TDD, Chapter 4, Part 1: Vengeance

*Henry’s Perspective*

“Revenge is a poison, coursing through my veins. Forcing my hand, for all their cries of pain. Anger’s controlling me, filling me with hate. Nothing can stop this rage I feel, now all that’s left is fate.”

That song was stuck in my head for the last sixteen years, but now it’s so… quiet. All this time, I’ve been struggling to grow stronger, get bigger, hone my skills, prepare myself. Yet it all ended so anticlimactically.

No, perhaps a massacre of that scale was simply too grand, compared to what I had been expecting. Maybe the real reason I feel so empty and hollow, is because I didn’t kill them through my own power?

I could have chosen a different path. I had the opportunity to decide how the battle would play out. They gave me that chance… But I couldn’t go through with it in the end. I didn’t expect there to be so many innocents there. It wasn’t their decision to be born into that kind of environment. Most of them hated it there anyway. Many were treated just as badly as the slaves.

If I would have told them to just burn the village to the ground, or if I had allowed them to implement an even more vicious strategy, I would have never been able to forgive myself. Now, at least I can look my mother in the eyes and say “Those Rusty Saber Bastards are finally dead.” Without having to include, “But I needed to murder over a thousand people to seek our vengeance.”

I’m really looking forward to that conversation… But I’m a little stuck right now.

“Umm, Cousins, can you hear me? I’m not sure how to make this-ah, there you are!”

Catherine’s, no, Yuri’s face appeared in front of me. It’s some sort of magical spell where a pane of glass materializes, then images are projected onto it… Maybe, I don’t really understand how it works. I’ve just heard the two of them trying to explain it a few times.

“Henry, have you completed your task?”

I’m not sure why, but Yuri really scares me. I have no idea how she can keep her voice from having any emotion like that… She does smirk sometimes though. Like when she almost raped me.

I cleared my throat and explained “Yes, around five hundred of the survivors are willing to stay here. The rest either died or ran off on their own. I umm, I had to kill a few of the women in self-defense… It seems to have had a good effect on the rest of them, because no one has tried to openly murder me since then. I don’t really trust that they’ll keep up the good behavior in the future though. If I had to guess, there are at least fifty of them who will try to sabotage whatever it is that you’re planning.”

Ah, she smirked slightly, that’s not a good sign.

“You’ve done well. We’ll leave them to their own devices for now. If they attempt to cause too much mischief, it is a simple matter for me to ‘discipline’ them appropriately. The stairway should be mostly repaired, so meet me in my bedroom. I need to administer your ‘treatment’. I’m concerned that you may have hurt yourself from exercising so strenuously earlier.”

I know it’s wrong. We aren’t married and we’re related by blood, but for some strange reason… I’m really looking forward to her ‘treatment’. Ow, my balls really do hurt though. I think I pulled something… No, maybe I pulled a lot of things.

51 thoughts on “TDD, Chapter 4, Part 1: Vengeance

  1. Hey do you know what would be terrifying if Xenomorphs were to be introduced to a fantasy world and no I’m not saying you should write a story on it I just want your thoughts on the idea

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      • That sounds horrible lol. If I couldn’t eat meat… I mean, I usually can’t afford steak or sushi, but I still like it when I can get it. The point is that I’d never be able to give up meat/fish lol. On the other hand, my brother became a vegetarian recently rofl.


      • I can have meat I just can’t have milk because of my autism and I can’t have wheat, Rye or barley because of my Celiac’s Disease which is an autoimmune disease that makes my immune system attack my small intestine which risks me getting cancer in the process

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      • And worse yet is stronger my immune system is the more damage it does to my small intestine which increases the risk of cancer even greater

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      • That sounds terrible lol. But I still don’t understand what Autism has to do with what kinda foods people can eat? Also, if your immune system is that strong, does it mean that you don’t get sick?


      • no my immune system is Average I still do get sick it’s just that with those with stronger immune systems it’s even worse Plus imagine what immune system booster would do to me when even with my average immune system a single crumb of wheat causes 3 months worth of damage to my small intestine

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      • And for autistic people animal milk has a negative effect on our mentality and personality and we’re actually healthier without milk and supposedly we get addicted to it like a drug we also can’t for some reason properly digest the proteins in it. it’s not in the same effect that lactose intolerance has on other people

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      • I mean, there are a ridiculous amount of different forms of Autism, so that sounds crazy… However, cow milk isn’t really good for humans in general lol. I try to avoid it, but I still drink it with cereal, but… I don’t feel good afterwards rofl. Anyway, I love wheat… Idk if I could survive without wheat and rice lol.


      • Is lucky that I can have rice and corn any grain related to wheat though is a no-go and heck don’t get me started on my allergies judging by how you’re main character Michael seems to be based off of you, you also have allergies right?

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      • I have/had some lol. It’s never too bad though. If I eat a little chocolate, I’m fine. But a bit more and I feel like I’m dying lmao. Same thing with milk and some other stuff… Eggs fuck me up sometimes, but I’m fine with them other times lol. Also, I have extreme OCD, which makes me do a lot of ‘weird’ shit in the view of other people.

        Any kind of alcoholic beverage will make me feel like I’m dying, even if I just drink a sip. If I even ‘smell’ a distant cigarette, my sinuses go on strike and I have to struggle for a while to breathe lol.


    • I can’t have cigarettes and alcohol yet I’m still under age nor do I plan to ever have cigarettes and alcohol, because I have a sensitive nose cigarettes smell outright disgusting to me

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      • I used to be able to tolerate alcohol and the smell of cigarettes, but somewhere along the line, I just can’t handle second hand smoke or even a tiny bit of alcohol lol.


    • My sub ended a while back lol. I’ve been writing “Immortal Soul” Volume 5 lately and mostly posting Observing the End, while trying to meet schedules… On the other hand, I only post chapters on here when I have time, since it’s more of a hobby than a job, if you know what I mean lol.

      A few days ago, Jessica Jones Season 2 came out, so I had to binge that for 13 hours split over 2 days…. Which fucked up a lot of my free time for editing/posting stuff. Then I started reading a new series, which I’ve been binging for the rest of yesterday…. Oh yeah and Vermintide 2 came out lol.


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