Immortal Soul


Michael has been around a long time, a very long time. He has been reincarnated more times than he can possibly remember, and picked up a few tricks along the way. Intimately knowing Heaven, Hell, and pretty much everything in between, he was born into a fantasy world. Will he have a long happy life, or a disappointingly short and painful one? Either way, at least it should be entertaining.

[Warning: Contains graphic violence, nudity, mature content, some sexual content (In the later volumes), and relatively dark or crude humor!]

[Disclaimer: This is a fairly long story, and covers many controversial topics. It is almost entirely written in first person past perspective, and from multiple point of views. There are several “Main” characters, and each of them is significant to the plot.]

Copyright © Mike777ac 2014-2021

This novel and all of its contents were written entirely by its author, Mike777ac.  It is an original product, and any attempt to plagiarize or steal concepts or ideas from it, shall be considered copyright infringement.

Many of the concepts and ideas have been inspired by other works, and similar genres.  However, all characters are created and owned by the author.

Table of Contents

Volume One: Black Mithril

Chapter 1: Reincarnation
Chapter 2: Resurrection
Chapter 3: The First Battle
Chapter 4: The Thief
Chapter 5: The Center of the World
Chapter 6: Hunting
Chapter 7: Headaches
Chapter 8: The Inventor
Chapter 9: Business
Chapter 10: Labyrinth
Chapter 11: The Sniper
Chapter 12: Rebirth

Volume Two: Beast Haven

Chapter 1: Territory
Chapter 2: Unsealed
Chapter 3: Experimentation
Chapter 4: The Butcher
Chapter 5: Fate
Chapter 6: Preparations
Chapter 7: The Forest of Corruption

Volume Three: The Archmage

Chapter 1: Regret
Chapter 2: Teaching
Chapter 3: Alfirin Academy
Chapter 4: Revelation
Chapter 5: Departure
Chapter 6: Remedy
Chapter 7: Invasion
Chapter 8: White Mithril
Chapter 9: Resolution
Chapter 10: Observation
Chapter 11: Cataclysm

Volume Four: Salvation

Chapter 1: Of Mice and Pixies
Chapter 2: Repercussions
Chapter 3: Communication
Chapter 4: All Fun and Games
Chapter 5: Opportunity
Chapter 6: Magic Show
Chapter 7: The Garden of Eden
Chapter 8: Crafting
Chapter 9: Judgement

Volume Five: Lorthon

Chapter 1: Envy
Chapter 2: Pride
Chapter 3: Lust
Chapter 4: Wrath

Volume Six: Lunar Intervention

Chapter 1: Ethir’s Journal
Chapter 2: Michael’s Return
Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit
Chapter 4: The Calling
Chapter 5: The Northern Mountains
Chapter 6: The Judge

65 thoughts on “Immortal Soul

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  2. Hey, I was going through my RR read list and thought I’d look up to see if Immortal soul had been updated since the last time I checked ( like 2 years ago)

    It was one of the first RR that blew me away and convinced me that fan fiction can be or is greater than what you can find in a book store.

    I want to re-read the story but after looking it up it’s going to cost me almost 30$. There is a lot of work and effort put into it but at that price it’s too prohibitive for me.
    Is there any other way to get a hold of the book for a more reasonable price? like patreon or amazon?

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    • I mean, back when you probably last read it, I had only written 4 volumes of Immortal Soul. Recently, I’ve started writing it again for Tapas, so if you want to start from where the 4th book ended, I could give you a link to the exact episode on Tapas? Aside from that, I took it down from the various sites because I had a deal with Tapas…

      Here’s the link to the first part of Chapter 1 of Volume 5:


  3. Hey there!
    Our friends at tapas seems to have fucked up a few times since i last read your comic:
    Firstly between ch. 259 and 260 it seems to jump in time or atleast makr an unnatural cut, although its quickly explained in the next few chapters.
    Secondly ch 278 and ch 282 are the exact same chapter. Aswell as the last 4 chapters: ch 282-285 are just seemingly random re-uploads of older chapters.. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, 259 is the end of a chapter and 260 is the start of a new one. That’s why it feels like the time jump is unnatural… Immortal Soul chapters are all pretty damn long and usually whenever the perspective changes, that’s actually where it goes into a new chapter. In Volume 4, the whole novel was written in Michael’s perspective, so I usually started a new chapter when I needed to do a time-skip?


      • Oh ok, well if you’ve allways done it this way then this is the only time i even noticed, since it didn’t change character on this one, it just goes from Tree to Luna without much warning 😛 Anyway i was just making sure, as i did know what was happening when i continued reading. Well done on making it seem so seemless in all the other chapters though ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Like I said, it’s not really ‘me’ who made it seamless lol. Most of the time they probably start an episode in one chapter and end it in another chapter, which is why the episodes seem seamless. That was most likely one of the rare instances where they ended an episode and a chapter at the same time in Immortal Soul lol.

