Chapter 253: Where’s Jonathan?

“Quest Complete: The brutal war between The New Goblin Empire and The Dwarven Republic has finally ended with a peace-treaty between the current Supreme Commander, Jason Jade, and Empress Lorelei Fleischer. Millions died during the few weeks that the conflict raged, but the end result was that thirteen cities are currently under the Empire’s control, eighty-two have remained within the Republic, three were completely annihilated, and one was ‘bought’ by a mysterious third party. The neutral city ‘Nekoshire’ coincidentally contains one of the Seven Great Gateways of Light, which is connected to the Gateway of Light that has been awarded to you and your Companions for participating in ten Battlegrounds during the war.”

Michael yelled “Holy cunt-monkeys, I totally forgot about that shit!” Unlike the two dumbfounded beautiful women, he was surprised simply because he had a disturbingly bad memory.

Elina shouted “Why would they do that?! I’m happy that the war is over, but how could they just make peace so easily?! Also, since when is Uncle Jason the Supreme Commander of The Dwarven Republic?! He was only a General the last time we saw him!”

“Gagagago~! Agawanaponokoago! Chawakifaupolouso~!” Rachael was trying to imitate her parents, but everything she said was just gibberish.

Talia sighed, “It is far too convenient to be a ‘coincidence’. Most likely, that ‘third party’ is the reason for the entire war in the first place. Hmmm, Jasmine… why was she at Nekoshire when you first met each-other? Why did we always go back to that place?”
The shadowy man snickered, muttering “Meh, it’s all time-travel bullshit… The other ‘us’ are definitely out there, pulling the strings behind the scenes. Well, maybe not us, but Arcana? I mean, who the fuck knows? I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us turned out to be Arcana’s mother or father… Hell, all of us could be Arcana! Arcana could just be a figment of our collective imaginations!”

“Gagogoaga~!” Rachael pounced towards her illusory father and passes straight through, smacking her face into the Huntress’ perky left breast. The force was enough to cause the High-Elven woman to fly backwards a few meters, but she swiftly regained her posture.

Aside from an awkward pink apron, with a green heart between her bosoms, she was wearing black jean-shorts and a light-red tank-top. The entire outfit was rather strange, but at least she wore clothing.

Elina jumped off of the bed and soared over to them, pulling the crying baby off of Talia’s breast. She shouted “You could have at least tried to catch her! Aw~, don’t worry Honey, Mommy’s here…” as she held the little Lamia in her dainty hands.

“Anyway~, since you’re taking care of Rachael… Blondie, I know you’re having so~ much fun baking cookies or whatever, but we still have a few Quests that need to be finished. Hmmm~, okay, you just need to fly across the Archean River and search for an Undead Hobgoblin named Jonathan Carelia. Like, it sounds kinda vague, but I doubt that he made it very far from Carrabelle Plains. Just past over the river and look around umm… Perceval’s Savanna and I’m sure you’ll find the bastard pretty quickly. If it gets too hard, just ask Aeris for help, hehe~. Ah, gotta go, about to cum!” The moment that Michael finished speaking, his shadowy Avatar vanished into nothingness.

Talia muttered “Five-hundred experience and two-hundred gold coins for merely locating an individual; there was a time when such rewards would have seemed too fantastical to possibly be true, but alas… I would rather stay home and spend the day lazing about.”

The angelic cat-girl finally managed to soothe her crying baby by allowing her to suckle on her golden left teat. Elina sighed, wondering “How is it possible for such a tiny little body to drink so much?”

After a few moments of internal debate, the Huntress managed to overcome her lethargy and made a productive decision. She smiled at the beautiful woman and the tiny serpentine child, before saying “Do not allow her to leave the house and never let her out of your sight. I shall head out in an attempt to complete this Quest, but if anything happens, be sure to let me know immediately!”

As the two-meter tall High-Elf walked over to the floating cube to teleport out of the room, Elina walked up and used her free arm to hug Talia tightly, whispering “I’ll take care of Rachael… I love you, and be careful out there.”

“Te amo y hasta luego…” After saying that brief farewell, the Huntress was released and she immediately teleported to the roof of their surprisingly large house.

It was the middle of the day, so the sun was high in the sky, but it was fairly cloudy and it was easy to tell that it was going to rain soon. She glanced around for a moment before instantly shoving her entire outfit into a single bag-slot.

Her naked body was swiftly covered by a brown leather jacket, dark-green mini-skirt, and a pair of black-leather boots. In Talia’s left hand appeared an inconspicuous recurve bow, which was at least five feet long. Compared to her height, it wasn’t too outrageous, though it was still rather large.

With her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, she slowly began levitating and once she was a few dozen meters above the house, she flew over to the mountaintop. It was a relatively small and flat peak, with a decent amount of foliage and even a volcanic crater.

