TDoE V2 Chapter 28: The Expert Stage

I don’t even know how many times Di told me “Ya ain’t gotta worry bout no weapons or armor! True power comes from yer own damn body! Don’t waste yer time foolin round with them fuckin fancy-ass swords or sabers, just focus on getting stronger! It don’t matter how amazing yer gear is, if yer facing off against an Expert when you’re only a shitty Apprentice! You’d definitely die without even having the chance ta fight back!” Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 27: Firepower

Admiral Wang Yong was on the same level of beefiness and size as Captain Hua Li. The difference in gender really didn’t mean shit when it came to hardcore bodybuilders, also known as Cultivators. Size didn’t always mean strength, obviously, but it did help to a certain extent. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 26: Maneuverability

What did you expect? I obviously missed the first shot. It was mostly just practice though. You can’t become a marksman by being a hardcore first-person shooter specialist. Even if your reaction speed, reflexes and mentality are improved, you still need to train in reality. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 25: Liara

Life is amazing; I honestly never felt that way in the entire twenty years I was on Earth. However, from the moment I arrived on Genesis, I could feel that there were endless possibilities waiting for me to… do something with? Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 24: Little Ares

Cruelty is relative, just like everything else in existence. That whole ‘Eternal Dao of Domination’ thingy came to mind as I gazed down at the insignificantly weak little brine shrimp. They swam around frantically, struggling to escape the vicious cannibal that used its mandibles to tear them apart with ease. Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 23: Shrimp

“Don’t be such a baby~! Aqua Beads are expensive and hard to find, so you still need to learn how to use water magic!” Mei scolded me, while taking a small and mysterious cardboard package out of the luggage. Without much fanfare, she casually ripped the top of it off and sprinkled a crystalline powder into the fishbowl. Continue reading

The Diary of Destiny King


Accidents happen when you least expect them. Often due to negligence, but coincidences do not exist. In an alternate reality, where magic exists and deities are abundant, fate is much more than just a concept.

After the sudden death of her brother, Destiny inherits an amazing opportunity. Many people dream of traveling to other worlds and going on fantastical adventures. However, for the average man or woman to survive in the harshest environments on Earth would be nearly impossible.

In order to evolve, both mentally and physically, Destiny King must undergo many trials and tribulations… Whether she wants to or not. Because the only alternative, is death.


Agriculture is usually underrated and overlooked. Farming has often been perceived as low-class or work designated to peasants throughout the ages. However, without agriculture, civilization would be unable to exist or persist.

Survival would still be possible, but the quality of life would be drastically lower. Hunting is simply too dangerous, inefficient and unstable to support a large population. Gathering wild plants can be just as hazardous and difficult as hunting.

Without understanding how difficult life can be without the amenities you take for granted each day, you wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate what it means to be a Kitsune. Power must be earned.

You will suffer many hardships, but if you do not have the will to survive, then how can I trust you to carry out my will? How could I bestow upon you my blessings if you are unwilling to fight for them?

If it is your destiny, then perhaps you will manage to overcome these trials… If not, then I can only offer my condolences. I implore you Child, do not attempt to take this test without proper preparation and settling any affairs you might have. Do not accept this challenge unless you are completely confident in yourself and your ability to survive under extreme adversity!

This is not a game! You still have a chance to turn back… Are you certain that you wish to become a Kitsune?


Yeah, I decided to change the old Synopsis into a Prelude and make a new Synopsis that’s more… Like, synopsis-ey?

The Diary of Destiny King

TDoE V2 Chapter 22: Haunted Waves

“Umm, okay then, I think I get what you’re trying to say… Basically, there’s no point in thinking too deeply about the small stuff in life. Whether I fuck her in the pussy, ass or mouth, it doesn’t really make a difference, because eventually I’m just going to die anyway. So I might as well enjoy what little time I have left? All that pseudo-incest and possible pedophilia stuff is also inconsequential. As long as it’s consensual and we both know what we’re doing, then it’s all good!” Continue reading