Chapter 85: Companions with Benefits

“Hohohohoho~, Little Girl, you still haven’t told me what you desire yet! For such a magnificent feast, I’ll be sure to give you something equally valuable!” Goliath was almost forgotten by the ecstatic Priestess, who was too afraid to turn around.

Michael snickered and asked “Do ya have any more overpowered instruments down there? Maybe a giant harp that makes Angels cream their heavenly panties, or a flute that doubles as a vibrator?”

The giant turtle chuckled loudly, before bringing out a relatively large object. It was pure-white and glowing brightly and as tall as both the Nephilim and Elina.

As she heard the water dripping behind her, the curious cat-girl turned around and immediately used Scan: “Ancient Luxian Harp: An instrument with forty-seven strings, which have been imbued with plenty of angelic mana over the eons. If the musician infuses their aura into the instrument, it is possible for them to alter the volume, tuning, sound settings, and adjust various other aspects. Rare Quality, no level requirement.”

There were engravings of angels all along the sides of the illustrious piece of art; as she touched one of the strings, she felt a small electrical shock and pulled her hand away swiftly. Elina turned towards Michael and asked “They had a really cheaply made harp in the Convent, but only the High-Priestess was allowed to use it… Do you really know how to play?”

He snickered, and confidently said “When the fuck would I ever have the chance to play something like this? Although, I do know how to play the piano pretty well, and I’ve only been playing for about six months. Well, all that was with my original physical and mental capabilities. Hell, I could probably figure it out in a few hours. Hmmm, I have read that the strings are tuned to the white keys on a piano, so going from there, it shouldn’t be that complicated.”

After making the giant instrument disappear into his inventory, Michael told her “I’ll take you guys out in a moment.” Both the fox and cat-girl vanished, and then he turned towards Goliath, “It’s time for me to go again, hasta luego~.”

When his wisp had finally managed to reach his front yard, the Nephilim Astral-Stepped instead of using ‘Return Home.’ It wasn’t just a matter of training his spell, but also because he didn’t want to experience a whole hour’s worth of time doing nothing.

Michael released Inari onto the grass, and she lazily wandered towards the river to get a drink. Instead of walking inside and tracking mud everywhere, he waited for his mana to completely regenerate, before teleporting directly onto the ‘shower.’

Standing on the golden tile, he unequipped all of his ‘gear.’ The Arcane items could all become invisible and seemingly phase out of existence, but his gauntlet was different.

It took a few moments for it to slowly condense into a silver ouroboros symbol on the back of his left hand. Then Michael finally released the confused cat-girl, who felt as if she had suddenly teleported into their bathroom.

Elina stared at the naked man, who was being illuminated by golden light, and then unequipped all of her ‘items’ as well. The underwear turned into a glowing tattoo, which was covered by her surprisingly thick, silver pubic hair.

Her ring seemed to have been flattened onto her finger, and the staff was pulled into her right palm: leaving behind the symbol of a pure-white sun. Unlike a normal shower, the blinding radiance completely cleansed their bodies in a matter of seconds, and then Michael complained “This would have been so much sexier if there was water… Actually, it’s so damn bright that I can’t even see you properly.”

She giggled and casually ran her fingers across his rippling chest and abdominal muscles, while whispering “Then why don’t you just use your hands to ‘see’ me properly?”

Michael abruptly kneeled on the golden tile, then slid his hands up the back of her thighs and up to the base of her furry black and white tail. As he moved them around her hips, he landed on another furry region, and told her “Ya know, it’s not like I hate pubic hair or anything like that… but when it comes to sex, it kinda gets in the way.”

He casually tugged on the bushy fur, while gazing up at the slightly embarrassed Priestess. Her back was up against the wooden wall, as he suddenly pressed his mouth against the incredibly sensitive lump of flesh that had been revealed.

Elina bit her lip and hesitantly placed her hands on the sides of the back of his head, grabbing ahold of his relatively long, black locks. Her eyes gazed into his, before she jerked her neck back and stared at the golden tile on the ceiling, which reflected her own blissful expression.

