IS, V3, Chapter 10: Observation

The first thing that Luna said; when she woke up and crawled over top of Ethir and I was “This avatar requires several hours of rest every two Earth days. Unfortunately, construction of the device is proceeding at a particularly slow pace. If I work faster; there is a high probability of failure and this base sustaining considerable damage.” before yawning and discharging large amounts of electricity from her horns.

She walked over to her desk and pulled out a silver chain and some rings, then began ‘wearing’ them. When the two of us got out of bed; she gazed at my navel for a few moments and smiled faintly.

Luna cracked her neck, back, tail and shoulders; then told me “I suggest that you avoid strenuous physical activity until oviparity, or the eggs may be damaged. In the third refrigerator are three bottles of amniotic fluid, drink one per day; it should provide ample nourishment and accelerate growth significantly.” nonchalantly, while leering at my waist.

Obviously, I had no idea what she was talking about; until Ethir gently pressed his hands against my lower abdominal muscles, while staring at that region intensely. I sighed, then asked “What’s wrong?” as I noticed him making a concerned expression.

The obnoxious goat-woman yawned again; then left the room without explaining anything else. My boyfriend smiled at me; then whispered “She was telling us… that we’re going to be… parents.” anxiously, and pulled me into a tight embrace.

My response was “Huh?” followed by “I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant.” in a serious tone, while feeling my slightly larger than usual belly. There was a slight pressure on my lower back as well, but my thoughts immediately rushed towards fear rather than glee.

I started hyperventilating while mumbling “Oh no… I’m gonna have a bunch of spider babies. No, maybe I’ll get lucky; chickens aren’t so bad. Wait, fish lay eggs; maybe a mermaid? No, that would be too normal; it will definitely be a monster of some kind…” and I would have continued trying to imagine the absolute worst possible scenario; if Ethir hadn’t pressed his mouth against mine, and forced me to stop thinking.

Once I started breathing out of my nose; I calmed down a bit, but then I became excited in a different way. He removed his face from mine, and gently laid me down across the bed. I was so enthralled by what he began doing with his tongue; that I was able to momentarily forget about the demonic creature, which was probably growing inside of me.

However, it was a lot more difficult to ignore the disgusting, slimy, wet spot; that my head was laying in. The puddle of cold, blue fluid burned my skin and clumped together in my hair; there were even dozens of tiny worm-like creatures, squirming around in that mess.

I cried for a lot of different reasons that day, but it was mostly Luna’s fault. After a very long and relaxing bath; trying not to get molested by a demonic octopus, and having to get a very short haircut; Ethir and I had a delicious meal.

Thankfully, he was kind enough to lie to me about what the surprisingly tasty beverage I enjoyed drinking actually was. Although, judging by its scent and flavor, I was able to guess where that tangy orange liquid came from.

We spent most of that day looking for a different bedroom to sleep in, since we were going to be stuck there for a while. Even though Luna gave us a tour, what she didn’t skip over; we simply forgot about, because her descriptions were too vague.

The hallway was nearly a kilometer long; with the relatively small and completely empty triangular pyramid, that acted as a portal, at one end; and the gigantic dome-shaped habitat filled, with deadly and adorable animals on the other.

It took us several hours to find a room with a bed, that didn’t have any horrifying monsters lurking underneath it. Most of the furniture was either, made out of some kind of uncomfortable metal; or very comfy but incredibly dangerous, repulsive creatures.

I was too stressed out by the end of the day, to think about anything but sleeping; so we didn’t really get to ‘claim’ the new room. Although, we did make sure to close and lock the practically indestructible grey door.

My dreams that night were jumbled, confusing and deeply disturbing; though they weren’t quite as bad as some of the things, that I had seen while I was awake. There were no tentacle monsters or slimes that were disguised as beds; just a lot of death and destruction.

Michael was with me, and the two of us were fighting a colossal dragon; which wasn’t that strange. However, we were both speaking a language that I had never heard before; and I think I was a man… a little girl was there with us, but her face was blurry.

