Hardcore OP-ness

I just finished writing the ‘Epilogue’ of the first book, or at least what I call the first book lol.  I felt the need to make an announcement about it :P.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about the next book ‘here’, because there are still 41 chapters and an Epilogue that hasn’t been posted on the site yet.  Obviously, there are just way too many potential spoilers and I’m afraid to say anything about anything at the moment.

However, since I haven’t gotten any new donations or pledges lately, I decided to remind people about it.  I kind of want to take a break from writing for a few days… or something?  But mainly because I know that once I start writing book 2, I’m probably going to start getting devoured by it, like I did back when I first started writing Hardcore OP-ness.

I’m already really burnt out, so if I go straight into hardcore writing mode in my current condition… lol.  Anyway, I want everyone who has donated or is planning on donating to know that I’ll be placing book 2 stuff into the same folder that I’ve been using for the first book.  So~, if you donate 10 dollars or pledge 10 dollars, I won’t remove your access just because I’m starting a new book rofl.

I mean, sure, I’d probably get a lot more donations and pledges if I treated HCOP as over and started something new, but I don’t think that would be fair at all to the people who have supported me and helped keep me writing for so long.

Sigh, I can’t believe I’ve been able to finish a book in 4.3 months… I’m not sure if that’s long or short, but I’ve definitely written at least 100k more words in the last 4.5 months, than I did over the course of the 10 months I was working on Immortal Soul.  As for Immortal Soul, who knows?  I may randomly decide to start working on that again, but for now, it’s on hiatus.

I will say that “Immortal Soul” and “Hardcore OP-ness” do have a pretty strong connection to each other, but I can’t specify how.  After reading the rest of this first book and the beginning of the second, you should probably understand by then, assuming that you’ve already read “Immortal Soul”.

Anyway~, I can’t really think of anything else to say~, so I’ll just link so cute animal videos or something? lol


15 thoughts on “Hardcore OP-ness

  1. A little advice on Patreon, you should make some goals in the middle, like “300 and chapters are longer” or “500 and double/ triple chapters on weekends”, it encourages ppl to do patreon more then just putting a huge single goal of 1000 that seems inapproachable.

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    • Well, those two things you just said are basically impossible lol. If you give me some suggestions that I might actually be able to accomplish, I’d do that :P. I couldn’t think of anything else but that at the time. I make the chapters short on purpose btw lol.


      • it can be whatever really, its just a bridge to your big goal, gives ppl a more approachable goal you know what i mean, to go from 200 to 1000 seems hard as fuck and ppl might not donate until the goal is nearer, so since your goal is 1000 triple chapters (prob unlikely), make 500 be lets say “Saturday triple or double chapters” and 750 “weekends triple/ double chapters). makes ppl look forward to something in a much more nearer future plus more money in your pocket. and when i said longer chapters i mean like 10%. also make donation goals like “$10-20 dollars a month and you can vote in some sort of poll you make” The polls being like “next character name, baby name, choose from funny sex scene to happen next, or choose next fetish” that only patreons of 10-20 dollars can vote on, things that dont effect the story, but something of a reward for ppl that support you.

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      • Lmao, hmm, well, that sounds like a lot of work though? Besides, I just started writing the new book, and I can’t start doing shit like that right now :P. Like, I need to get into the writing zone and stop worrying about anything else? Back when I first started writing HCOP, I did nothing but nonstop writing, all day every day for a month. In that first month, I was writing like 4-6 chapters per day lol. Then I started posting, and dealing with all the other nonsense that comes along with that, and my speed died down dramatically…

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      • I know, but I’m afraid to make commitments like that, when I have no idea if I can keep them rofl. Anyway, I might publish the first book on Amazon for like, idk, 5 dollars? Is that a lot for a 450k word long book? Not sure if the wordcount matters though, cause I’ve seen people sell like 10 volumes for a dollar, and others who sell a 50k word novella for 15 dollars lol.


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