She glanced down into the hole and saw two giant red-scaled lizard-people, ‘wrestling’ with each other. Thus, she continued soaring by and heading to the northeast at around one-hundred miles per hour.

Within a few minutes, she was able to reach the southern edge of Ariel’s Meadow and continued forward at a steady pace. However, she maintained her vigilance and never unequipped her bow, holding it tightly in her left hand the entire time.

A deep bellow rang out and she swiftly removed an ‘Enchanted Ironwood Arrow’ from the flower-like quiver dangling around her wrist. There were dozens of enormous bright-blue furred gorillas, battling against a horde of golden-scaled alligators, but she was far too high for any of them to care about her presence.

Unfortunately, the ‘Gargantuan Turkey Vultures’ who were circling the battlefield, felt threatened by the level twenty-seven Huntress. They swooped over and vomited out globs of acidic sludge towards her body.

Talia dove down, while twirling around through the air, nocking an arrow and firing it through the skull of a level-twenty, rank-E, brown feathered bird. After that, she gracefully flipped and dodged a beak that was larger than her entire body.

She shouted “You impudent creatures must be tired of living!” Three arrows were nocked at the same time and all of them were shot directly through that vicious vulture’s back.

Of course, she didn’t fail to evade the three gigantic globs of deadly bile, but the toxic fumes temporarily caused her to lose sensation in her lower extremities. In that momentary lack of focus, she failed to avoid a vicious talon, which slashed through the thin cloth of her skirt. Crimson blood spurted out of her mangled buttocks and she screamed in agony, while hurriedly casting ‘Rapid Regeneration’.

As Talia was failing towards the ground, she managed to attract the attention of a massive bright-blue gorilla. The ape roared as its huge frame leaped dozens of meters off of the ground and a gigantic hand wrapped around her waist. Right when she was about to fire an extremely powerful arrow of wind through that monster’s left, glowing-green eye, she heard a deep voice yell “Stop! I was trying to help you!” Then she turned her aim towards the sky and sent a ‘Guided Missile’ into the heart of one of the few remaining vultures.

Once they reached the ground, the gorilla released the wounded High-Elf and slammed its fist onto the head of a giant golden alligator. The two magical beasts were rank-D, level-25 Elites, but their base stats were much higher than ‘normal’.

That colossal lizard was over ten meters long and the height of ‘her’ back was a lot taller than Talia. However, regardless of how powerful they were, it was nothing compared to the outrageous little fox-girl.

In fact, the gorilla that was trying to help her, Tony, was weaker than either Michael or Alice, even without their gear. Thus, the Huntress wasn’t particularly frightened or impressed by the ridiculously large beasts.

Talia knelt down on one knee and cringed from the pain in her buttocks, but nocked three arrows nonetheless. Each of them was poisoned and were immediately fired, plunging deep into the gums and throat of that gargantuan alligator.

The golden monster roared in horror, as Tony grabbed its upper-jaw with both hands, before stomping down onto the inside of its mouth, brutally tearing its entire head apart. Since they weren’t in a Party, the ape should have received all of the experience for the kill; fortunately, he was a magical-beast, so it went to the High-Elf instead.

She saluted the giant blue-furred creature with her right hand, shouting “I appreciate your assistance!” Then she continued to bombard the various other golden alligators that were raging around.

Tony chuckled, bellowing “Damn, it’s been ten years since I saw you last, but you look exactly the same!”

As he spoke, a blinding light enveloped Talia’s body and a loud monotonous voice announced “You have reached level twenty-eight!”

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    • They aren’t really references lol. The names are related to souls, so when you see someone named Michael, they’re probably related to Michael Cinagra in one way or another. Lorelei appears in a lot of stories, but only as a MC in Immortal Soul so far lol.


    • Yeah, I’ve seen/heard of books that were super long, but just because they exist, doesn’t mean they do well lol. Also, I’m ‘technically’ a ‘new’ author, so if the first book I ever published was 1000 pages long, it might not sell very well? I might not sell very well either way, since it was a WN first lol.


  1. Sorry about taking so long for this one… I stayed up late last-this morning, and technically finished writing the first book lol. Well, I still need to write an Epilogue, but Book 1 ends on chapter 294. Yeah, I know, right? My OCD was telling me to write 6 filler chapters, but my laziness was saying “Naw~, it’s good enough.” roflmao. Anyway, there’s still more stuff to do with that, but for the most part, Book 1 has been written. Of course, a 425-450k word long book is kinda… Well, it’s probably too long. I’d most likely have to split it up into 3 or 4 parts if I try to put it on amazon. Content-wise, I feel like 1-294 is a single book, but considering that I’ve never actually read a ‘real’ book before in my entire life… what the fuck do I know? lol

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