His tongue was incredibly gentle, but also rough when she wanted it to be. The cat-girl’s abdominal muscles began spasming and she moaned quietly, while struggling to avoid making any noise.

Before she realized what was going on, her thighs were resting on Michael’s broad shoulders, and he was easily standing upright. Her hips were unconsciously undulating, and he telepathically Whispered “You’re gonna cum in three… two… one!”

As if she was being hypnotized, the moment that he specified, copious amounts of liquid were sprayed into his mouth and down his throat. Even though he wanted to jerk his head backwards and scream at her, he didn’t say anything and just kept going.

The Nephilim had enough experience to know that complaining when a relatively ‘innocent’ girl was squirting strange juices down his throat, wasn’t a great idea: It was better to pretend like it just didn’t happen. However, after Elina did it again a few seconds later, she let out a relieved sigh, as she let go of his hair.

Michael took that as his cue to stop, and moved his head back, gazing up into her half-closed, golden eyes. However, she was frowning as she stammered “Ah, I-I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking and, oh Goddess…” his whole face was dripping with creamy white fluids.

Strangely though, the ‘shower’ seemed to have ceased functioning at some point, and so the liquid wasn’t disintegrating. He smiled warmly at her and told the blushing cat-girl “Don’t worry about it, I’m just happy that you were able to enjoy yourself, hehe~. Ya coulda warned me that you were a squirter though. Well, at least you didn’t shove a thick, barbed tentacle up my ass.”

As he let her down, Elina had trouble standing, so he needed to help her out. Copious amounts of juices were flowing down her thighs and dripping onto the golden tile, but then it suddenly turned on, vaporizing it all.

She giggled and then hugged him tightly, smothering him in-between her unreasonably large breasts. After a few seconds, he placed his hands on her sides and started tickling her, causing the cat-girl to yell “Ah~ ahahah! St-stop it~!”

The Nephilim did as she asked, and they separated away from each-other. Unlike when he was Human, Michael’s skin didn’t get any darker, even after spending fifteen minutes in the blinding light.

He smirked and asked “What race was your ex-girlfriend? The one who stole your tongue virginity… and got you kicked outta that mysterious Convent.” Before she had the chance to respond, her body vanished into Companion-storage, and the naked Nephilim teleported upstairs, onto the glowing bed.

After Michael laid down on the center, he made Elina appear, laying to his right. She yelled “Ah! Stop doing that so abruptly! Warn me next time!”

Once she managed to calm down, she cuddled up against his chest, shoulder and leg, while muttering “Her name was Jasmine… and she was a mixed-blood; her father was a Dwarf, but her mother was from the same Clan as me. Well, I’m pretty sure she still is, but who knows? When we were excommunicated from the Convent, we both went ‘home’ together. In the battle, her mother was killed, but her father survived, so the two of them decided to return to the Dwarven Republic. It’s been ten years since then, and I don’t know if they even made it there safely… I think that we were probably in love before that, but when her mother died protecting me… It’s funny how quickly feelings can change.”

A message suddenly appeared in front of them: “New Quest: Closure is important, especially when beginning a new relationship. It’s best to settle old debts and grievances, rather than allow them to pile up. The Dwarven Republic is currently in the midst of a great and terrible war against the New Goblin Empire. Fortunately, with their huge technological advantage, they’ve only lost a handful of cities thus far. However, the Orcs and Goblins have ways to not just reproduce at an overwhelming pace, but also accelerate the growth and training of their offspring.

“Without divine intervention, it is very likely that within the year, the Dwarven Republic will no longer exist. Elina’s old friend Jasmine Jade has been living in the underground metropolis ‘New London.’ Lux wishes for you and your Companions to participate in ten Battlegrounds on the side of the Dwarven Republic. Rewards: One thousand Light Favor, and a Gateway of Light which may be placed within your Territory.”

