IS, V4, Chapter 3: Communication

A high-pitched, squeaky voice resounded through my mind “Mikey! You’re alive!? Or maybe you’re actually just a ghost, coming back to haunt me for letting you die a virgin?! Ah, don’t worry, I’ve saved myself for you! You look kinda different though… maybe it’s the hair? Anyway, so many things happened since I last saw you!” as I opened my eyes. Continue reading

IS, V4, Chapter 2: Repercussions

When someone assaults you, it’s only natural to respond in kind. Killing a person who is a direct threat to your life, or someone you care about, that would be considered self-defense. Swatting a fly, because it annoyed you… well, that’s closer to what Amber was doing. Continue reading

IS, V3, Chapter 10: Observation

The first thing that Luna said; when she woke up and crawled over top of Ethir and I was “This avatar requires several hours of rest every two Earth days. Unfortunately, construction of the device is proceeding at a particularly slow pace. If I work faster; there is a high probability of failure and this base sustaining considerable damage.” before yawning and discharging large amounts of electricity from her horns. Continue reading

IS, V3, Chapter 7: Invasion

When I finally returned to my senses: I had some delicious antler-bear blood, took a few sips from Ethir’s wrist, and took a short nap as the situation progressed. We had to leave the maglev because Ailyn had woken up, and was preparing to return to Black Mithril to pick reinforcements and supplies. Continue reading