In the end; I was crushed to death by the gigantic tail, and woke up screaming from the pain in my abdomen. Then a gigantic cockroach demon erupted from my gut, which subsequently devoured Ethir: It was definitely an odd dream.

The first thing I did after waking up; aside from using the toilet, was head to the kitchen to drink some more of that delicious mystery juice. She told me to consume one per day; but there were at least a couple dozen glass containers filled with it, so I figured that it wouldn’t make much of a difference if I had a few extra.

My belly was definitely starting to look a little bigger, and I was still anxious about what kind of monster was going to tear its way out of my body. However, Ethir managed to distract me with a room he remembered from the tour called “The Observatory”.

Within the large and completely golden chamber was a massive obsidian orb, which emitted an ominous aura. I followed him inside of the gelatinous blob; it felt like we were floating in the moonlit night sky above a vast grassland.

We were actually unconscious and completely submerged within a disgusting black liquid, but I tried not to think about it too much. The reason for my intense desire to remain in such a place; was because of the vibrant red string, that was extending from my ethereal chest.

Ethir and I were connected by a thick silver rope, and both of us were also linked to four other people. Three of those thin wires were nearly invisible, I couldn’t even touch them; but that crimson thread which appeared to be made out of boiling blood, was completely different.

When I ran my fingers through the liquid, I saw flashes of fire: A bright purple flame was burning inside my mind. I quickly pulled my hand away, but then I noticed something strange… the scenery had completely changed.

There was a terrifying roar; followed by a loud growl, and interrupted by a deafening explosion from behind me. Then I heard a deep and unfamiliar voice say “Seriously? Amber, please don’t waste your mana on a sparring match.” so I quickly turned around.

I was floating a few meters in the air, below me in every direction was a grassy field; in front of my eyes was a man who was taller than Conor, and just as muscular. His right arm and shoulder seemed to be covered in some sort of obsidian armor, and his left matched his pale skin.

He had elven ears; that protruded from his long and wavy black hair. His relatively small, spiral horns; which were the same color as the ebony scales, that ran down his back and covered his long, thick, reptilian tail, were barely noticeable.

That man was completely naked; and so was the giant, tiger-headed woman that he was pinning against the ground. She was almost a foot taller than him, but her muscles weren’t quite as bulky; so it wasn’t that surprising that he seemed to be slightly stronger.

Since there was no one else there, I could easily guess that the girl’s name was Amber. Her whole body was covered in a coat of relatively thick, yet nearly invisible, colorless fur.

Beneath that, was white skin with light-orange stripes; that were most prominent on her face, arms and legs. She had a long and thick, fluffy tail, which was wrapping around his while her calves were squeezing his lower back; combined with that loud smacking sound, at first glance it definitely looked like they were… mating.

However, once I hovered a little bit to their side; I could see him pinning her left arm down with his right, and their free hands were trying to beat each-other’s faces in. Then the tigress latched onto his throat with her teeth, and began attempting to chew her way through.

Very little blood was leaking from the shallow puncture wounds in his neck, but neither one of them could attack; and if he tried to push her off, there would have been a lot more damage. She elbowed the ground with her right arm, and they quickly switched positions: with her mounted on top of him.

Once she had stopped biting; her fists began pummeling him with an unreasonable amount of force, but only causing very mild injuries. Each hit created a deep thud; the dirt beneath his body was being pushed away, as he sank lower by the second.

Instead of blocking, he simply released a barrage of his own into her chest and abdomen. Eventually, purple flames began erupting from Amber’s attacks; which seemed to burn his skin, but then he grabbed her whiskers with both hands and lunged his face forward; sinking his fangs into her pink nose.

She roared in pain, and wrapped her claws around his throat; then he let go and fell back against the ground. The red-eyed man, with cat-like pupils and a short beard; reached behind her back with his left hand, grabbed the base of her tail; then used his armored fingers to… end the fight.