118 thoughts on “Chapter 85: Companions with Benefits

  1. great as always
    i saw you say it would theoretically take someone reaching rank Y to get all 9 affinities but i thought you could only get 7/9 unless reaching a certain point unlocks the other two. also is there any rarity above legendary


  2. Are you going to do a patreon at some point. cause if you are i would love to support you through it.

    Cause right now this story is making me long for the next day.
    Found it not too long ago and already read through it 3 times.

    LOVE IT!

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  3. Though i truly am enjoying this story of yours, i’m just wonderig when you’ll finish editing/proofreading the last few chapters of Immortal Soul you have been workin on.

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    • Nah, that would get kinda ridiculous lol It’s more like, there’s a huge jump between X, Y and Z, compared to the others.

      Stat-Points per Level

      Unranked: .5
      G: 1
      F: 2
      E: 3
      D: 4
      C: 5
      B: 6
      A: 7
      S: 8
      SS: 9
      SSS: 10
      Y: 50
      X: 100
      Z: 1000


  4. third and final question is about affinity’s for the life of me i honestly cant imagine what exactly chaos affinity is supposed to be able to do so i would appreciate a little info about it capabilities to give a general idea about it

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    • Chaos and Nature are similar in a lot of ways. Imagine the difference between a snake with one head and a snake that has two. That’s basically the difference between nature and chaos. One is mutated and the other is ‘natural,’ lol.


      • that doesn’t answer as to what chaos spells exactly entail i can imagine nature spells using plants to attack but i honesnt cant imagine what chaos spells really do i pretty sure that they dont simply use vines and trees

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      • Hmmm, Chaos is a tough one to generalize, because it depends on the Class and what they’re trying to do? I mean, there are chaos spells that can cause a person to enrage, or regrow limbs and heal rapidly, but also spells that could transform a person’s arm into a giant octopus tentacle rofl, but it all depends on the class and what they specialize in! Like, blood magic, mind-altering poisons, parasites that explode inside of your enemy’s brain?


  5. second question is related to classes what is the main pure caster class for each affinity im pretty sure the light is priest and darkness is necromancer and i sorta sure nature is druid but for the life of me i cant figure what the of affinity specific caster classes would be

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    • Necromancy is a Profession in this story, since it completely focuses on making undead golems or resurrecting people as undead. Priests focus on Healing and Support, and rarely even have offensive abilities… not that they can’t, just that their role is mainly Healing. Also, there are Priestesses and Priests of everything but Arcane.

      Let’s see… There are just so many different possible classes, that it would take forever to list them, and I haven’t even made them all up yet rofl. Basically, Elements aren’t usually related to general Classes. The majority of Caster DPS for any Element, are Mages, Sorcerers/Sorceresses, Wizards, and pretty much any off-shoot of those that you can think of lol.


      • then name a class off the top of your head that you think meets a very nature of a specfic affinity magic for each affinityoh and im kind curios would there be a archmage class or a death knight class in the future

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      • There are ‘tiered’ classes to a certain extent. For example, a person might start as a ‘Mage’ and then class change to sorcerer later on, or stay as a mage until they can become an Archmage, etc.

        A Death Knight would probably just be a Knight that focuses purely on the Darkness Affinity. Like a Hell Knight would be a combination of Fire and Chaos… Affinities do influence the Classes to a certain extent… Elina is a Priestess of Light, who focuses completely on Light magic. However, there are just generic Priestesses, who worship a few different Goddesses lol.


      • you never mention class tiers before anywhere in the story so far so that tidbit of info is really really good to know so lets so some one miraculesly found a way to get all nine affinitys what kind of class would be best for him/her(and yes i know full well that shoudent be possible but players are players after all so someone might wind up hacking the system sooner or later)

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      • Rather than getting 9 affinities… it would be kinda-sorta possible, if the person simply remained neutral and Affinity-less, to have spells of any kind… but it would be way harder to learn them?


