Chapter 87: Chaos Theory?

Elina suddenly felt an extremely familiar and overwhelming aura emanating from beyond that closed door. However, before Michael could open it, there was a flash of blinding light, and then whoever had been there, disappeared.

She weakly crawled off of the thick and fluffy mattress, flopping down onto the hard floor. He snickered and told her “Ah, yeah, it was just Lux… she’s been spying on us for a while now.”

The cat-girl stared up at him with a horrified expression on her beautiful face, asking “W-why would the Goddess of Light be here?” Even though she vaguely remembered seeing Arcana a few days prior, she still didn’t want to believe that the holiest being in existence, had watched her acting in such a vulgar manner.

Michael snickered, shrugging, “No fuckin clue why they give so many shits about us… Maybe they’re just bored? When I was losing my anal virginity last night, there were four of them watching us, chatting about random nonsense. Hate ta break it to ya, but that little brat Lux, was there too.”
Elina yelled “My Goddess wouldn’t do something like that!” as she struggled to stand up and glared at him, while pouting her golden lips. He sighed dramatically, as he walked forwards and then pulled her against his body.

As he ran his fingers through her lustrous silver hair, and briefly played with her fluffy cat-ears, Michael told her “Meow-Meow, you really need to be a little more open-minded. Here, look at this book…” He sat down onto the edge of the bed, pulled out ‘The Teachings of Lux’ and placed her on his lap sideways.

Then he began reading aloud “When I was a child, Mama and Papa used to tell me ‘The most important things in life are love and having fun.’ Of course, they didn’t mention that they were two of the most powerful beings in the universe, and how much suffering they had to experience to get there. Yes, even the Goddess of Light was once a mortal like the rest of us. I-”

However, the cat-girl quickly snatched it out of his hand and started scanning through the page rapidly, before muttering “This says that when Lux and Umbra were first created by Arcana, she forced them to start from level-zero and completely rankless… I always suspected it, but if this story was really written by the Morning Star, then it should be accurate. On the other hand, not even the High-Priestess at the Convent would ever be able to read a holy text this ancient and in pristine condition.”

Michael sighed, and rested his chin on her incredibly thin right shoulder, while telling her “Welp, while you read that impossibly long super-novel, I’ve got lots of shit to do.” He sat the ridiculously light Feline Angel down onto the bed, and then vanished. After a few seconds passed, Elina looked up and noticed that he was gone, but immediately returned her golden eyes to the ‘divine’ masterpiece in her hands.
The northern guest-room was completely empty, but considering that no one was living there, it wasn’t that big of a deal. However, he still bought a fairly decent Queen-sized, ‘normal’ mattress, for a level-three, rank-F mana-core, which belonged to a certain Blood Cobra: plus one gold coin.

It came with a simple mahogany frame, dark-green sheets and a comforter, including two fluffy brown pillows. He muttered “For almost two years I’ve been struggling to sleep on a broken piece of shit, and now I can make a bed that should cost at least a thousand dollars, appear out of thin air. Anyway, I guess it’s time to ‘furnish’ my room…”

Once his mana was completely recovered, he vanished again, and reappeared in the middle of his bedroom. As his ‘Lightening’ wore off, his facial hair didn’t grow back, which made him yell “Holy shit-balls! I never have to shave again?!”

Then he looked down at his mildly furry pubic region and complained “Never-mind, ugh, maybe I can just telekinetically yank it all out?” However, instead of testing that theory, he used one of the Demonic Boar mana-cores, and ten gold, to buy a king-sized ‘bed.’

He started laughing hysterically, as the wooden floor near the center of the southern wall, began transforming. Eventually, the strange, slimy, pink organism finally finished growing and its surface was constantly pulsating.

Michael walked towards it, and the shape was altered, seemingly attempting to reach out to him. The Nephilim jumped onto the center of it, and slammed his back onto the thick, powerful muscle, as it recoiled.

His three-hundred and fifty pound body was bounced a meter into the air, before gently being enveloped by the sides of that flexible structure. He felt both warm and wet, but surprisingly comfortable, yet more than anything, “I guess I’m finally gonna get that blowjob.”

Rather than a bed, it was simply a gigantic living tongue. When he was about to start alleviating his arousal, he noticed that there was a mysterious hole in the wall and floor behind the bed.

Without thinking too deeply about it, Michael entered the strange esophageal tube, and was ‘swallowed’ downwards, until her emerged from a hole in the ceiling of a small, dark bathroom. After opening the door, he discovered that he had unsurprisingly fallen into the basement. His body was oddly completely cleansed of the slimy substance, as he was sliding down the house’s throat.