With both of her most sensitive areas pierced, she lost her grip on his neck and purred loudly; then said “Michael, you can’t win without cheating.” in a deep, raspy voice; as she placed her hands on his chest and straightened her back.

He started snickering, as he let go of her tail; then ran his nails up her back. I heard him growling for a few seconds; then he calmly told her “I warned you to stop using magic. Besides, we’ve gotten to the point; where the spar doesn’t end, without someone losing a genital or two. Last week you literally ate my penis… we really need to start enforcing the rules a little better. If that happens again; I don’t know if I have enough mana to grow it back next time.” while removing his fingers from her open wounds.

My red string was connecting to the center of his chest, so I was pretty sure that he was my son. Although, I was still skeptical because of how dramatically his appearance had changed since the last time I had seen him.

Amber rolled over onto the scorched grass, and they were both staring up into the starry sky. I continued to remain unnoticed, and possibly invisible; floating a dozen meters away from them, trying to muster the courage to say something.

Michael was smiling, he seemed happy; I think the tiger-girl was doing the same… but it was kind of difficult for me to tell. He turned his head towards her, and then quickly glared at me; before sighing, while gazing into her violet eyes and purring softly.

She replied with a deep growl; I had no idea what they were talking about, but it seemed rather intimate. Then he started laughing and she rolled on top of him; stretching her body before yawning and using him as a bed.

Once she began purring loudly, with her eyes closed; it seemed like she was asleep. His head was still turned towards my direction, and he was glaring at me with a grin on his face.

I hovered closer and lowered my body until I was standing on the ground somehow; then I sat down and just stared at him awkwardly. For some reason; it felt like tears were dripping down my face, but I wasn’t crying.

He reached his left hand towards me, and pressed his index finger to my forehead: His talon-like nail, was causing a dull, throbbing, sensation. Then I heard him whisper “It’s been a while, Rae.” in a gentle tone, even though his mouth had never moved.

My body began emitting a radiant white light, and it felt like my ethereal skin was tingling. I cautiously asked him “Michael… is that really you?” but I already knew the answer.

A vertical, golden eye, that looked exactly like Ethir’s; opened up on his forehead, and he replied “I’m sorry that I haven’t been in touch; I’ve been kinda busy over the past three years. It seems like you have too; how are you astral projecting here?” softly into my mind.

I sighed, started giggling; and eventually pointed toward the big, grey, circle in the sky. Then I asked him “Did you know that The Spirit of The Moon is a creepy pervert?” sardonically, while smiling down at him.

He chuckled for a moment; then he smiled and quietly said “I’m not surprised; have you met Maeleth yet? On our first meeting, she tried to mind fuck me… like actually have sex telepathically. Well, people tend to stop caring about how others think of them after a certain amount of time passes.” in a jovial voice.

The light bruises and burns all over his face, chest, and arms; were completely healed by that point. It didn’t seem like he used magic, just natural regeneration; which should have been impossible in such a mana-deprived environment.

I tried to touch his face with my incorporeal hand, but it just went through his skin. Michael laughed and then whispered “What did you think would happen? You’re not actually here, just telepathically linked to my senses; so can you please remove your fingers from my brain, cause it feels kinda gross.” while grabbing my wrist with his left hand.

It was a strange sensation, there was pressure; but nothing else, so I quickly pulled my arm back. The giant furry woman that was curled up in a ball on his… entire body; was purring loudly and chewing on his left horn, while clawing at his chest with her talons.

After Ael Tol became a part of Alfirin, there were quite a few tiger-tribe who immigrated to White Mithril. Not only was Amber a lot taller than the females that I had seen, she also seemed significantly more muscular.

Actually, if her breasts were a little smaller, and her hair wasn’t practically transparent; I probably would have confused her for a man. Michael began gently scratching her back with his obsidian gauntlet, and caressing behind her fairly large; almost triangular ears, with his relatively normal left hand.

I quietly asked him “Are the two of you… umm, together?” It was still strange seeing how much he grew in only a few years. Although, watching my son being intimate with a girl; probably would have been awkward, regardless of the circumstances.