      • None? If someone managed to get all nine affinities, and they started at rank-F, it would take them until SSS to reach the normal max of 7, but then they would have to keep going until X, to get the other two…. If the strongest beings on the planet are SSS World Bosses, then how the hell would any ‘normal’ NPC be able to Identify someone who’s rank-X roflmao


      • there might be no level cap but there is a limit to the what the highest level enemys he can fight is i mean if the enemy is to low level he cant gain exp so there is sorta a soft level cap

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      • Yep~, that’s the hard part lol. He has to be within 5 levels to get exp, and the cap gets harder and harder to reach. This is a formula for how the experience cap increases lol.

        0: 1
        1-10: lvl x 10
        11-20: lvl x 20
        21-30: lvl x 30
        31-40: lvl x 40
        41-50: lvl x 50
        51-59: lvl x 60

        Essentially, it keeps on going like that… so for level 100-101 would be like 10,000. Killing a lvl 100 rank G would give 100 exp… but-

        101-110: lvl x 200
        111-120: lvl x 300
        121-130: lvl x 400

        Of course, this is just my current formula, and it might change when I actually get to that point in the story rofl. Also, another important thing, is the fact that Elites and Bosses have a separate multiplier.

        Normal: 1
        Elite: 2
        Super-Elite: 3
        Ultra-Elite: 4
        Boss: 5
        Raid Boss: 6
        World Boss: 7

        That multiplier is applied to the experience that they give, and the experience that they require to level-up. Thus, becoming an Elite or higher is actually not that great of a decision for leveling purposes lol.


      • Base Health, Mana, Stamina, Attack-Rating and Defense Rating are all increased. lol

        Basically, an Elite will receive double the amount that they usually would from their ‘base’ stats. That doesn’t affect gear, or they would be ridiculously OP lol.

        Hmmm, let’s see, also, Lifespan is increased, which is a nice perk for most races.


    • Well, Angels and Nephilim are specific to Light and Darkness, while Chaos has a variety of Demons, Nature has Dryads, the other four elements have varients of Angels, Demons, etc. but they’re usually a mixture of affinities? Also, the majority of races aren’t born with a specific affinity(Humans, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Elves, Warbeasts, etc.)


  6. Why don’t martial arts cultivators ever have to piss or shit? I mean, I can understand somewhat why a person who meditates 24 hours a day, wouldn’t need to sleep, but they usually eat all the time… yet they never have to shit or piss? They don’t even try to explain it either lol Do they even have intestines?


    • If you think of their super-continent as African and Eurasia smashed together, with a giant river separating the two slightly, then the middle east would be those ‘borderlands’ and the Sudan would be ‘Raphael’s Jungle’ or the ‘Forbidden Forest.’ The goblin empire would be pretty much all of asia, europe, and part of Russia, then the Desert would be all of Siberia lol. Of course this is just a general idea of how big the continent is etc… I remember someone bitching about how 6 billion Goblins wouldn’t be able to survive in such a ‘small’ amount of space roflmao. Anyway, their continent is basically the size of three continents smashed together; there are some huge lakes as well, but I haven’t really gotten into all that yet.


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  8. Quest conditions seems a bit too….lame. They get 1000 light points just for participating? What kind of bullcrap is that? How is this game Hardcore difficulty?

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    • Hmmm, I was gonna increase it… cause I thought that it was barely anything, but whatever lol. The real prize is the teleportation gate, 1000 light points isn’t really that great :P.


  9. Well. The timing for chapters was unexpected. I… guess this is 4 chapters in 24 hours? O.O What’ll happen to the leechers? Will they go away… or come on even harder! FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DB…. Er, I meant, HCO!
    OPNESS) Yep. Totally meant that. Wasn’t gonna copyright infringe or anything. Nope.

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  10. Oh hey, I’m really tired, so I’m gonna go to sleep now lol. Next release will probably be in 24-25 hours, because science? Also, yay for mild sexual content? No tentacles or internal bleeding were involved in the making of this shower-scene. 🙂


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