Chapter 234: Abusing OP-ness

A ten-foot tall demonic man, with a huge, pitch-black, serpentine tail and an enormous siegeblade in his right hand, charged out into the undead horde. Michael roared “Attack me, you crusty cunt-whores!” Continue reading

Chapter 233: Fooling Around?

“I figured that you guys would be showing up today… but I wasn’t really expecting you to show up this early. Hell, it’s like five AM, don’t you bastards ever sleep?” Johnny’s voice reverberated throughout the first Boss-Room of the Dungeon. Continue reading

Chapter 156: Close Enough?

“Ow~, shit, arg~…” Michael’s bones and internal organs were all severely damaged, and he had a concussion. Both of his wings were crushed to the point that they weren’t even attached to his body anymore, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was wearing armor, he certainly would have faced instant death. Continue reading

Chapter 155: Abominable

The ground was rumbling fiercely, “Nyah~! Mikey~, lookie-lookie~! There’s a giant pee-pee sticking out of the ground!” Jasmine was the first to notice the massive scorpion tail protruding from the bonedust. Continue reading

Chapter 154: Gauntlets Are a Lot of Work

When the cockroaches finally caught up to their group, all of them targeted Michael, who was by far the slowest person on the team.  It wasn’t that he could move quickly, “Stop being so ridiculous and just run!  You could even fly if you wanted to!” Continue reading

Chapter 153: Gauntlets Are Exhausting

The beautiful silver gates opened, and a six-foot tall angelic Guardian, flapped his wings violently.  His body was extremely heavy, yet it was still lifted off of the ground by such a massive amount of air-pressure. Continue reading

Chapter 152: Getting Serious…

After shoving everything into a single treasure-chest, it was decided that Elina would be the one to carry it within her second bag-slot.  As for the other five, “No, you can’t keep the damn chests!  Those things aren’t just antiques, they’re also made out of solid gold!  Ugh, fine, you can take one, but leave the others there!  Consider it as payment for that… never-mind, all of you should eat, drink, piss, shit or whatever, and be ready in fifteen minutes!” Continue reading

Chapter 151: Bonus Loot

“Gunsmithing for Idiots: A graphic novel about a Dwarven Gun-Master, who travels the world and teaches underdeveloped Human villagers how to create and utilize a wide variety of firearms.  Warning: Contains scenes of gratuitous violence, gore, nudity, and offensive language.  Rare Quality, no level requirement.” Continue reading

Chapter 150: Epic Loot, For the Win

“Get behind the motherfucking pillars!” Michael roared, as he teleported over and grabbed the tiny cat-girl, and briskly walked towards Talia.  Inari had already completely healed from all of her injuries a while before that, so she was able to easily sprint next to Alice’s hiding spot. Continue reading

Chapter 149: Finally Fighting the First Boss!

A massive golden battleaxe, slammed down upon a blindingly bright, shield of Light aura.  There was a fiery explosion of bright-green mana, as Michael’s left arm struggled to deflect the blow towards the ground. Continue reading