-making.

Perception: Determines the efficacy of senses and sensations.

Charisma: Influences the growth speed of offspring, Companions and Residents. Improves physical appearance, vocal tone, and aura. Alters the perception of others. Boosts morale of allies during and reduces the moral of enemies, during combat.

Willpower: Determines the resistance against all types of magic and mental disorders.

Luck: Influences the damage of critical and deadly strikes; affects RNG.

Aura: Affects the range, damage, mana cost, and duration of spells.


Arcane: Arcana
Light: Lux or Luxia
Darkness: Umbra
Chaos: Chaos or Chaotica
Nature: Naturae
Fire: Ignis
Water: Aqua
Earth: Terra
Wind: Aeris

118 thoughts on “The Softcore Info-Dump

  1. ok im slightly confused, for evolving/ranking up, do you need to consume a higher ranked mana core than your own? or the same rank mana core?

    also, ranking up is limited by level right? if so, what’s the level requirement?
    lvl 0-10 G
    10 F
    20 E
    40 D
    60 C
    80 B
    90 A ????

    which has me confused… cause Inari rank B, at level 36, while Michael cant rank up to C before level 40? also, JJ pop’s is like… rank A i think? at around level 84~??? I’m so confused by this =_=
    I can sort of understand Inari’s condition since she is a magical beast… but the rest lives me hanging

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    • Idfk! How many times do I need to say this? I can’t remember lol. I’m pretty sure I explained everything many times within the story. If I fucked up though, then I just fucked up and it isn’t some mystery lol. Errors do occur sometimes. Also, the higher ranks/levels might have errors, I really don’t know. When I eventually go through and hardcore edit everything into actual books, it will obviously be a lot more polished and I’ll fix all those errors. I’ve had ‘editors’ and ‘proof readers’ over the years, but none of them have ever been that thorough… So it usually ends up falling onto me to edit/proofread everything. I basically have no editors or proofreaders anymore actually lol. It’s just me… On the positive side though, I’ve gotten ridiculously good at editing rofl. I wrote/edited all the shit you’re complaining about like a year ago though, so I can’t even remember it.


      • well, I get your point.
        I aint saying anything about you making mistakes xP believe me I know how hard it is to keep track of all the elements in one own’s story ^^; especially when time flies.
        On another note, may I suggest trying to proof-read and edit your work? Be it current or “old”. I’d love practicing it, and I’ll be doing it for free on my own time. Its just that if you do want my help… I’ll be asking tons of questions xD

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      • What story did you want to proofread? I’m currently working on doing the final edits to TDoDK but it would be nice if I had an extra set of eyes to catch anything I might have missed…


      • Hmmm, well, if i read it and proofread at the same time is when im at my top condition xP since I’m doing it regardless in my head… Killing two birds with one stone eh?
        If wordpress has any way to send PMs than use it so we can exchange gmails, just give me suggestion “rights” so I can do it efficiently.
        If this wasn’t clear I don’t care which story it is, I’m pretty open minded to whatever I read… Ever heard of Dune? 😛

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  2. I’ve been wanted to ask you this but forsome undisclosed reason i always totally forgot about it.
    If a rank G lvl 10 person(maybe?) rank up to a rank f lvl 10 ghost?
    Would S/he get 10stat point or from there on s/he would get 2stats point every lvl up

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      • For example a normal lvl 0 g rank levelled up to lvl 10 and it got 1statpoints pr lvlup then when it ranked up to rank f would it get the other 10statpoints that it would get if it ranked up from lvl 0 rank f?.
        Or it didnt get it and only from there on would it get 2statpoint per level up.

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      • The person usually gets a decent amount of stats from Evolving, but they vary depending on the quality of the mana-core or whatever way the person Evolved… Did you read the story? I explain it quite a few times lol.


      • You have literally explained it lots of times alr.i thought the type of mana-core influences how many stats you gained too? No?.

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    • I think I get the initial question here, and I wondered about that myself.

      Assuming a person is level 10 and could evolve to the next rank, but doesnt consume a manacore until level 14 to evolve, s/he would basically “loose” 4 skillpoints.

      Are those points lost forever, or are they somehow compensated with the extra-points-boost during evolving.

      Pushed to the extreme, Person A who doesnt evolve and goes to level 30 would loose 20 points compared to a Person B who evolved at level 10, even if Person A evolves to the same rank as Person B at level 30.

