PS V1, Chapter 25: Summoning a Maid

“I can’t believe I own a motorcycle… No, I guess I also own a giant silver tower that I can Summon anywhere I want as well… But I actually own a motorcycle. And it looks fancy as hell!” Continue reading


PS V1, Chapter 24: Lucky Hospital Beds

[Item: Lucky Hospital Beds
Type: Tools
Rarity: Uncommon
Mana Cost: 4
Description: Summons 2 to 4 Lucky Hospital Beds. Aside from being able to adjust to various positions and move around on wheels like any other hospital bed, these beds are special. They have been blessed by a Priestess of Arcana and imbued with magical healing properties. Not only will they allow the user to recover from injuries more quickly, they will also protect them from weak curses and various types of misfortune. The frames are mostly made from metal, while the guard rails are plastic and the removable trays are wooden. Comes with comfortable mattresses, thick blankets, thin sheets and fluffy hypoallergenic pillows. Very small probability of averting disasters.] Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 23: Faith

“Oh my God… Why the fuck is this shit happening to us?! First the robbery, now even the hospital we were sent to gets attacked?!” Matthew was complaining, but never stopped moving. The two of them had to try at least three different stairwells, before they could find one that wasn’t engulfed in flames. Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 22: Sleep Mode

“I feel exhausted.” Matthew sighed, leaning all the way back on his office chair and staring at the pure-white ceiling. He murmured “If feels like I haven’t slept in three days.” Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 21: Orcish Lust

“Definitely… Worth it… Ow… See you soon Kid.” Those were Michael’s last words, before his body exploded like a balloon filled with blood. Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 20: Bonus Round

“Oh please~! Those bitches were total noobs!” Michael snickered, bragging “As long as you give me a decent suit of armor, I could even kill a whole army of losers like-Holy fuck!” Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 19: Casual Lust

“Is this bitch actually a zombie?” The moment the glasses vanished, that woman got down on all fours and started sprinting towards Michael with her abnormally long tongue, hanging out of her mouth. Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 18: Asura-3

Matthew’s happiness was brought about by the fact that he managed to get so many cards of the same type, cost and rarity. Thus, his fusion results would be far more predictable. Also, “It seems like Azrael’s cards don’t include any sex toys or ghostly dicks…” Continue reading


This post is literally about the musical Hamilton, even though I don’t really go out and see plays… I just kinda listen to them lmao. Anyway, the point is that I spent the last few days listening to Hamilton and I gotta say, it’s really good.

In fact, I got so into the stupid story that after I finished listening to it, I went and looked up what actually happened back then to see if it was historically accurate lol. Continue reading

PS V1, Chapter 17: Another Card Pack

[Summoner: Matthew Leblanc
ID Code: Trashmob-707
Rank: Unranked
Level: 3
Experience: 0/10
Mana: 3/3
Cards: 15
Description: A scumbag who treats his Summoned Heroes as disposable pawns.] Continue reading