PS V1, Chapter 25: Summoning a Maid

“I can’t believe I own a motorcycle… No, I guess I also own a giant silver tower that I can Summon anywhere I want as well… But I actually own a motorcycle. And it looks fancy as hell!” Continue reading

TDD, Chapter 4, Part 1: Vengeance

*Henry’s Perspective*

“Revenge is a poison, coursing through my veins. Forcing my hand, for all their cries of pain. Anger’s controlling me, filling me with hate. Nothing can stop this rage I feel, now all that’s left is fate.” Continue reading

PS, V1, Chapter 2: The Cards of Fate

Matthew stared blankly at the card for a minute, before he asked “Seriously? What is this? Did you write that? Who or what are you anyway?” Continue reading

PS, V1, Prologue: Matthew Leblanc

I started writing Private Server in the beginning of December and finished the first Volume before January. I kind of want to say some things, but it’d probably be spoiling, so I’ll just tell you “Thanks for reading my story.” Because I probably don’t say it nearly enough. Also, while the prologues and epilogues are first person, the other chapters are 3rd person.


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TDD V2, Chapter 3: Parts 2-4

It actually doesn’t take much time or effort to edit TDD… I just have so much other shit to do lol. Like writing PS, editing Observing the End… Okay, that’s about it. I’ve been making game videos, but I have no idea how to edit them and I can’t even talk during them. So it’s just me, being bad, playing various games on normal difficulty and making it look like Hardcore mode because of how much I fail…

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TDD V2, Chapter 3: Part 1

“What should we do now? Execute the prisoners?” Yuri was casually walking through the ruins of the Rusty Saber Bandit village. There were large hills of dirt everywhere. Ruined buildings and fortifications were scattered about. Some of them were burning, but the drizzling rain prevented the fires from growing out of control. Continue reading