SDC V1, Chapter 26: Cuddling

That fateful day, was finally over… I still needed to piss, with both bodies, so it wasn’t like I could just go straight to sleep. However, that only took a few minutes. The sky was still pretty bright, since it was technically the middle of the day. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 25: Acceptance

*Author’s Note*

Kinda feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to do anything productive anymore. Idk what happened to me… But well, I just woke up and decided to post some chapters of SDC. Barely edited but whatever, if I had to edit them, I would probably just do one chapter and give up lol.



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Immortal Soul, Volume 6, Chapter 6, Parts 28 and 29(Uncensored)

So yeah, the Tapas people let me post the uncensored versions of these Parts on my site, since they had to censor them due to whatever. Apparently Apple doesn’t allow people to talk about penises and vaginas, but fortunately, WordPress does lol.

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TDoE, V3, Chapter 13: Orders

Author’s Note: So yeah… I’ve been posting unedited chapters of Solo Dual Cultivation lately, but this time I randomly decided to edit and post a chapter of TDoE. I feel like… I don’t even remember that long ago. Was it 2 years when I wrote this chapter? I have no clue. There are so many stories that I’ve written over the past few years, and so many that I need to get back to writing… Yet I’m kinda tethered down with Immortal Soul. So every time I start writing something else, sooner or later, I gotta stop what I’m doing and get back to ‘work’ lmao. Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 19: Senses

My ears have always been sensitive. However, once I gained a second pair of them, the tiny little things that really fucking annoyed me before, had become seriously unbearable. For example, my father was listening to a radio talk-show upstairs and while I couldn’t understand the exact words that were spoken, I could clearly hear the horrible static-like noises, along with mumbling and high-pitched squeaking. Continue reading