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      • The trick is that it depends on the mana-core that the person uses to evolve. But yeah, they would technically ‘lose points’ if they didn’t evolve quickly… It’s just that if they waited and found a better mana-core to evolve with, then they could potentially receive more stat points compared to someone who didn’t try very hard to find the proper mana-core.


      • Makes sense. Especially as Level-Ups aren’t the only way to gain stats. Basically, it would always be possible to eat lower-rank manacores to gain additional points and go through the unpleasant sideeffects if a character really wanted to gain a few extra points.

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      • each of the goddesses have their own personality and way of doing thing and some are down right crazy and have weird side-effects for gaining their affinity so what im asking is if i were in your story as a player and had to chose between getting the affinity’s of light, dark, chaos and nature which of the four are the least crazy and have the least amount of weird side effects for getting them (i.e. going insane, schizophrenia, necrophilia, chopping my balls off ect) like J.J. and Sera

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      • Lmfao, yeah, Naturae is pretty cool… He/she is probably just as slutty as Chaos, but just in a much less insane way lol. If you don’t wanna go crazy, it’s probably best to stick with a single affinity and if you need to pick multiple ones, then go with Arcane, Light, Nature and the four lower ones. Umbra isn’t really that crazy, she’s just very passionate lol. Anyway, you don’t necessarily ‘have’ to be a psychotic murder just because you have the Darkness Affinity. Though it is a lot easier to raise your Darkness and Chaos Affinities by going on homicidal rampages rofl. Also, Darkness or Chaos Affinity by themselves won’t drive you insane… it’s just that the crazy ones tent to be better at leveling them lol.


  3. Man,this is gonna be a long series.

    I do hope you complete it, it doesn’t even matter how long it takes.
    I’m fine with one chapter per day but I just want to see story in it’s entirety.

    P.S. Are they even going to fight that golem shopkeeper that appears at the end of Battleground? Wonder how they’d exchange favors for items if they kill him.
    Maybe he respawns or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    • They aren’t things that can be fought with lol. I mean, those things are just too OP lmao. Besides that, why the hell would they fight the vendors?! lol Do they even fight? Even if someone was powerful enough to fight them, the vendors wouldn’t have anything to sell them at that point lol.


      • hold their life ransom and threaten them with permanent destruction if they don’t hand over a legendary level 99 arcane dragonic scaled blade of eternal light and unending chaos with a fancy sheath even though you don’t need it

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    • All of them lol. If a person has a healing class, it doesn’t matter what affinity they heal with. Each has their own unique methods, but overall, they’re relatively balanced lol.


      • I kinda imagine a skeletal Priest, firing a bolt of Darkness into a wounded skeleton’s back and making new bones appear out of that pitch-black darkness aura? Or throwing illusory pitch-black wraiths towards allies, which enter into their bodies and heal the wounds from the inside out?


      • Can’t imagine shadow healing, huh? You obviously never played a shadow priest when they healed everyone in the party with a % of the dealt damage to enemies. I think they still can, but it’s a short effec, long cooldown skill, instead of a 10-30 minute buff.
        Back before cata, I saw dps shadow priests get some pretty nice healing numbers 😛

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      • So shadow healing would probably be a ‘take life from something to give to something else’ type. Maybe even the grass at your feet?


  4. (Stat-Points per Level)
    Is this retroactive? IE: if You evolve do you get the difference in points for the previous levels too?

    (Mana-Core Quantity) > (Mana-Core Quality)?
    Or do they actually form multiple cores as they evolve?

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    • Mana-core quantity can only be changed from one, when someone becomes an Elite. Also, it becomes harder to evolve and level up as the core quantity increases.

      For the first question, it depends on Luck, but yes, usually the difference is closely related to both the level of the person and the stats of whatever the mana-core was taken from.


    • I’ve mentioned it many times in the story but, 1 agility can even out 1 strength, vitality and endurance. If you have 2 agility and only 1 of the other three, then your weight would be reduced rather significantly.

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      • I assume that is the case since the total sums of vit. Str. And end for Sarah is larger than her agility so that must mean it really do take 1 of each three stats to counter only 1 agility

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      • That sounds about right lol. I probably made it that way, because if you focus on only one stat, it’s like… Working out with only 1 arm roflmao. Your one arm would get huge and the other one would stay the same, then you would be awkward and unbalanced to an absurd degree. A person who had two relatively well-trained arms would be better off. Agility is great, but without any strength, vitality or endurance, you wouldn’t be strong enough to do much damage, you would be too weak to take a hit and you would be ‘too’ light to move effectively lol.


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