SDC V1, Chapter 15: Open-Minded

I accepted my situation because I was open-minded. I didn’t prescribe to the Mainstream Faith. By that, I didn’t mean the Media, because even back in 2019, almost nobody still trusted that bullshit. No, I’m talking about those people who believe so strongly in whatever the mainstream science and history ‘experts’ told them, that they would think you’re an idiot for considering it possible that the Pyramids weren’t created by a bunch of random human slaves. Continue reading


SDC, V1, Chapter 14: Sex Drive

I resisted the urge to try kissing myself, since it was pointless, and left the bathroom. Although I could go into great detail about how I walked on the balls of my feet, only touched things with specific hands and explain every little weird thing I did on the way out… I don’t have that kind of time. Besides, it’s pretty redundant at this point. Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 13: Dreams

“So yeah, I had a creepy dream about being experimented on. Doesn’t really prove much… But if I was the seventy-seventh person, there might be lots of other people out there who suddenly woke up with a complete stranger in their bed. Maybe I can find one of them that was stupid enough to make a forum post somewhere and talk about their experiences so far?” Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 12: X

Ana pushed down on the lid with her right hand, closing it with a popping noise, before running over to the sink and washing her hands again. Then she walked over to the kitchen table and picked up that big red mug by its black handle, before drinking a bit from the straw. Continue reading

OP-ness Returns, Chapter 9: Talia’s Gear and Stats

“Wait a second… I just noticed something. If all the pieces of gear have set amounts, then why do the pieces that cover multiple areas only count as one? Doesn’t that make them kinda shitty in comparison?” Michael asked himself a question, which was actually ‘answered’ by the System. Continue reading

The Planet, Arcana Prime

Okay, so I doodled a bit and ended up with this nightmare: Arcana Prime

Keep in mind that this isn’t the world from HCOP, since obviously a lot of things are vastly different. It’ll be explained more in Chapter 10 of OP-ness Returns, but for now, and for anyone interested, this is a very crude map of the planet. Very very motherfucking crude. Honestly, I could’ve literally done much better by hand or with a different program. I still might, but for now, at least it’s something.

OP-ness Returns, Chapter 8: The Shadowy Temptress

After the glowing milky white armor appeared over Michael’s ‘normal’ Nephilim body, his feet immediately started sinking into the grassy dirt. Due to his extremely unbalanced Stats. Without any enhancement of his Agility, the man weighed nearly 500 kilograms or roughly 1100 pounds. This was actually a good thing for Tanks, and something they would usually intentionally do in order to fight against giant monsters more easily. Aside from that, increasing in size through transformative spells typically wouldn’t increase the weight of the Caster. Thus allowing larger Tanks to move more comfortably in their huge forms. Continue reading

OP-ness Returns, Chapter 6: Patch Notes

[The drop-rate of all non-quest items will be lowered significantly, due to the amount of Players and the lack of items. Soulbound items will be far more scarce, but it is estimated that Artifacts will become far more common, due to the amount of Players who can now create them.] Continue reading