        Also, thanks for letting me know regardless. I told them about the episodes they need to fix a few days ago, but they haven’t responded to me yet 😦


  4. Hello! Im an avid reader of immortal soul on tapas and i love every single one of your updates! However in the latest update: episode 169: change of scenery, it seems like there was a big time jump, like theres a page or two missing in between 168 and 169. Are you aware of this? A few of us have allrdy commented on it on the episode itself.

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    • Thanks for telling me, I’ll check it out now lol. I don’t get notifications for my ‘paid’ stories on Tapas, only HCOP seems to tell me when people comment. So unless I decided to stalk the comments of all the chapters constantly, it’d be hard for me to see them rofl.


      • I just checked and holy shit, I let them know that there’s a huge problem :(. They skipped ahead like dozens of episodes… They only work during the day though, so even though I’m telling them now, they probably won’t fix it for another 7+ hours.


      • Ah shit, i did think that it was quite an odd jump, i’m glad i decided to write to you here, since i had noticed your absence on tapas ^^ It’s all good though, i love the story so much so i have no problem writing to you here instead 😀

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  5. Were is volume 2,3 and 4? You need to update the Immortal Soul page btw. I think it might just be me, but I read up the part where Michael is with the tigress in the cave and killed the raptors, but I have no idea what volume that is and shit since there is only Volume 1 in the about page. Which is very confusing as you asay you have been updating lol XD. Anyway, if you could update the Immortal Soul page I would be thankful. Thx

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  6. you said “If you believe that rape or slavery is morally acceptable, you will not enjoy reading this story” that doesn’t make sense unless your trying to be funny?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve had people who argued with me that rape and slavery are perfectly fine and normal. So I have a disclaimer, which tells those people that they won’t like my story and not to bitch at me because of it lol. It’s not meant to be funny.


  7. I love this series however i have some constructive criticism, though it might just be personal taste

    1. In the first arc when mike lost his mind going completely feral, it didnt really made sense that the story continued in first person narration. It would have been better if you swapped to a third person narration style. Infact this point bothered and distracted so much that i skipped over the whole part.
    2. This needs a bit better way to indicate a change of scene. There were some parts that didnt make sense to me until i realized that there was a change of scene. Something like a line or something would be nice.
    3.just a bit of a story idea for the future: the guys at white mythril or black mythril found a wealthy merchant that bought slaves to free them. Since the guy technically is a slaver, half of the group wants to execute him while the other wants to save him, creating internal strife.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The first 2 volumes of Immortal Soul need a ton of revisions and revamps, not to mention lots and lots of editing lol. I started writing it a year ago, and yeah, I wanted to do everything in first-person perspective, mainly because I had just been writing “Harem Reaper” in third-person. However, Questing is all in third-person and so is the story that I’ve been working on for the past 3.5 months “Hardcore OP-ness” lol. To be completely honest, I agree with you that I should have done that part, and a lot of other parts, in third-person; when I go back eventually, I’ll definitely add in a bunch of 3rd person parts and replace some first person stuff with third person, I might even try to meld ‘Questing’ into the main story somehow.


    • Btw, it’s nice to see someone actually give constructive criticism instead of just yelling “You suck, your writing is awful, I hate you, I hate your characters, go die!” and calling it constructive criticism lol.


      • prob because they either didn’t care or came here from royalroadl , either or i found this site via aho-updates, granted I am a member of royalroadl its just i never found this story there mostly a case of ‘too many stories so some get missed’

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      • Yeah, I figured as much lol It doesn’t seem like there are that many Original stories on Aho, mostly just translations, so just by having HCOP on the list, I got a decent amount of new visitors and followers yesterday lol. Although, I’m not really sure what criteria Aho follows for their reblogs?


      • pretty sure as long as it isnt licensed content [from unauthorised websites] then the skys the limit never seen them turn anything down unless the quality was total crap lol

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      • Well, it’s not like I asked them to put it up there, and they definitely didn’t ask me before they added me to their list lol. Which is why I was wondering, what their criteria for picking stories was rofl. Although, it’s probably because I’ve posted over 50 chapters and have been consistently posting like 3 a day for a few weeks now.


      • someone else could have asked them to put it up but i dont know if it works like that or not since I never bothered with it.

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      • im too lazy to use bookmarks since i tend to forget about them, so i literally have 133 tabs open at this moment, before i had aho i had almost 200 [i had more back then cause i started to hoard ones that didn’t seem to update ;~; as well as the ones i later removed due to aho covering them]

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      • Wow, my computer will break if I just have ten of them open lol. Although, my computer might break just from turning it on, so maybe I just can’t comprehend having 133 tabs open. Actually, my OCD would prevent me from ever doing that rofl. Thus, I stick with bookmarks.


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