HCL Chapter 118: A Deal Between Devils

Author’s Note

For some reason, Shinedown songs remind me of my stories lol. I just started listening to them again after… Idk how long it’s been rofl. Here’s some music if you’re interested.


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HCL Chapter 117: Pride

Out of the seven planets of the Asura System, the largest and most dangerous was Asura-1: Pride. It was a massive golden gas giant, which was surrounded by hundreds of moons; each of them being close to the size of Earth. Many had literally been dragged from other universes or galaxies in order to become ‘arenas’, where the original inhabitants were thrust into hellish world-wide death games against their will. Continue reading

HCL Chapter 116: Minari’s Fancy Cape

“Hey Kana, I consider us friends… So I’ll give you a ‘friendly’ warning.” Minari suddenly turned around and grabbed the ethereal woman’s delicate neck, “If you ever try to fucking manipulate me into killing my loved ones again, I will destroy you. And I don’t mean the funny, ‘haha’, kind of destruction either! This you right now… You’re just a fancy goddamn cape! And I like you that way. You’re useful and nice, plus, I can do all~ kinds of fun things with you, hehehehe~! So unless you plan on staying that way forever, I would suggest that you not make the same mistake again.” Continue reading

HCL Chapter 113: Seeking Perfection

A humanoid body was slowly being constructed within that strange egg that Minari had created. It was three meters tall, but curled up like a fetus in a womb. There were only two eyes, a nose, a single mouth, long black hair and pointed elven ears… The face was similar to Michael’s, but less masculine and slightly reminiscent of Alice in her ‘Fairy’ form. Two obsidian gazelle horns grew from the temples, covered in golden runes. Continue reading

HCL Chapter 112: Karmic Void

Shortly after Minari’s sudden disappearance from ‘New Tokyo’, both Rachael and Hiro had been randomly dumped into a dungeon halfway across the world. They happened to coincidentally bump into Philip Tyler, also known as Lee, who was in the process of trying to rescue his friend Kelsey King. Continue reading

HCL Chapter 109: Eternal Deities

“Why do almost all animals only have a singular heart? Why do they only have two lungs instead of three? Why are there only two halves of a brain, instead of four quarters? Lichens are part fungi and part plant, so why aren’t there any similar animals in nature? Or are there and I just didn’t watch enough Animal World when I was a kid? Oh wait… Then there are other planets and shit too… I have a feeling that there’s a reason though. There is a natural way of things. But that has to do with the Nature Element. So in other words… Chaos is merely a divergence of the natural order.” Continue reading

HCL Chapter 107: Familiar Faces

The enormous tree that was growing out of the Earth, had branches which were thousands of miles from the planet’s surface. In fact, it was so massive that its roots spread out all across the entire western hemisphere. While it was certainly a strange and overwhelmingly powerful creature, its only real enemy was the seven-headed hydra that lived on the other side of the world. There were similar beasts that existed on Luna and Venus as well, but they didn’t exactly have the chance to interact or conflict with each other. Continue reading