He smirked again; then explained “We haven’t mated yet, if that’s what you’re curious about. It will probably be soon though; her idea of foreplay is closer to a vicious death-match.” and Amber growled loudly, but didn’t open her eyes.

After a few seconds of awkward silence; she began purring again, so he nonchalantly asked me ”How have you been? Aside from being on the Moon, anything interesting happen? By that, I meant, you look like you’re pregnant; is it someone I know?” while staring at my swollen abdomen.

Before I could say anything; he sighed, then grumbled “It looks like our reunion is going to be cut short by some annoying little brats.” as he used his left hand to violently tug on Amber’s whiskers. Once she let go of his horn, he slowly pushed her off of his body; and then took his time climbing out of the small hole, that he had been laying in.

There was a loud buzzing noise, and a moment later; a dozen tiny glowing blue elves were swarming around his face. They were less than fifteen centimeters tall, and had rapidly moving insect-like wings coming from their shoulder-blades; which they seemed to be using to fly: With such weak auras, it would have been impossible for them to use wind magic.

From what I could tell, all of them were female; and the way that they were casually sitting on his horns, shoulders and head, seemed a little odd. Actually, the fact that most of them were licking the sweat off of his skin; was definitely stranger… they reminded me a lot of Luna.

As he extended his left arm towards the direction they came from, a bird swooped down and landed on his palm. Although, I quickly realized that it was just a much larger, white-skinned, female elf; that seemed to be extremely muscular, but had a surprisingly beautiful face.

Her bright-green eyes, glowed in the darkness; even brighter than her luminescent body. The four, raven-like, wings spreading from her back; which were twice as wide as she was tall, quickly folded; then she kneeled on one knee, and looked down at his wrist.

Michael sighed dramatically, inadvertently producing enough wind to make her fall over; then yelled “Cut that shit out! I’m not some fucking king!” while scowling at the disoriented woman. She had disheveled light-brown hair, that was barely past her chin; which was being blown around by each shallow breath he took.

After she had regained her balance and stood upright; she bowed gracefully, and muttered “You didn’t have to be such a dick about it…” quietly. Then she looked him in the eyes with a stern expression, and announced “We finished scouting the battlefield; there were at least a dozen battalions on each side, but the Hithu Kingdom had a lot more war-beasts; so their forces will probably win. Lum has ballistas though, so they may be able to even things out. There’s no reason for you and Puriel to…” but was cut off by a deafening roar.

Amber stood up behind Michael and growled fiercely; scaring away all of the strange little blue creatures, that were lounging on his body. Then he smirked and said “Angelica, I’m not your commander; if you want to slaughter a bunch of elves, with your adorable army of angry pixies; you don’t need to ask for my permission. However, as you can see; Amber and I are starving, so try to stay out of our way… or we might finally have a chance to discover; what those little blue friends of yours taste like.” sarcastically, at least I hoped he wasn’t serious.

The tigress rested her chin on the top of his head, and wrapped her arms around his chest; then started staring at me with her radiant violet eyes. Then all of the tiny elves began looking at me as well. They started swarming around my face; and speaking with voices that were so high-pitched, that I couldn’t even understand them.

Michael smiled; and cheerfully told me “Well, if there was something you wanted to tell me; now’s your chance… cause I’m pretty sure your time is almost up.” There was a sharp pain in my lower back; my chest was feeling incredibly tight, and I noticed that the thread connecting the two of us wasn’t glowing anymore.

I suddenly blurted out “Ethir and I had sex and now I think there’s a bunch of demon eggs growing inside of me! Also, I love you and miss you… umm, some stuff with vampires happened? I don’t know what else to say!” as quickly as I could.

He started laughing hysterically; then calmed down, made a serious expression; and whispered into my mind “Everything happens for a reason Rae. If they had been hideous mutants; would you have loved Talia and Laebeth any less? Hell, most people would consider me a monster! Besides, Ethir’s a good looking guy and you’re beautiful; I’m sure that any children the two of you have together, will be perfect angels… they probably won’t be very tall though.” in a sincere tone.

