I Wrote A Fanfiction?

Another Summoner Story

So yeah, I was getting kinda burnt out after writing 1100 chapters of Bloodline Cultivation Journal, but instead of… You know, editing and posting that story, I ended up Binge Writing for the first time in a long time.

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BCJ, Chapter 134: Butchery

Honestly, I didn’t feel much of anything, aside from maybe disgust once the piggy was actually dead. There’s a big difference to me between a living and dead creature, even if it’s a human. When something is alive, I can ‘feel’ that it’s a living creature and often has emotions or at least thoughts. Probably due to my power or maybe just my imagination.

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BCJ, Chapter 133: Pigs

“No… I’ll help you.”

Pigs are really smart and empathetic. They’re supposedly even more emotional and intelligent than dogs. And I had never even intentionally killed a fucking fish before. Honestly, I didn’t want to kill the poor bastard. But he was already dying no matter what. It was much quicker and less painful to have a bullet in your head or your throat slit than to slowly rot away from an infection or get torn apart and toyed with by a pack of wolves or other predators.

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