Chapter 252: Premature Evolution?

“Congratulations! Your daughter Rachael has evolved into a rank-G, Angelic Lamia Fairy. Stats have improved: +5 Aura, +2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma, +1 Agility.”

“JJ, what are you doing?!” Elina screamed, as she swept her left hand out, pulling the four eggs into her bags. With the adorable baby snake-girl in her arms, she flapped her wings and swiftly soared up towards the extremely high ceiling.

Luxia yelled “Chaotica, honey, please calm down! Your Aunt Lucy wasn’t trying to do anything bad~! I promise, I just need to tell Elly something important!”

However, rather than letting the surprisingly fragile Avatar go, Jasmine’s teeth chomped down even harder. Eventually, she stabbed her right hand through the elf’s thin white sundress and penetrated deep into her chest cavity.

After grabbing the ethereal golden heart, the possessed cat-girl yanked it out and the Goddess of Light vanished into nothingness. All that remained was a tiny pearl: “Essence of Lux: An extremely potent, level-100, rank-SSS mana-core. Warning: It is highly unstable and on the verge of reaching critical mass.”

Jasmine was enveloped in a pitch-black haze for a moment and teleported from Elina’s bed, all the way to Alice’s island. Inari had left to go sell a large batch of alchemical concoctions, so the only one who was there, was the exhausted Earth Fairy.

Upon gazing into those crimson eyes and feeling that horrible aura of Chaos, the bronze-skinned woman smirked. She held out her right hand and immediately accepted the mana-core, storing it into her first bag-slot.

A deep and sinister voice emerged from the little cat-girl’s mouth: “Umm~… I think they’re gonna be here soon, so you better work faster~. Ah~, I gotta go~!” The moment her irises went back to their usual golden luster, Jasmine yawned loudly, stretching her body out and laying down on the sand. She curled up in a ball and began purring quietly, murmuring “Un~, tacos… no, burritos? Mmnn~, sashimi with brown rice…”

Alice giggled and ignored the lazy sleep-talking kitten; she continued manipulating the four Elements and creating twenty, rank-D, Evolution Pills. The beautiful elven woman’s serpentine tongue flickered outside of her mouth for a few moments, before she asked “You think I haven’t noticed you sneaking around and stealing from me every now and then?”

Though she had been stealthed, there was an anthropomorphic rat-girl named ‘Zoe’ attempting to shove a tiny handful of low-leveled mana-cores into her satchel. Her body was covered by a thin light-blue wet-suit, made out of snake-skin. She was so terrified that she couldn’t even move, and just stood there, staring at the Alchemist who wasn’t even glancing over at her small figure.

When a giant green Seven-Tailed Fox materialized at the northern edge of the ‘room’ and howled loudly, the little girl ‘Water-Stepped’ into the lake and began swimming away frantically. The vixen transformed into a fox-eared mermaid and dove into the water, chasing after the fleeing Thief. She had no idea who she was or why she was running, but it was in her nature to try and catch the strange animal-person.

Of course, Alice just sighed and continued telekinetically heating and stirring the concoction she was working on. Without constantly bombarding the boiling liquid with her aura, the potency would drop significantly, and the ingredients would be wasted. Thus, unless the mouse had stolen something important or expensive, she obviously wouldn’t care.



After receiving the notification that his daughter had evolved, Michael’s wisp instantly left his body and soared towards the three-mile high sky. Eventually, it reached the bright-blue ‘moon’ and traveled inside; his astral-form seemed to teleport into his living room.

He briefly stopped by the kitchen and watched Talia cheerfully removing a tray of brightly-glowing, yellow sugar-cookies from the oven. Daniel and Ophelia promptly taste-tested them and were amazed by the ridiculous sweetness. They were glazed with the sap of a certain maple-tree, so the flavour was enriched by a thick aura of Nature.

Michael ‘Whispered’ “No qualms at all about baking with the blood of your children, huh?”

Obviously, that caused the formerly happy High-Elf to scowl, complaining “Miguel, do you truly have nothing better to do than taunt me?”

The wisp snickered and explained “Nah~, I’m actually having sex with Sarah right now, but I got a message that said Rachael evolved.”

Talia set the tray down, as a wry smile appeared on her dark-green lips, “Your daughter is only a day old and she has already reached rank-G? Unfortunately, I do not know if this is good or bad… We must immediately investigate the cause of her evolution!”