The small, obsidian-skinned Dark-Goblin was soundly sleeping on the floor, cuddling with a Human skeleton. There was actually an eerie smile on her tiny blue lips, as she radiated a terrifying aura of death and hatred.

Michael casually laid down on the stone ground, behind her, and wrapped his gigantic arms around Sarah and his own bleached bones. However, while she was unconscious, her worm-like tail seemed to sense his presence and even reacted to it.

Perhaps it was muscle memory, or maybe it simply considered his genitals as a source of nutrients, but the relatively small mouth opened up and began sucking on his reproductive organ. The Nephilim played with the girl’s lustrous bluish-silver hair, and fondled her long elven ears, before moving down to her slimy, minuscule breasts.

He silently thought to himself “I wonder what Profession I should try to get? If it’s about the things that I’m actually good at… it’d have ta be either ‘Writer’ or ‘Musician,’ but maybe ‘Chef’ is also an option? Hmmm~, either way, Leatherworking is kinda pointless now. As far as I can tell, pretty much all of the Crafting Professions are pretty useless unless I seriously want to learn how to use them properly. Elina is an Enchanter, and Sarah is trying to become a Necromancer… Huh, wait a second, if undead are considered ‘Darkness Golems,’ then doesn’t that mean I should be able to reproduce the effect using other Elements? Ah~, worm-jobs are so~ much better than blowjobs!”

Once he was ‘finished’ cuddling with the adorable and terrifying little monster-girl, he teleported into his personal bathroom. Seeing how the bed had turned out, Michael needed to know what a Chaotic Shower looked like.

It cost him a Demonic Boar mana-core and seven gold, but he immediately complained “Isn’t this just a giant red slime?” There was indeed a three-meter wide and tall blob of crimson mucus adhering to the ceiling, walls and floor on one half of the far side of the bathroom.

The only difference between what he was looking at, and an actual slime-monster, was that it had no mana-core. Thus, the creature before him wasn’t an elemental-beast, but instead, simply part of the Player-Home.

He took a deep breath and then bravely walked inside of the strange mucus-like substance. Michael was actually fairly impressed with the interesting piece of technology, and noticed that it was possible to lower or raise the temperature with a thought.

Fortunately, with his unreasonably high physical stats, he could hold his breath for an extremely long time. Thus, he was able to fully enjoy the deep-tissue scrub that was being performed on his skin, hair and even under his nails. The inside of his bowels, ears, and nose weren’t spared either, as he floated within the scalding hot liquid.

After emerging from the giant crimson slime, he felt completely refreshed and satisfied with his purchase. However, he did notice something rather irritating: A muscular, three-eyed and four-armed woman was standing in front of his doorway.

She smiled at him, while giggling, then growled angrily before firing a beam of crimson lightning out of her mouth. A huge ‘-1,317,417,814’ appeared above his head, as his entire body completely froze into an ice-sculpture.

Then his wisp was forced out of the corpse, before he watched the strange Goddess begin licking and molesting it. He complained “Yup, this bitch is even crazier than I am… Oh, yay, she just shoved my frozen cock into her asshole. Hmmm, is this considered rape or vandalism? Hahahaha~, what the actual fuck just happened?!”

Michael opened his eyes and noticed that he was laying on the slimy and warm Demonic Bed. For a moment, he thought that he had actually finally dreamt for the first time since coming to that world… When he saw the shattered chunks of frozen Nephilim laying around the bathroom, he sighed dramatically and muttered “Terfuckingriffic, now I gotta clean this shit up…”

At that moment, he received a notification: “You have had a miscarriage. The Darkness mana-cores that were growing in your bladder have been destroyed before they had the chance to be born.”

119 thoughts on “Chapter 87: Chaos Theory?

  1. im curious about something that been bothering me since the first time i say the effect of light affinity which is if light affinity reaches skill level 10 doesn’t that mean that a creature with darkness affinity cant win against them at all since they cant deal any damage if so that mean the the light envoy archangel girl can one sidedly crush the darkness envoy dracolich

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    • What are you even talking about? I won’t even talk about the effects past lvl 10 because you don’t need to know that yet, but if a person is a tank with lvl 9 Light Affinity, and an enemy is a DPS with lvl 9 Darkness Affinity, then they would equal out and neither one would receive a bonus or penalty against the other.


