Chapter 251: Hardcore Foreshadowing

Laying on Elina’s bed were four eggs, two cat-girls and a baby Lamia. Within a pure-white, brightly-glowing ‘Mysterious Cat Egg’ were three embryos, each of them were fairly early in development, so it was difficult to tell exactly what they were going to look like eventually.

However, one of them was actually astral-projecting into the kitchen at that moment. He appeared as a bright-green humanoid figure, without any discernable features. “Hahahaha~! Oh god~, look at how seriously he said it! His dick’s still in that little girl’s cunt and he’s gettin strangled by her tail, but his fucking face! Hahaha~, oh, ah~, sigh~, you guys are so ridiculous… No sense of humour at all! Damn it, how much longer do I have to stay in this shitty prison for anyway? Hey Mike~! Michael! Stop screwing your kinky bondage-bitch and make me grow faster!

“Do you have any idea how disgusting it is for me to watch this weird-ass straight-porn all the time?! It’s bad enough that you’re the only guy… Ugh, at least you look really attractive now, and I can almost pretend like you’re someone else. Can’t you just go butt-fuck a little elven boy or something?” As that mysterious man was ranting and raving, Arcana suddenly appeared next to him and smirked.

The Goddess whispered “You know that he cannot hear or see you… In fact, you have not even entered into this world yet. Why do you insist on watching Michael and his Companions, rather than remaining unconscious?”

He groaned obnoxiously, whining “It’s so fucking boring~! Every time I go to sleep, I see ‘that’ and I just don’t wanna be there anymore… I just want to be ‘here’ and get on with my life!”

Arcana giggled, murmuring “Indeed, I believe that Michael is fairly entertaining as well. Hmmm~, it will certainly be amusing to witness the upcoming ‘events’.”

That green figure sighed dramatically, muttering “Well yeah, you pretty much ensured that everyone is going to recognize him… Ugh, and now I’m gonna be his fucking son! Shitty-dicks! No, it’s fine, I can just run away from home before anyone manages to connect the two of us together!”

While that confusing and ominous conversation was going on, Talia convinced Michael and Sarah to go back into the basement to finish their ‘Necromantic’ ritual. Then the Huntress started teaching Daniel and the mentally scarred Ophelia to bake ‘sugar cookies’, to take their minds off of what they had just witnessed. The High-Elf also had to clean the blood, sweat and other bodily fluids off of the floor and table.


Alice had already concocted hundreds of Experience Potions, Evolution Pills, and various ‘medicines’ to improve her Professional skills rapidly. Just when she reached ‘Advanced Alchemy Level 1’, she finally gained one of the most important Passives she would ever obtain: “Mad Alchemist Level 1: Increases the speed of advancement in alchemical studies by 10%. The first time using a recipe will always have at least a 10% chance of success.”

Michael had dropped off the mana-cores he took from the group of foolish Martial Artists to her the night before, but even without them, she had an excessively large amount of materials. There were so many ingredients that she literally couldn’t use them all quickly enough, so she decided to take in an ‘apprentice’ of sorts.

“Arf-arf~! Grrr~, yip~! Awoo~, argh~!” When Inari returned from her trip to the Shrine of Huxian, she decided to start helping her Companion and learning a bit about Alchemy. She was in her ‘normal’ fox-girl form and working at a table across the island from the bronze-skinned Earth Fairy.

“I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to say… If you want to tell me something, then just talk. Don’t worry, even if you have a stutter or some other kind of speech impediment, I definitely won’t make fun of you for it.” Alice snickered, gazing over at the naked seven-tailed vixen, who was sniffing a bubbling purple potion she had created.

Inari frowned and whimpered for a moment, before mumbling “It done? Smell bad… hurt head.”

As the kitsunemimi was about to taste the strange liquid, Alice used ‘Water Manipulation’ to yank the vial out of her hand. Once the Earth Fairy grabbed it, she scolded “You’re a magical-beast… You’re also rank-B and almost level-thirty, so this would only make you sick. However, good job; this is actually a pretty good ‘Recovery Potion’. It’s kind of strange though… You should have gotten the Alchemist Profession the moment you made this. Hmmm, concoct an ‘Elixir of Growth’ next; it wouldn’t work on you, but it’d definitely be useful for the weaklings in Luxiana. I’m sure there are plenty of children who would like to become adults a bit faster?”

Hearing that, the fox-girl smiled and nodded her head, asking “You make… for me? Arf ark, hawoo~, awoo~ wu~?” When she ran over next to the Earth Fairy, the two of them were actually the same height.

Alice smirked, putting a cork in the vial and placing it onto the table gently; then she turned and wrapped her arms around the adorable vixen. Those fluffy green tails were swaying and wagging around randomly, while she responded “Don’t be so impatient… Hmm~, if you really want to ‘mature’ more quickly, then you should go and get some ‘nourishment’ from Mike. Well, you can do that later on, for now, just keep making potions. Even though you aren’t technically an Alchemist, you’ve got a lot of talent for it. Anyway, I need to get back to work now… Only six days left until, umm, the ‘deadline’.”


