Chapter 279: Mother-Daughter Action?

Talia shouted “Mamá, no puedo creer que usted está realmente aquí!” as she swiftly embraced her mother in a tight hug. They had been separated for sixty years, so it wasn’t strange for them to be overcome by emotions. Continue reading

Chapter 263: Finding Jonathan

“This, is quite peculiar…” Talia was standing at the center of the gigantic ‘Archean Bridge’, which connected the two halves of the continent together. It was over three-hundred meters wide and when she ‘Scanned’ it, she discovered that it was entirely constructed out of pure ‘Golden Mithril’. Continue reading

Chapter 251: Hardcore Foreshadowing

Laying on Elina’s bed were four eggs, two cat-girls and a baby Lamia. Within a pure-white, brightly-glowing ‘Mysterious Cat Egg’ were three embryos, each of them were fairly early in development, so it was difficult to tell exactly what they were going to look like eventually. Continue reading

Chapter 228: The Start of Another ‘Peaceful’ Day

“Nothing lasts forever… so nothing ever truly ends. Existence is eternal, but life is ephemeral… Michael, you need to wake up now; you’re running out of time.” The Nephilim was mumbling to himself as he slowly opened his eyes. His body had ended up at the center of the Arcane Prison and was surprisingly not moving at all, regardless of the nearly zero-gravity. Continue reading

Chapter 155: Abominable

The ground was rumbling fiercely, “Nyah~! Mikey~, lookie-lookie~! There’s a giant pee-pee sticking out of the ground!” Jasmine was the first to notice the massive scorpion tail protruding from the bonedust. Continue reading