      • you do know you never specified that it only work on base damage right as its worded right now it would affect total damage which last i checked mean if a enemy is dealing 200% damage to you and you can ignore 100% of the damage that they do they do no damage to you at all

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      • Sigh, I’ve officially run out of fucks to give lol. Besides, you’re assuming that every level will keep increasing by 10% every time. Damn it, stop making me give fucks! lol


    • Idk? Knights can learn magic to a certain extent? Like, an Arcane Knight could learn Arcane spells like Arcane Bolt etc.

      The Knight Class uses spears, glaives, lances, and heavy armor… they also do mounted combat a lot, but aren’t restricted to it… their main focus is melee, but they can learn magic. Just like a mage can learn swordsmanship or whatever, but mainly focuses on magic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Battlemage? Mage-Blade? Sword-Sorcerer? Why do you keep asking me to make this shit up for you lol, the Class system is dynamic, not static. Some people learn a ton of stuff, others focus on one thing, but people are allowed to learn whatever they want. Their class might change depending on their specialties, and their specializations can be altered.


      • Well, I’m used to answering some questions, but I have shit to do lol. Like, you’ve made me write more today in responses than I’ve actually written of the story 😛


      • There’s only so much I can tell you though. You want to know things that I don’t even know about my own story, so how the fuck can I possibly answer questions like that? lol Anyway, I need to finish at least two more chapters today or I’m gonna start falling behind 😦


      • It’s like a never-ending interview lol Most of these questions will be answered in the story eventually, so I can’t even answer most of them without giving spoilers!


  2. im thinking that Michel will choose chaos affinity i mean from what you said it a really versatile affinity that will significantly help out in combat oh you you dont have to confirm this it just in comparison nature seems a little weak for his play style and info on why this could be wrong idea and you dont have to confirm it either way just expalin why he would choose nature of chaos other then not have to deal with the psycho goddess

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    • Well, the main reason that he would pick Nature, is if he has a nature healer? Cause they would heal him better… but that’s only if he has an actual, main healing nature affinity person. otherwise, there isn’t much point… but who knows?


  3. oh and can i have info on what the affinity bonuses are for each type we know what arcane, light, darkness and nature are but the others aren’t discribed at all but from what i have seen from the nature affinity bonus im guessing that chaos affinity bonus applies in artificial surroundings like a city

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  4. i know this is probably i wrong chapter to put this question in but if i cant find a appropriate chapter i go for the newest but if a lesser angel evolves into a cherubim and then into a seraphim then what for a lesser demon evolves into

    Liked by 1 person

      • so im curious what exaclty does a demon lord entail stats wise as well as apperence im really really really curious you have no idea mainly if a was any race i would likely be a type of demon with all affinitys except light and nature because that seem fun except for the crazy as all hell chaos goddess that would be a problem right there

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      • There are no ‘base’ Demon Lord stats lol. Demon Lord would be the 5th evolution, if the original form was Human, if the original was a Lesser Demon it would still be 4 evolutions… so it would depend on the level at which the person reached that state and the way that they evolved each time? For example, humanoids can only evolve to rank-F at lvl-5, rank-E at lvl 10, rank-D at lvl-20, rank-C at 40, rank-B at 60, rank-A at 80, and rank-S at 100. So~, if you were a Player, you would be able to become a Lesser Demon at 10, Demon at 20, Greater Demon at 40, Archdemon at 60, and Demon Lord at 80…. Depending on your Luck and the stats of the Demon Lord you took the core from, it would definitely be really high numbers lol


      • no fucking clue lol. The Archdemon, Asura of Rage, was the strongest demon that’s been talked about so far :P. You’ll find out when I eventually talk about it in the story, but for now, idfk lol. The MC is only lvl 14 atm, and it’s gonna be a while before he fights any Demon Lords 🙂


      • fine then but one least question in the chain but is every archdemon so fucking tall arent there any at a more normal height of like say a human and maby with one pair of arms our are all of them four armed giants

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      • There are spells, potions, techniques, etc. which can alter size in a variety of ways… I mean, Sophia was able to hide her real power pretty easily by shrinking herself and even making it seem like she was a Lesser Angel, rather than a Cherubim lol… Inari isn’t even lvl 10 yet, and she already learned two spells that can transform her body into different sizes.

        Of course, Angels and Demons might just have racial spells that can alter their size, or appearance as well. It could be the Class, or it might just be a miscellaneous spell that they learned at some point in time, one way or another?