Elina was cuddling naked with an unconscious purring nekomimi in her embrace, laying on that supernaturally comfortable mattress, underneath the fluffy-white sheets. Her head was resting on a huge pillow, and she was staring over at her ‘four’ eggs.

“Daw~, they’re so~ adorable~…” A child-like voice abruptly resounded from behind the angelic woman’s back. However, when she turned her head, there was nothing there.

As she gazed down into her arms, she noticed that Rachael was missing. Before she could freak out, she saw the baby Lamia, being held by an ethereal little elven girl.

She stared blankly for a moment, before asking “Lucy… or should I call you by your ‘real’ name: Lux, The Goddess of Light?” Elina had an awkward smile on her golden lips; she had wanted for so long to ‘meet’ the one who she devoted her life to, only to discover a few weeks ago, that they had once been close friends.

Those silver irises shone with a terrifying radiance for a moment, but then it became warm and comforting, like sunlight. The child gently caressed Rachael’s head, neck, back and tail, before saying “Call me Luxia… and I like the title Game Master way better. There’s so many ‘deities’ out there, but only eight GMs. You aren’t an NPC anymore, so stop acting like one… it’s annoying.”

Elina nervously muttered “I see… Umm, Luxia, are you angry with me about something? I know that I broke my vows and did lots of terrible things, but I don’t want you to hate me… We were best friends once-”

The little girl suddenly sneezed and murmured “I’m your father…” before coughing a few times. All of the noise obviously awakened Rachael, who leaped out of the stranger’s arms and pounced onto those familiar, gigantic breasts.

“Wait-wait-wait, what?! How, why, huh?!” The angelic woman was obviously confused and flustered about that strange confession.

Lux giggled loudly, casually saying “I could never hate you Elly, but I was just kinda busy lately… By that, I mean, for the past fifteen years or so, hehe~. It’s annoying watching you be with that disgusting man… but, you’re an Adult and capable of making your own decisions.”

“So, umm, Lucy… I don’t want to sound rude, but I have a feeling that you aren’t here to play with me and Rachael.” Elina gazed up at the scowling ‘Goddess’ and felt a sense of impending danger.

The little girl sighed loudly, shaking her head and asking “What I’m about to tell you… Can you promise me that you’ll keep it a secret from your Companions?”

For a few seconds, the angelic cat-woman scanned her room with her golden eyes nervously, before whispering “I can try… but I don’t know if it’s possible to keep things from Michael. He might be watching us right now…”

Luxia pouted, crossing her arms across her tiny chest, shouting “Hmph~! You used to think I was a Goddess and almighty; now you don’t even believe that I can stop that annoying pervert from eavesdropping on us? Besides, he’s currently fooling around with that disgusting spider monster… Ew~, ugh, I think I’m going to have a panic attack~! No, no, I’m fine now, but I might have arachnophobia… Anyway, enough about those two sexual deviants; this is supposed to be a serious conversation!”

Before Elina could ask about the mysterious ‘spider’, the little girl crawled onto the bed and ‘quietly’ said “Pay attention, cause this is super important… like, the fate of the world is on your shoulders kinda deal! In six days, you-agh, ow-ow-owwy~, stop, stop it~!”

Jasmine’s crimson irises glowed brightly, as she leaped out of the sheets and used both of her hands to pinch Luxia’s tiny silver nipples. A deep and ominous growl erupted from her mouth, and she used her surprisingly large fang-like teeth to bite down into the Avatar’s throat.

Instead of blood, pure light erupted from the wound and bombarded the defenseless baby Lamia with copious amounts of lethal radiation. However, rather than dealing any damage, it seemed like Rachael was actually enjoying the solar-bath. Her scales abruptly turned from bronze, to gold, while her skin became pure-white and luminous. Those eyes remained crimson, but her short hair started growing out rapidly, and turned into a metallic silver color.

37 thoughts on “Chapter 251: Hardcore Foreshadowing

  1. So one of the goddess avatar will be Mc’s kid? Welp, chaos sure know how to block spoilers lol. And rachael.. maybe an ultra evolving beings than can evolve even without rank up? Wooo
    Thanks for the chapter mike~

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  2. “I was once an ordinary baby. But then one day, as I was awakened from my milk induced coma, I found myself bathed in the light of a dying radioactive loli Goddess. I should have died, but instead…I changed. Now I stalk the nights of Luxiana, bringing the evildoers the justice they deserve. I once was called Rachael, but now they call me..The Shiny Snake!”

    Villager 1:”How the hell did a baby Lamia get on that roof? And why is it wearing a cape?”
    Villager 2: “Huh? Oh, I didn’t even notice. Ya, this place can be fucking weird.”

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      • On a side note, is Luxia actually Elina’s father? If so I’m seeing a trend of the Goddesses being fairly shitty parents. In Luxia’s case she’s an absentee parent who only shows up to ‘play’, loves little boys, and seems to have never grown up. Luxia is basically the reincarnation of Micheal Jackson.

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