A Song From My Childhood…

Okay, so maybe not ‘childhood’… But I did write and record this song like 7-10 years ago. I was 14 or so when I wrote it, but I think this particular recording is from when I re-recorded it for the 3rd or 4th time at 17-ish?

However, this song still pops into my head sometimes when I’m reading all these xianxia stories about ‘revenge’ and ‘betrayal’ lol. I might have used pieces of the lyrics already in a story, but I can’t remember… Continue reading

Chapter 244: Vendetta?

β€œHe’s here! That evil bastard has finally returned!” The eight-foot tall, grey-skinned, Earth Knight was covered in thick steel plate armor as he excitedly pointed with his huge bronze glaive. Alexander the Decapitator actually grinned at the sight of his most hated enemy, and he was willing to abandon his fortress, if it meant that he could finally kill Michael. Continue reading