Immediately after he finished speaking; I opened my eyes, and started coughing up copious amounts of disgusting inky liquid. An unfortunate consequence of using the giant ball of goo, was that we had to constantly inhale the oily substance while we were inside of it.

Obviously, Luna couldn’t create something as amazing as a device that would let me talk to my son; that didn’t involve drinking and breathing some kind of repulsive fluids. My hair and skin were temporarily dyed black… but it was worth it.

After a few minutes of intense regurgitation, Ethir and I hobbled down the incredibly long hallway; to my personal favorite room in that evil place, the gigantic bathhouse which was more like a small lake. The massive octopus demon spewed some sticky white liquid on the two of us; which was definitely soap, and we slowly scrubbed our bodies clean in the boiling water.

Luckily, it only took three hours to remove the disgusting black slime, from my hair and skin. Normally it would have been easy to use magic; and cleanse myself completely, but that horrible inky goop constantly drained mana at a ridiculous pace.

While we were bathing, we talked to each other about our relatively short time apart. I told him about Michael’s girlfriend and the weird pixie creatures; then he let me know how Lori was doing.

Apparently, she was visiting Conor and Hiwel at the time, so he was able to find out that my nephew had finally regained most of his memories. Although, he still couldn’t remember the battle, or anything that happened for a few weeks before that.

He had come to visit us a few times in White Mithril, but it was more like he was meeting us for the first time. His own wives and children were strangers to him, for at least a few months after his injuries had healed; but it was nice to know that even if someone has their brain turned into paste, it was still possible to make a full recovery… as long as they had a ton of mana and an absurdly high nature affinity.

By the end of the day or night, moon time was awkward; I looked like I was about fifteen months pregnant, which was only a couple weeks from when most elves would give birth. I drank a few more bottles of that orange beverage, and a really sweet blue goo; there was some zesty red liquid too.

The first few years of my early vampiric life; I used to pretend that blood was actually blackberry juice. Eventually I got over it, because it just tasted so delicious that I didn’t care anymore.

However, four Earth days was not nearly enough time for me to get used to all of the weird flavors, smells, and textures in Lunaland. In the back of my mind; I probably knew where that crimson liquid originated, but I had successfully convinced myself that it came from her neck or wrist.

Meeting with Michael again; even if it wasn’t for very long, had helped me sort out my feelings toward becoming a mother for the third time. There was something I didn’t really think about though. I wasn’t pregnant; there wasn’t a baby inside of me, monstrous or otherwise… I was going to have to lay eggs.

They weren’t soft, flexible, reptilian sacs; there were two, infant sized, extremely rigid objects inside of my abdomen. Even with the massive reduction to pain, courtesy of Luna, the discomfort was still phenomenal.

I wasn’t even able to sleep that night; I just stayed awake, while groaning, whining, and crying; the whole time, Ethir was forced to put up with my complaining. He made sure to feed me plenty of his blood, to keep me from panicking too much; the hours passed by pretty slowly.

Eventually I was screaming “Just hurry up and cut them out of me!” furiously; at the surprisingly calm red-goblin, who was using nature, water, earth, and runic magic; to make sure that my body could physically lay the eggs. My hips had to be temporarily widened, fluids needed to be regulated, muscles were relaxed or strengthened; and since my mana pool was so disturbed, I couldn’t even help him out.

At least the mattress that I was laying on, and ruining, was incredibly comfortable. I could actually see my belly shrinking by at least thirty centimeters; as the first slimy, red, egg popped out of… well, the place that babies usually emerge from.

When the extremely hard shell smacked into Ethir’s face; I yelled “Are you okay?! Oh no! Owww!” in a surprised and horrified voice, as I could feel the second one tearing its way out of a different orifice. He was prepared that time though, and managed to catch slippery object before it managed to injure him.

Once they were out of me, I was able to breathe properly and cast magic easily. In less than a minute my waist was back to normal; although, it took a lot longer to heal and tighten up the areas that were most severely damaged.