        Also, the 10 meter tall Archdemon was only 5 meters tall when she first exited from the portal, but maybe no one else noticed that? lol


    • thanks and heres a little advice in case you need to even out that number of evolution of angel and demons in some series there is a actual difference between demon lord and demon king with demon king being the step immediately above demon lord

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      • Yeah, I’ve seen Demon King, Demon Emperor, etc… but King and Emperor are typically Titles in this story, with regards to either being the ruler of a kingdom/empire, or having mastery over a certain type of weapon? Like Sword King, would obviously be a person who has reached a really high level of swordsmanship. Thus, it would end up being annoying if there was a King, who was a Demon King, or one who was a Lesser Demon but had the King title, and if there was such a thing as Demon King, it would get confusing lol.


      • oh and if your curious as to what brought about this little chat about demons go to monster girl encyclopedia wiki and search for demon and youll see the one a REALLY want as a companion

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  5. I started to read it few days ago and I love it, just one question what is your conception of the darkness and chaos elements? their differences?
    I thought first that darkness was just evil and chaos was more like insanity but from the way the dark goblin cultivate I don’t really know now.

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  6. I read it like 2 AM (GMT) and now after waking up i have nothing to do…
    Leaving my stupidity aside, I gladly thank you for your hard work.

    P.S. I guess that this weird goddess is the Chaos goddess?

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  7. kinda confused here, did Michael lose consciousness or was it just some weird player housing respawn? If he did lose consciousness isn’t that kinda important? Also thanks for the chapters!

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  8. You’re saying billions but three commas is one trillion isn’t it, that’s way over a billion… Also chaos is insane, and since houses prevent people with hostile intent we have to consider that she didn’t think that freezing him and playing with his corpse was a hostile action… More like a trillion damage love tap. Which makes you wonder what kindve damage she could do with a real attack.

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    • There is no need for a bathroom, for two reasons.
      One: The new chaotic shower cleans even the bowels.
      Two: I don’t think he actually goes to the bathroom anymore. He has that creepy waste absorbing skill.

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      • When Arcane Body reaches max lvl(probably 10) then he won’t need to eat, sleep, shit, etc. anymore lol. However, ‘need’ is different from ‘want’ lol. I mean, Goliath doesn’t ‘need’ to eat anything, but he feels like he’s starving to death all the time lol. Of course, shitting and pissing are a bit different, so it could be possible to remove them completely. Well, the bathroom is where he puts the giant slime monster shower, and the other stuff that he hasn’t bought yet lol.


  9. Like mother like daughter both seem to be necrophiliacs, on a positive note he probably got away with not having several things pulling a Aliens on him and bursting out of his chest at the worst possible moment. (Or possibly dick)

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    • Yeah, if there’s anything left of you, then you can’t really die… but if you get completely frozen for over a billion damage, even the house won’t be able to save ya lol.


      • There’s also the part where goddesses don’t give a shit and can do just about whatever the fuck they want as effectively administrators or at least moderators of the player system for the world, but lets just gloss over that bit, because they don’t moderate and pretty much just let the players do whatever the fuck they want, and only really use any powers they do have for power abuse to have fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, there’s only one Player at the moment, so they don’t really have a whole lot to moderate lol. Also, some of them do give a shit, but Chaos definitely doesn’t lol


    • More like, anyone notice how
      1. Hostile beings shouldn’t be allowed to enter the player zones
      2. Players are supposed to be, for all intents and purposes, immortal in their home, yet he died from a billion dmg atk

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed… hmmm, but who do you think is making it so that hostile beings can’t enter the player zones? Who do you think is making it so that players are supposed to be immortal within their homes? Who’s making it so that players are even players in the first place? lol


      • Indeed, Arcana ‘could’ stop Chaos from killing him… but not if she doesn’t want to lol. When it comes to NPCs, the system will deal with it, but how could the system even work on the Goddesses? lol

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      • At this rate someone is going to just invalidate Elina’s vow of chastity for shits and giggles. Actually, that’s what I expect to happen. Lux seems like she wouldn’t mind doing it at least, because it’d be fun watching the extremely conflicted weirdly innocently non-innocent catgirl in denial lose herself. Then again that’s more of a darkness thing, so it might end up a fun quest for a worm girl, and a fun excuse for a normally impossible dual-element.

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      • Previously, the cellar was soundproofed. Since his… uh… new bed…. has a shortcut down to the cellar, does that expensive and very useful soundproofiness vanish now?

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