Chapter 245: The Procrastination Sanctuary

The demonic Nephilim and the orange-scaled dragoness were both standing next to each other; she was wearing nothing but that fiery red-robe, while he wore a white t-shirt, pants and shoes. Michael stared over the top of her head and yelled “Holy fucking shit-balls! I’m actually taller than you now?!” Continue reading

Chapter 244: Vendetta?

“He’s here! That evil bastard has finally returned!” The eight-foot tall, grey-skinned, Earth Knight was covered in thick steel plate armor as he excitedly pointed with his huge bronze glaive. Alexander the Decapitator actually grinned at the sight of his most hated enemy, and he was willing to abandon his fortress, if it meant that he could finally kill Michael. Continue reading

Chapter 242: It Takes a Harem, to Raise a Lamia

Almost immediately after Captain Shiro spoke her name, the angelic cat-girl appeared from a beam of blinding light. The brightly glowing ‘Battlestaff’ in her hands, was swiftly plunged into the temple of a hideously deformed orcish Berserker. Continue reading

Chapter 241: Hardcore Parenting

A nine-meter tall humanoid dragon golem was stomping around in a sea of lava. Alice roared loudly and swatted the airborne Imps that were swarming around her enormous, stone body. Continue reading

Chapter 240: Divide and Conquer?

“Nyahahaha~, Grandpa Shiro! Meow~, that looks ouchy~!” The moment that Jasmine appeared upon the ramparts of Fort Resilience, she saw that the white-haired Feline Dwarf was profusely bleeding from a gaping wound in his chest. Continue reading

Chapter 182: No Mercy for the Trash-Mobs

“Ya sure are a cocky bastard! Did ya think I didn’t have any other spells?!” Sarah shouted furiously, as her clothing went into its active state. Her veil transformed into an obsidian skull, there were six shadowy tendrils wriggling around behind her head, and every speck of blue or purple had turned black. Continue reading

Chapter 181: Revenge Never Ends Well

Ironically, even though Toraka had decided to give up any thoughts of revenge, her father wasn’t quite so rational. Perhaps it was coincidence, though it was more likely the actions of mischievous Goddess. Continue reading

Chapter 178: Returning to the Warfront

“Here, these are Experience Potions… I made a few dozen of them last night. They should only work on people below level-five though. For the best effect, give them to level-zeros.” Alice casually said that, as she handed thirty of the green vials to Daniel. Then she walked over to the freezer and placed her right palm on the panel, muttering “How much meat would they eat in a couple days? Hmmm, okay, I think this is enough.” Continue reading