They swiftly arrived in Elina’s room, where a teary-eyed and dumbstruck naked Ethereal Feline Angel was sitting on the center of her huge bed. Rachael was eagerly drinking from a large and mostly flat, golden nipple.

Michael was still in his wisp form, but it materialized into a humanoid, pitch-black figure. The shadowy ‘Avatar’ didn’t even have a mana-core, so it had little to no substance at all. If he was closer to his body, it would be able to physically interact with various things via ‘Telekinesis’.

The little Lamia had golden scales, porcelain skin and long silver hair, making her seem more like a Toddler than an Infant. Talia used ‘Identification’ on the adorable breastfeeding baby and the illusory man asked “So why exactly would it be a bad thing for her to rank-up? If stats double upon ‘growing’, then shouldn’t it be better for someone to start with as many points as possible? She’s already this OP now, so in the future, she’s definitely gonna be ridiculously powerful…”

“Rachael is merely a single day old… She is far too young to make decisions for herself or truly understand what she desires in her life. All she knows and wants is to eat, sleep and grow for the moment. Later, she shall begin understanding words and learn to ‘play’, rather than simply grow. Long ago, the Elven Deities decided that it was against the laws of the Nine Supreme Goddesses, for anyone to overly empower their own children. We may not need to heed their rules, but their purpose is quite simple. If a child grows from the moment they’re born, until they are an Adult, while relying on nothing but their bloodline… They would end up as total bendejos and typically become a menace to their peers. Imagine if in her first childish fight, she eviscerated her classmate or used dangerous magic to burn down her school?” The Huntress had a stern expression on her face and was acting fairly serious; considering that she was wearing a pink apron, which had a large green heart on it, it was very difficult for Michael and Elina to keep from snickering or giggling.

Eventually, the astral-projected Nephilim sighed, “Basically, to prevent the kids from becoming too powerful for the government to control, they spread this kinda bullshit propaganda. We had that kinda stuff back in my original world too, hehe… Schools were generally just a tool to indoctrinate people, and by forcing children to interact in such an environment, you’re basically ensuring that they get into conflicts with each other. I mean, it’s fine and all, if that’s what you want to do, but there should always be ‘freedom’. No one should be ‘required’ to ‘work’ for someone else, while either not getting paid, or actually having to spend money… regardless of what age they are. Anyway, as long as we teach our daughter to ‘not’ be some kinda mass-murdering psychopath, it’ll all be perfectly fine~!”

Talia frowned, “Children often learn by example… so I highly doubt that any of us is qualified to give Rachael a ‘non-violent’ education. In fact, I fear that she may intentionally or accidentally murder and possibly devour anyone who isn’t powerful enough to physically subdue her.”

Elina gently caressed the little girl and whispered “Rei won’t do that… I’ll definitely keep her from succumbing to corruption and evil.” Those cat-like golden eyes were glowing brightly and her aura was emanating from the center of her forehead.

Michael smirked, gazing down at his daughter and muttering “I’m more worried about her inheriting Alice’s insatiable thirst… for drugs and cum.”


16 thoughts on “Chapter 252: Premature Evolution?

  1. Damn that’s what drugs do to ya well that was mostly cum but hey at least she won’t or will turn into some kind of monster of her own right let’s hope she won’t though i sincerely doubt that

    Thanks Mike777ac for the Chapter!

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    • Fun fact: I’ve actually never taken any narcotics in my entire life. Also, if I breathe in second hand smoke, I suffocate really quickly lol. If I drink an ounce of wine, I get nauseous and feel like I’m gonna die roflmao. Idk why I decided to randomly say that? lol

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      • Well the most opposite thing that has ever been said here where all the shit ends up with but good to know and yeah Drugs are bad for ya though you are good at writing this fucked up things that we read so your a natural at it even without the Drug lol 😀

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      • Weird crack-dreams, for when its 4 in the morning and your brain decides that vodka, dried banana shavings and shoe-polish will make an awesome chips sause but can’t be bothered to get the hell out of bed..

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  2. Thirst for drugs and cum…
    You know.. somehow I have this premonition.. can’t really explain it but..
    *shrug* oh well, I am sure it will be fine and they won’t end up with a battle-crazed evolution-lusting nympho.

    But on the off chance they will.. Does she, umm, need a future harem candidate?

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