After we cleaned the various juices out of the bed; Ethir and I were just sitting there cross-legged, in silence; staring at the glowing red eggs with complex expressions: We each had one resting in our laps. I gazed into his golden eyes and bluntly stated “I have absolutely no idea what we’re supposed to do with these things.” My voice was raspy and I had a throbbing headache.

He frowned slightly; then looked down at the nearly transparent crystalline shell, and placed his palms on the sides. It was possible to see inside, but the dark red liquid was too murky to make out any shapes.

Then he smiled at me and whispered “I can see them… but it’s too early… to know much. There is an… incredible concentration… of mana within each of these embryos. Our children will… definitely be powerful… but I have no idea, how long it will take… for them to hatch.”

I sighed, then began gently caressing the egg in my lap. After a couple more seconds of silence, I asked him “Are we supposed to name them now?” There were quite a few of them that I had been saving; from back when I could actually give birth.

Ethir chuckled quietly; then he cheerfully replied “We don’t know their gender… or even what race they are.” while grinning. He seemed so happy, that I didn’t expect his expression to change so drastically a moment later; when he grimaced and muttered “Raelin, I need to tell you… about my father.” while staring at my breasts.

They did seem a little larger than before, but that was probably just wishful thinking. I smiled at him and told him “I’ve always wondered about that, but I assumed you either didn’t remember him or didn’t want to talk about it.” nervously.

He looked into my eyes and anxiously murmured “Lorelei is my… half-sister… she’s probably… told you about that already. How our mothers… were lured into the catacombs, and defiled. That isn’t exactly… how it happened though.” while trembling slightly.

Then he composed himself and quietly said “I saw him, that monster, many times… they couldn’t see… his true appearance. Each of the women were trapped in illusions, but they had wanted to be there. He gave them… whatever they desired… power, happiness, justice, peace of mind, and for one of them… family.”

I nodded my head, trying to signal him to keep talking; but he just seemed extremely confused. Eventually I shouted “Okay, get to the point! I just laid these gigantic eggs, I’m tired! This story better not end up with your father being a giant tentacle monster, because I’m really not in the mood to have another panic attack tonight!” before catching my breath, frowning and saying “Ah, I’m sorry sweetie… I’m not mad at you, just really tired.”

Ethir smiled nervously for a moment; then continued “He definitely appeared as… an elf of some kind. It was always dark, so I don’t remember many of his features. There were two things… that stood out about him. His aura was similar to Luna’s… but much weaker; and… he had six large, dove-like, white wings; that spread from his shoulder-blades and back.

“Until a few days ago… I thought that he was a demon. I’m pretty sure he was… a seraphim… and his name… was Asmodeus.” while making a serious expression.

I sighed dramatically; then asked him “So basically, our kids will be cute monsters… where do we put these anyway? I’m pretty sure if we sleep with them on the bed, they’re going to fall onto the floor at some point.” while carefully lifting the egg, and holding it sideways in front of my face.

My maternal instincts weren’t strong enough to overcome my exhaustion, so the only thing I was interested in at that point; was closing my eyes and laying down on the moist, but comfortable, bed. Ethir gathered the thick blanket into a bundle and placed both of the eggs inside of it: side by side but not touching each other.

The natural room temperature was pretty hot, so we didn’t really need to sleep under them anyway. Then he gently slid the fluffy ball between my pillow and the metallic wall; since the headboard was huge, there was no chance of me accidentally pushing them off the mattress.

Before I slipped into sweet unconsciousness; he cuddled up behind me, wrapped his arms around my chest and whispered “I love you… Raelin.” in a sincere voice. I stared at the black quilt and smiled: It was the first time in my life that I had cried because of happiness.

After a few seconds, I gripped his hands and mumbled “I love you too, Ethir.” while slowly closing my eyes. Five seconds later I had to get out of bed and go to the bathroom; because my bladder was still recovering… but I probably should have just left out that part.


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